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#117 Sharp edge

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Secretary Liu is a versatile and good secretary. He immediately understood what his president meant, and he had already prepared for it.

    "I have checked. There is some personal grievance between Bai Yirui's father and Wen Zhiyang. At that time, Bai Yirui's father died because of Wen Zhiyang. Therefore, Bai Yirui revenge." When the president asked, Secretary Liu quickly answered. .

    To follow the president, it must be exquisite! !

    "Revenge?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly. The idea of ​​revenge made sense, but he always felt that it was not that simple.

    "How did the name Qingrui come from?" When Ye Sishen said this, his eyes narrowed slightly with other emotions.

    At the old house in Yejia that day, she heard the words of the old man and the hand holding his arm suddenly tightened. At that time, the old man just heard the Qingrui Group ...

    Qingrui? clear? This sunny word?

    "Name?" Secretary Liu was stunned, but for just a second, he immediately understood the meaning of his president: "The word Qing in Qing Rui's name is the same as the word Qing in his wife's name. However, this should be just a coincidence. "

    The president didn't say about this matter, he really didn't contact it, so he didn't check it, but he thought it should be just a coincidence.

    The Wen family is the enemy of the Bai family. Is the name of Bai Yirui company Miss Wen? This is totally impossible.

    "Should?" Ye Sishen's eyes suddenly turned to Secretary Liu, and the cold films in the eyes shot straight at Secretary Liu.

    "I'll go up and check immediately." Secretary Liu's heartbeat only stopped, even though he felt it was impossible, but the president of his family doubted it, so this matter must be investigated.

    "President, Wen's does not even have a decent designer. Wen may not participate in this event." Secretary Liu thought for a while, but he couldn't help saying more.

    Regarding the attitude of the president, if Wen's not participating, this event is estimated to be unnecessary.

    Therefore, Secretary Liu felt that this matter needs to be asked clearly.

    "Let's wait and see." Ye Sishen frowned slightly. He didn't expect Wen's situation to be so bad now. He wanted to test Wen Ruoqing through this matter, but Wen Ruoqing's grades in school already knew , And she did not have any design work in the past four years.

    Originally, he suspected that her learning design was just a guise.

    Therefore, he was really not sure if she understood the design.

    If he is too hard, will it backfire?

    "Yes." Secretary Liu immediately understood the meaning of the president, wait a minute? What are you waiting for? Naturally, it is to wait for the Wen family. If you wait for the Wen family to participate, this activity will continue normally. If Wen does not participate, then this activity will ...

    After all, the president is for his wife.

    At this moment, Ye Ye and Ye Ye of Ye Jia Lao Zhai also saw an interview video about Qiao Yunan.

    "Look, look, this Wen Ruoqing is really shameful." Mrs. Ye was very dissatisfied with Wen Ruoqing. Seeing such reports, she was even more disgusted with Wen Ruoqing.

    "How do you say Si Shen married her? If people let us know, our Ye family's face was also lost by her." Mrs. Ye Lao is now very worried that Ye Sishen's marrying Wen Ruoqing is known to outsiders.

    Ye Ye looked at the video and his face was obviously heavy, but he didn't speak.

    "We must find a way to let Si Shen divorce the fool quickly, and then let Si Shen marry Yunan, who is gentle and virtuous, understanding, intelligent, and talented, only such a girl The matching boss Shen is only suitable for marrying our night house. "Mrs. Ye always had such a plan. At this moment, she is eager to realize this plan as soon as possible.

    "But her relationship with Wei Kang ..." Ye Ye is also extremely satisfied with Wen Ruoqing, but he still hesitated to think of Wen Ruoqing's relationship with Wei Kang.

    "She has nothing to do with Wei Kang. Can you see that Wen's are almost over now? Is Wei Kang in charge? If her relationship with the Wei family is really so good, can the Wei family watch Wen's destruction? Murong? Yingying ’s set is all false, just good words. If you say Wen Ruoqing ’s stupid and ugly disgusting appearance, how could Murong Yingying really like her? ”Mrs. Ye Lao disagreed.

    Ye Ye raised his eyes and glanced at her, frowning slightly, apparently considering the stakes.

    "That day, when Murong Yingying called, Wen Ruoqing had already told Murong Yingying about her marriage to Si Shen, but we at Yejia didn't plan to hold a wedding for them. Murong Yingying didn't ask about it. Things can be seen from the fact that Murong Yingying's concern for her is false. "Mrs. Ye's consideration was obviously very comprehensive.

    "What you said makes sense." Ye Ye's eyes flashed and nodded slowly, the previous hesitation suddenly disappeared completely.

    If Murong Yingying really cares about Wen Ruoqing, Wen Ruoqing marries Ye Family, but Ye Family does not even have a wedding, this matter Murong Yingying will definitely not care.

    "Then we have to find a way to let Si Shen divorce her first, and then let Si Shen marry Yu Nan back. I only recognize Yu Nan, the granddaughter-in-law." Mrs. Ye, seeing the response of Ye Ye, finally let go A breath: "The sooner this thing, the better."

    "This matter, I will plan well." Ye Ye's eyes are a little bit more ruthless, for their reputation as a night house, Wen Ruoqing must get out.

    They couldn't afford to lose this person at night.

    Wen Ruoqing returned to his old house with the fastest speed.

    When Wen Ruoqing walked into the room, only Master Wen was in the hall.

    "Qing Qing, you're back." Grandpa Wen saw her and immediately smiled on his face, and got up: "Come, you go to the study with grandpa. Grandpa has something to tell you."

    Wen Ruoqing didn't say much, and followed Master Wen upstairs.

    After entering the study room, Mr. Wen handed over the documents that had been prepared to Wen Ruoqing in front of him: "Qingqing, you sign these documents, I will let them go through the formalities."

    Wen Ruoqing was slightly stunned, bowing her head subconsciously, looking through the documents in her hand. She found that these were some contracts for the transfer of property, all of which were under the name of Master Wen, and were all transferred to her.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes flashed quickly, his heart trembling!

    After seeing Wen Ruoqing not speaking, Grandpa Wen continued to say slowly: "Grandpa originally thought of handing over the company to you ..."