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#127 Get caught

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He had originally planned to report this matter to the president: "I have checked everything about this matter."

    Ye Si Shen's expression looked unchanged, but a pair of eyes had an unclear light.

    "Although Qing Rui Group's Qing character is the same as Qing Zi in his wife's name, there is no connection between the two, it is just a coincidence."

    "Are you sure?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly, it didn't matter.

    "Sure." Secretary Liu answered very positively, because Bai Yirui had nothing to do with his wife in the information he checked.

    Ye Sishen's lips twitched gently, and he didn't say anything. If it didn't matter, it would be the best. Next, he waited for Wen's movements and her movements.

    In the afternoon of the same day, Wen's news came out that he had recruited designers, who are said to be high talented students of R College.

    The next afternoon, just before the Ye's activity was about to end, Wen's signed up.

    "President, Wen's already signed up for this event." As soon as there was some movement on the Wen's side, Secretary Liu hurried over to report to his president.

    "Yeah." Ye Sishen's lips slightly ticked off. Very well. The fish hooked up.

    "Is the president going to directly choose Wen's tomorrow?" Secretary Liu had a meaningful smile on his face. How could he not understand the president's thoughts.

    "Look at the work." Ye Si Shen raised his head and looked at him, looking back seriously and seriously.

    Secretary Liu's lips twitched fiercely, watching the works? He only believes in ghosts.

    He dare to take his head to ensure that even if the works handed over by Wen's are the worst, even if they are not good enough, the winner this time is definitely Wen's.

    Who made Wen's president his wife! !

    However, he also wanted to know what kind of work can the designer Wen's reluctantly invite in this situation come up with?

    Or does the wife want to use this relationship with the president? But the president seems to have other plans?

    Secretary Liu may have a good show tomorrow.

    Secretary Liu was thinking about it. Suddenly he heard a text message. Secretary Liu unconsciously took out his mobile phone, but found that it was not his, but the president ’s.

    Secretary Liu raised his head and saw the text message opened by his president's adult-"Overtime work tonight, it may be late to go back."

    The message was sent by my wife without guessing.

    Reading this message from his wife, he feels that the president may want to keep the vacancy tonight.

    After reading the text message, Ye Sanshao instantly lost her face. She came back at 12 o'clock last night. She wanted to return late tonight? And she sent him a short break?

    At the next moment, Ye Sanshao got up directly and left the office.

    Secretary Liu's eyes flashed in surprise, why is the president so anxious to go? This is not yet off work!

    The president looks like he is going to ‘catch the rape’. Well, what is appropriate is the immediate sense of ‘catch the rape’! !

    After 40 minutes, Ye Sanshao's car stopped at the front entrance of Wen's Group.

    "I'll give you five minutes, come down." After Ye Sanshao dialed Wen Ruoqing's phone, the cold words didn't have any room for discussion.

    Wen Ruoqing froze for a while: "You, where are you?"

    She suddenly thought of something, and quickly walked to the window. Even at the 22nd floor, Wen Ruoqing still recognized the car parked at the front entrance.

    Wen Ruoqing gasped secretly, she never thought he would pick her up!

    His car just stopped at the door of Wen's door, how to let her go down?

    Not long after work, it is the highest peak for company staff to leave.

    "Five minutes later, I can't see your people, you are at your own risk." Ye Sishen's voice came again, and the meaning of the threat could not be more obvious.

    "You stop at the gate so much, so why don't you change the place? Can you change to the underground parking lot?" Wen Ruoqing tried to discuss with him.

    "You still have four minutes." However, Ye Sanshao's attitude was obvious, no discussion.

    Lying in a slot!

    Wen Ruoqing is a little crazy at the moment, what is this man crazy about today?

    But she knew what he said and did it. If she didn't go on time, she really didn't know what he would do.

    At the next moment, Wen Ruoqing simply tidied up, and then quickly rushed out of the office. Fortunately, there was a president-only elevator. She didn't have to wait for the elevator.

    The elevator stopped on the first floor, she went out of the elevator and sprinted at a speed of one hundred meters. In front of Si Shen's car, he then opened the door at a speed that was too quick to conceal, and got into the car.

    From getting out of the elevator to getting on the bus, Wen Ruoqing had only twenty seconds.

    Ye Sanshao was dumbfounded, looking at her with a daze, is her speed normal?

    "Hurry up." Wen Ruoqing urged as soon as she got on the bus. It's too dangerous to park his car here. She didn't want to make headlines.

    If it was seen by grandpa, she would definitely not be able to walk around.

    Ye Sanshao knew very well that she was not trying to hurry because she was nearly two minutes away from the time he had stipulated. She was so fast that she was obviously not to recognize her.

    Don't want people to recognize that she got into his car.

    The sunglasses she wears and the clothes she wears on her head are enough to prove this.

    how? Is he so shameless?

    Ye Sanshao squinted at her and did not drive.

    "Did someone just run into the car in front?" Several employees at the door stopped.

    "Yes, I saw it too. It's really fast enough. I thought it was dazzling."

    "That car is a limited edition of Rolls Royce, with a global limit of 25 units. The only one in city A belongs to Ye Sanshao." Some people recognized Ye Sanshao's car.

    "You mean that this car is the night of the night? Why did the night of the night stop here?"

    "I think this is not the point. The most important point is who just got on the car?"

    "Yeah, who was that person just now?"

    "The speed is too fast, and there is still something on the head. I didn't see it clearly, but it should be a woman."

    "How do I look a bit like our newly appointed president."


    Everyone was silent for a moment, then laughed out loud almost at the same time.

    "Can our newly appointed president get in the car at night? What do you think?"

    "It's absolutely impossible to think about it. If our president can get in the car at night, it's estimated that it will rain."

    Everyone laughed in unison again.

    "Maybe I read it wrong." Hearing everyone's unexpected laughter, the person who just spoke was a little embarrassed.

    "Who was the person just now?"

    For a time, everyone's eyes were all looking at the limited edition Rolls-Royce that still stopped there.