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#30 Urgent

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"Sister, why don't you say it in advance when you come back, I'm good to pick you up, when will sister go home, we'll be ready." Wen Ruan Ruan tried to suppress the anger in his heart, a little smile on his face, look It feels too fake.

    At the moment outside, she could not treat Wen Ruoqing, but when she returned home, she had the opportunity to clean her up.

    How could Wen Ruoqing not know her thoughts, and sneered secretly in her heart. The account of five years ago should be well calculated. If they dare to provoke her again, don't blame her for being rude.

    "Good." Wen Ruoqing responded naturally, seemingly unaware of Wen Ruan Ruan's mind.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't glance at Ye Yunan from beginning to end, calling the one he ignored completely, as if he didn't exist at all.

    Ye Yunan apparently found this too, and his face was a bit ugly. Although he hated her and didn't like her, he was so disregarded by her, and he still felt a little uncomfortable.

    However, Wen Ruoqing has turned around and left.

    Ye Yunan looked at the background where she left, and her eyes narrowed slowly, seeming to be a little cold, a little angry, or so unwilling.

    "Yunan, let's go." Wen Ruan Ruan watched him staring at Wen Ruoqing's back, his face slightly dull, and he hurriedly pulled him away.

    She found that five years later, Wen Ruoqing seemed to be different, and not as rustic as it was five years ago.

    Wen Ruoqing randomly found a seat and sat down. She asked Hitomi to meet here today.

    "Brother, did you notice that Miss Wen didn't just look at Ye Yunan?" Qin Wushao was a policeman, and the observation was meticulous. This has been found through the monitoring screen. "She is because of five years ago. Do you remember Ye Yunan? "

    "You just saw a hint of hatred in her face?" Ye Sishen's voice was a little careless, but the meaning expressed was clear and positive.

    Compared with Qin Wushao, he sees more clearly.

    "It really didn't." Qin Wushao remembered Wen Ruoqing's expression just now, frowning slightly, "then why she didn't look at Ye Yunan, she shouldn't be right, after all, they almost got engaged.

    "If she didn't like Ye Yunan at all, wouldn't she want to marry Ye Yunan at all?" Ye Sishen's eyes converged at a deep starting point, or five years ago, he really helped her a lot.

    "But if it wasn't because of the third brother, she might have been engaged to Ye Yunan, maybe she was married now." Qin Wu Shaojue's thing is a little unreasonable.

    "That's not necessary." Ye Si's deep, deep eyes were a little more meaningful, and he was thinking that if he didn't do that at first, he might see another good show.

    If she really was the woman that night, she must know Ye Yunan ’s actions, and she would never be bullied.

    "Third Brother, do you want to try her?" Qin Wushao's eyes flickered, and suddenly interest came. If it was really like the third brother guessed, this matter would be interesting.

    "Not in a hurry." Ye Sishen's eyes stared at Wen Ruoqing on the monitor, and her lips twitched slowly. Now that she had returned, she was in no hurry.

    He didn't want to fight the grass for the time being, but what he wanted was not to take it.

    "Listening to Wen Ruan Ruan obviously doesn't know what happened when she came back. You said that she wouldn't go home, what would you do here alone?" Qin Wushao saw Wen Ruoqing sitting quietly in the hall, with more eyebrows and feathers A little puzzled.

    Ye Sishen didn't speak, just squinted, and he wanted to know what she wanted to do when she came here alone?