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Wen ruoqing is slightly shocked. What she just said is that he deliberately teased her. But night Secretary Chen suddenly pulled the matter back to the root. Obviously, he said the business of the mall.

"I......" Wen ruoqing breathes out secretly, but he has nothing to say.

See his that facial expression, Wen ruoqing's lips corner mercilessly smoked, what strength of his Ya's grievance?

But now she is dumb to eat yellow lotus, even if there is suffering can not say, let alone clear.

"But you didn't have to..." Wen ruoqing didn't think he would kiss her at that time. If she knew in advance and killed her, she wouldn't hook up with him in public.

"You hooked me!" But before she had finished speaking, Yesi Shen began to emphasize what she had just said again.

"I know, I know, I mean you could have done it in other ways..." Wen ruoqing is patient and wants to explain to him, but she, who has always been smart, doesn't seem to realize it. In fact, it's no use arguing with him about this issue now.

And the night division Chen is obviously intentional! Purpose

"You hooked me." This time, Yesi Chen still didn't let her finish her speech, and she was still stubborn to repeat that sentence, which looked more innocent and seemed more aggrieved.

"Yesi Chen, you parrot, will you say something else? Even if I take the initiative, you don't have to kiss me in public to create the irreparable situation." Wen ruoqing feels calm enough, but at the moment she can't control herself. Her voice suddenly rises a little bit.

"My wife hooks me in public. If I don't show my enthusiasm, what will others think when they see me?" The night division looked at her and said it was a matter of course,

“……” Wen ruoqing is stunned. He seems to have a lot of sense in this!

It's just that the next moment, Wen ruoqing's fierce reversion, depends, she was almost taken to the ditch by him.

"Who knows I'm your wife? Who knows? " Wen ruoqing wants to calm down, secretly exhale and inhale, but she can't resist it after all. Finally, she almost roars.

She and he were originally secretly married, but they had never been announced to the public. Who knows this except her and him? Nobody knows. He's worried about a ghost?

"Don't worry, everyone will know soon." The night division was not slow to make up a sentence.

“……” Wen ruoqing is stunned, and her eyes flash slightly. Suddenly, she seems to come back to her senses and realize that their dispute just now has no use at all. Now the most important thing is to solve the problem.

"Husband." Wen ruoqing looked at him, and suddenly he cried softly.

"Well?" The night Secretary answered in a low voice. The corner of his lips was hooked again, but there was no difference on his face. He wanted to hear what she would say next?

"Can you find a way to keep the news down?" Wen ruoqing knows that the only way he can do it now is to let him find a way to suppress all the news.

Night division Shen eyebrow angle micro pick, she really dare to think, let him press down the news?

Is it possible?

He can't be cruel now. People all over the world know it!

"Why don't you tell me first, what are you afraid of?" At this moment, the eyes of Yesi Shen are a little heavy. She is so afraid of the news. What is she afraid of? Or afraid of being seen?

"I'm afraid to be seen by grandpa." Wen ruoqing's lips slightly pulled, sighed secretly.

What else can she be afraid of? Of course, I'm afraid to be seen by my grandfather. When I think of what my grandfather said before and how my grandfather will react when he knows about it, she's a little creepy.

"Is the old man so terrible?" The night division was stupefied. The chill in her eyes disappeared. A faint smile appeared. He could see that she didn't lie. What she said was true.

Just, is she so afraid of the old man?

"Of course." Wen ruoqing nodded quickly.

"What will happen if the old man knows?" At the moment, he was a little more curious,

"Grandpa knows that he will let us get married." Wen ruoqing was afraid when he thought of the old man's attitude.

"We are married." Night division heavy chuckle, it seems that this wench is really worried, are about to be confused.

"I mean that kind of real marriage, if the old man knows it, I can't guarantee that the old man will do anything crazy." Wen ruoqing knew that he misunderstood her and explained quickly.

"Oh, is it?" The night division sinks eyebrow angle tiny PICK: "have so terrible?"

"Yes, absolutely, because I have tried before. Grandpa said that he would marry me as long as he wanted to marry me at night. Even if he broke the pot and sold iron, he would marry me to you." Wen ruoqing sees the obvious disapproval attitude of yesizhen, and feels that yesizhen doesn't realize the seriousness of the matter, so he moves out the words of old man Wen.

"Smash the pot and sell the iron, you should be able to imagine how crazy the old man will be when you hear this word." Wen ruoqing's special explanation emphasizes a double.

In this way, she didn't dare to take it lightly any more.

Night division shen Mou son light flash, when she talked about this with the old man, he was in the window, just all heard clearly.

However, he didn't think it would have such an effect before. Now, with her warning, he finally knows. Of course, it's not too late to know.

He felt that he should find a time to have a good chat with the old man. How could he miss such a good advantage.

Wen ruoqing didn't know that she had dug a hole and buried herself. She saw that yeshishen didn't speak, thinking that he was weighing, so she said again: "if Grandpa knew about our affairs, he would definitely not allow us to divorce at that time. Not only would he not allow us to divorce, but he would also force me to have a wedding. I think you don't want that to happen, do you? So, you should press all the news down as soon as possible, and never let my grandfather see it. "

They had agreed to get married by agreement, and they had agreed to have a good hidden marriage. There was also a dream of ruotang's existence. In fact, yesichen didn't want to have such a thing more than she did, did she? Should he be more anxious than her?

So, she felt that next, Yesi Chen would take the initiative to deal with this matter.

Night division Shen's eyes flashed, and then put on a embarrassed look: "but, wife, you are too proud of me."

Seeing her staring at him, he added again slowly, "I don't have that ability."

Night three little talk about panic really is not red face, breathless.

“……” Wen ruoqing is stunned, then exhales secretly.

What did he say? He said he didn't have that ability? She didn't hear me wrong, did she?

Even if the ability of the night family alone can suppress such news, it's no problem. What's more, he has his own power. Now he even says he doesn't have that ability? The schoolmaster had said clearly that his own power was far stronger than that of the night family.

Liar, liar! He's a big liar!