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"Third Brother, you said." Xi Ji froze for a moment, his eyes flickering. He had known San Brother for so long, this was the first time that San Brother asked him to help.

    Listening to Sange's tone is not the same as usual, so this matter must be very important, at least for Sange.

    So at the moment, Xi Jizong is busy with the heat, and still decides to do the third brother's business first.

    "I sent you a text message in the past. You can check the monitoring for me to see if you can find this car. You left from Guangyu Mall." This time, Ye Sishen said in detail.

    "Okay, I know." Xi Ji originally thought that the third brother asked him to help. It must have been a big thing. He didn't expect to only check the monitoring. This is too simple for him. This is his specialty: "San brother, I'll check it immediately and write back to you when I find it. "

    After Xi Ji finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly.

    When Xi Ji hung up the phone, he stood up and prepared to leave.

    "Chief President, this hasn't been finished yet ..." The secretary saw him about to leave and froze. He was too busy here to die. Is it appropriate for President Xi to leave at this time?

    "You deal with, acquiring such a small broken company, wasted too much time." Xi Jitou did not return, and left.

    The secretary's lips twitched fiercely, small broken company? In the capital, the Yang family's company is in the top ranking, and it is by no means a small company in general. Otherwise, Mrs. Xi can't let Xi Ji marry Yang Qingqing.

    But the boss was leaving, and he couldn't stop him.

    If the surveillance network video recorder is not connected to the external network, it is impossible to break through remotely. Xi Ji first thought of Qin Ting, who is the police chief ...

    It's just that Xi Ji's footsteps suddenly stopped at the next moment. Qin Ting is the most convenient to check such things. Why didn't the third brother find Qin Ting, but he did?

    Qin Ting suddenly felt something strange.

    He had just wanted Qin Ting to help in order to enter the intranet, but the third brother didn't find Qin Ting, but instead looked for him far away. This is a bit strange, no, it's very strange.

    Xi Jigang stopped trying to dial the phone, then found another phone number and dialed it.

    Xi Ji originally thought that checking the monitoring of a car is a very simple matter, because there are many roads in city A, and the car left from Guangyu Mall, where it is the most prosperous place and the most intensive monitoring.

    However, Si Ji checked all the roads within ten miles of the mall, but did not find the car.

    Xi Ji would not doubt Ye Sishen's words, but he really didn't find them.

    He actually saw Qin Ting's car leave the mall, heading east, shaking aimlessly on the road ...

    Xi Ji didn't know what happened, but it should not be a coincidence that he felt that Qin Ting's car appeared there.

    "Third Brother, I didn't find the car you said." Xi Ji quickly returned the call to Shen Si Shen, because he felt that this matter was important to San Brother, so he was afraid of delaying San Brother's affairs.

    "Well, I see." Ye Sichen just whispered, and didn't say much. If he couldn't find even Ji Ji, then no one else could.

    In fact, he had long thought of Tang Baiqian's cunning, he would definitely find a way to cover up all traces, but he did not expect that even Ji Ji did not find anything, Xi Ji is very powerful in this direction.

    "Brother, what happened?" Xi Ji asked in a small voice. Xi Ji always talked a lot, but he was usually very decent, he wouldn't ask anything that shouldn't be asked, but now he feels this matter too weird.

    "I'll talk about it later." Ye Sishen's eyes looked out the window. A face was as clear and cold as usual, and no strangeness could be seen, but there was a bit of depression in the voice.

    "Well." Xi Ji asked no more.

    Ye Si hung up the phone, then closed his eyes, leaning slightly on the back of the chair, the intersection turned in front, the driver turned his head, glanced at him, and wanted to ask him how to go.

    "Continue to the right." Ye Si Shen still closed his eyes, he just walked by feeling.

    Although his time with Wen Ruoqing is not too long, but he knows her, he is now thinking in Wen Ruoqing's way of thinking.

    Of course, he knew that Tang Baiqian drove the car and Tang Baiqian took the road. It was impossible to ask Wen Ruoqing on the road of Tang Baiqian's pride.

    However, he felt that Tang Baiqian also knew Wen Ruoqing, and he would also follow Wen Ruoqing's way of thinking.

    After all, Wen Ruoqing is a psychologist. Tang Baiqian will definitely learn Wen Ruoqing in this respect, and even imitate Wen Ruoqing.

    Psychocriminology experts are said to be able to analyze the murderer's appearance based on the scene of the crime.

    Even the character and hobby of the murderer can be analyzed.

    And his woman is exactly the most powerful one. Therefore, Tang Baiqian, who played with Shen Sijue, had learned the psychological tactics he had played with him before.

    Therefore, it is absolutely not wrong for him to think in the way of his woman.

    His woman, he definitely knows better than Tang Baiqian, so this time, he could not lose to Tang Baiqian.

    This is in the city, the speed of the car is not fast, the taxis come along the way, they are all green lights, there is no delay, so he feels that he can fully catch Tang Baiqian's car.

    Besides, Tang Baiqian certainly didn't think he would chase it all the way.

    The taxi turned right for a moment, and at the next intersection, when Ye Sishen saw the car in front, the corner of his lips slowly lifted.

    The car he was looking for was in front, waiting for the green light.

    It was at this time that the green light was on and Tang Baiqian drove away.

    "Catch up with the car in front." Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly, a slight sneer lingered from his lips. At this time, he wanted to see where Tang Baiqian could go.

    "Okay." The driver master said nothing and stepped directly on the accelerator to chase.

    The nature of Tang Baiqian's work determines that he is extremely vigilant, so he didn't walk out long before he found the taxi behind him.

    "Is the car behind following us?" Wen Ruoqing also noticed something strange and looked back at the car that followed.

    Because it is a taxi, the privacy of the window glass is not good enough, and the taxi is very close to them at the moment.

    Therefore, Wen Ruoqing turned around and saw Ye Sishen sitting in a taxi.

    At that moment, Wen Ruoqing was shocked. The first reaction was that Ye Si Shen would take a taxi? Taking a taxi in his identity makes one feel weird.

    No, no, now this is not the point, the point is Ye Sishen, is this chasing her?

    How did Ye Sishen catch up so accurately?