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#122 You will lose her

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At the moment he felt, he talked to her again, it was estimated that she could really be mad at her, so, at the next moment, Ye Sishen hung up the phone directly.

    Secretary Liu stood aside, and Ye Sishen hung up the phone, and the screen of the phone displayed exactly the call log.

    Secretary Liu saw the top call record-Wen Ruoqing?

    Secretary Liu ’s eyes flashed quickly. The president was just calling his wife?

    I blew it! !

    He said how did he feel that the president just said something so wrong, it turned out to be angry with his wife?

    This lady is really powerful enough to make the president angry like this? !

    He has been with the president for so many years, and this is the first time he is so angry to see the president! !

    Is the president arguing with his wife?

    And it seems serious! !

    Secretary Liu's face was a little more solemn. The president quarreled with his wife. He must help the president find a solution.

    Otherwise, the president is in a bad mood, he must be the one who suffers first. At this moment, Secretary Liu is full of desire to survive.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at the hung up phone, and her eyes flashed quickly. Although she couldn't figure out why Ye Si Shen was angry, she clearly knew that Ye Si Shen was angry, so angry that she hung up her phone directly.

    Wen Ruoqing sighed softly, thought about it, or dialed Ye Sishen's phone again.

    In the office, Ye Sishen's phone suddenly rang. Secretary Liu, who was thinking about how to solve the problem, looked up quickly and subconsciously, and then he saw the name displayed on the president's mobile phone screen at a glance.

    Secretary Liu was stunned for a moment, then breathed a sigh of relief. Oops, Madam is really a magnificent, transparent and sensible person. The president just said so unpleasantly, and hung up on Madam ’s phone. Madam even took the initiative to call.

    Really rare, really rare! !

    As a result, the president's anger must have disappeared.

    Ye Sishen looked at Wen Ruoqing's phone call, his gloomy face eased momentarily, and his lips seemed to have a faint smile.

    Did she finally know that she was wrong? Called to review?

    Secretary Liu looked at this situation and completely put down a heart.

    Really good, really good! !

    "Hello." Ye Sishen watched the phone ring three times before answering.

    Secretary Liu's lips twitched slightly, and the president clearly anxiously resembled something, pretend?

    President, are you really okay?

    "When are you going home?" No matter what relationship she has with Ye Sishen, Wen Ruoqing feels that she should have made things clear. Of course, some things must be unclear on the phone. She should return. Talk to him afterwards.

    "I still have an important meeting, what's the matter, say?" Ye Sishen's eyes flashed quickly. This time, Wen Ruoqing didn't call her husband, Ye Sanshao was not happy, but thought she gave him the initiative Call to please him, he is actually not very angry, but he can't forget about it.

    If he forgave her so easily, she would not realize her mistakes, nor would she remember things long, so Ye Sanshao wanted to make her realize her mistakes deeply and then make a deep review .

    She will remember it later! !

    Secretary Liu: "..."

    The president has another important meeting? Why doesn't he know?

    He is the personal secretary of the president. Does the president know him?

    Today there is clearly nothing else in the company, and the president has no other arrangements tonight! !

    The president is clearly talking nonsense with his eyes open! !

    So, what does the president mean?

    Secretary Liu looked at his president, his eyes flashed quickly, and suddenly understood.

    The president is intentional! !

    Although he didn't hear the wife's words, from the president's answer, the wife should ask the president when to go back.

    Madam has made such concessions, what is the president still proud of? !

    Secretary Liu on the side is anxious! Secretary Liu must not take the president's phone call at this moment, and then rushed the president home to accompany his wife.

    Wen Ruoqing listened to Ye Sishen's voice, slightly stunned. Although across the phone, Wen Ruoqing heard that Ye Sishen's tone at the moment was completely different from the one she just heard. She heard that he was no longer angry.

    Is this alright?

    Wen Ruoqing originally heard Ye Si's anger, so he made this call. Now that he is not angry, Wen Ruoqing was relieved.

    Since he is not angry, there is no problem, and there is no need to talk about it.

    Or, they had just made it clear that maybe Ye Sishen did n’t hang up her phone because of anger, maybe he felt that the matter had been finished, and he had something to do, so he hung up the phone.

    Maybe she thinks too much, sometimes she feels that she is too susceptible to occupational diseases.

    "Okay, then you're busy first, I just went to the mall." Since he is busy, she can't disturb him.

    Since he was too busy to go home, she did not have to rush home.

    She thought about going to see the two babies first.

    After Wen Ruoqing had finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly.

    At this moment, things were resolved, she felt exceptionally relaxed and in a good mood.

    Ye Sishen looked at the hung up phone for two seconds, and then a face gloomed down at the speed of the naked eye.

    what's the situation?

    Did she just hang up?

    Did n’t she call to review? What about her review? ! What about her review?

    What did she mean by hanging up the phone without saying a word?

    What did she just say to him? Want to go shopping?

    At this time she told him that she was going to go shopping?

    Go shopping? So, she didn't realize her mistake at all?

    Is she real? Really! !

    Ye Sanshao's hand holding the phone kept tightening and tightening. This time the phone was really deformed by him.

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao's face was gloomy, looking at the extremely scary.

    Secretary Liu looked at his own president's lips and couldn't help but smoke!

    Although the president looks terrible and terrifying at the moment, Secretary Liu couldn't help but want to laugh.

    Make you arrogant, make you arrogant, who can blame?

    Madam took the initiative to call for peace, are you still holding it? Still proud?

    Do you blame others for killing yourself?

    Yeah! !

    At this moment, Ye Si Shen's eyes suddenly turned around and looked at Secretary Liu.

    Ye Sishen's movements were too sudden. For a time, Secretary Liu didn't come and took back the expression on his face.

    Then, Secretary Liu, who was still gloating in the last second, was directly tragic next second ...