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#80 Results of investigation

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Yesi Chen wants to see the result as soon as possible, but it seems that

"Third brother, why did you come to the police station to block people that day?" Major Qin Wu connected the whole thing and thought of a possibility: "brother three, do you doubt that the woman who came to the police station that day was the woman five years ago?"

As the police chief, Qin wushao had the ability of observation and inference.

For so many years, there has never been a woman around San Ge. He can only think of the woman five years ago.

On that day, the three brothers came to the police station to arrest people in a very similar situation to five years ago, or even more so.

Yeshishen did not speak, did not admit, but did not deny.

"I'll go, really." Qin wushao's eyes were wide open. Seeing the reaction of his third brother, he knew that he had guessed it.

He had only speculated, but unexpectedly he got it.

That woman could be the woman who strengthened the third brother five years ago and then successfully escaped from the third brother's hands?!

Moreover, that day she managed to escape from the third brother's hands, and he was forced to become her accomplice! Help her stop the third brother, help her escape?

If you know that she may be the woman who beat her third brother five years ago, he

He still has to help her. After all, he is a people's policeman. He can't joke about innocent lives.

That's exactly what that woman is good at! I think that woman has already got his mind.

"Whose fingerprints did the third brother take?" Qin wushao suddenly asked a more crucial question. If the third brother recognized the woman who came to the police station five years ago, whose fingerprint is the third brother's?

"Is it warm and sunny?" Qin wushao's eyes flashed quickly, with a little trial in his words. The cup that brother three brought was from his family. The cup was designed by a specially assigned person. He would certainly not admit it wrong.

The third brother's house is not accessible to ordinary people, and the third brother's cup is not accessible to ordinary people.

Three elder brother's house, he has been to three elder brother's house two times in total, he just looks at the cup of three elder brother's house, three elder brother didn't give him to use.

Now the third brother and Wen ruoqing have got the certificate, and Wen ruoqing has moved into the third brother's house, so

Night division Shen swept his one eye, still did not speak.

Qin wushao knows that he guessed it again! Qin wushao's lip corners are mercilessly drawn. Is it warm and sunny? How is this possible? He didn't believe that the woman who came to the police station that day was Wen ruoqing!!

"Three elder brothers, I saw the ability of that woman in the police station that day. That ability is beyond the ordinary people's ability. Her eyes can see through the whole person in an instant just with such a slight sweep. Her mind is so careful that people are horrified, and her face changing skill is comparable to that of the whole face..." Qin wushao began to boast about the woman who came to the police station that day, but what he said was not too exaggerated.

That woman is really awesome!

"Say the point." Night division Chen lightly glanced at him, interrupted his words, his mind at the moment is waiting for the result, don't want to listen to Qin Wu less so much nonsense.

He is very clear that Qin wushao's words are only foreshadowing.

"I think wenruoqing is definitely not the woman who came to the police station that day. Wenruoqing has absolutely no ability to do that." Qin wushao just said what he really meant. He didn't believe Wen ruoqing had that ability. It was absolutely impossible.

Night division Shen's eyes narrowed, lips slightly pursed, did not speak.

In the police station, the "evidence" he found in the woman was not found in Wen ruoqing when he returned home. Moreover, Wen ruoqing even had "evidence" that could not have been in the police station at that time. However, he still suspected that they were the same person.

He can confirm that the woman in the police station is the woman five years ago, so as long as the fingerprints match, Wen ruoqing must be the woman that night five years ago.

"Third brother, although Wen ruoqing's illness is good now, not silly, of course, or a little bit smart, but it can't be so severe. That woman is an expert in criminal psychology, and no one can reach her. Wen ruoqing even doesn't know what criminal psychology is." Qin five sees the night Si Chen not to speak, then continues to analyze.

In fact, in the eyes of Qin wushao, Wen ruoqing is really no match for his third brother.

Even if Wen ruoqing is cured, he is not stupid, but he can never be so severe.

Criminal psychology experts, is that what ordinary people can do?

"Third brother, if you want me to say that, you should not suspect Wen ruoqing. The woman who came to the police station that day and Wen ruoqing, that is one sky and one underground. The gap between them is too big."

In the eyes of the Secretary at night, there seems to be a trace of cold, just about to open up.

At this time, the police officer who just left with a water glass just came over, with a piece of information in his hand.

Night division Chen's eyes fell on the data, eyes light, he knew that the data must be the result of the test.

The result is fast enough!!

"Chief, the result is out." The police officer came to them and handed the information to Qin wushao.

Night division Shen's eyes light flash, at the moment of hearing the police officer's words, his hand would like to stretch out to take the test results in the police officer's hand.

At this moment, if you look closely, you will find that there are some expectations hidden in the eyes of the three young people in the night, and even some haste, which seems to be so tense.

However, Qin wushao, who had previously insisted on the absolute impossibility, was in a more urgent mood and wanted to know the result, so he quickly reached out and directly pulled the data, and his eyes also looked at the data in his hands.

In the eyes of the night secretary, it seems that there is a glimmer of something strange, just stretching out a little hand and taking it back.

For a while, it seemed that he was not in such a hurry to see it. He did not know what he was thinking.

The test results are clear and simple, and can be seen at a glance.

"Three brothers..." After Qin wushao saw it, he raised his eyes and looked to the night secretary, who said, "you can see it yourself."

Ye sichen didn't say anything. He seemed to take a deep breath, then stretched out his hand, and received the information from Qin wushao. If you observe carefully, you may find that his movements are slightly stiff at the moment.

Yesi Chen took the data and seemed to pause for a moment. Then he looked down. When he saw the result shown above, his body seemed slightly stiff!!

His eyes are so straight on the test results, motionless, speechless.