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"No, absolutely not." Wen Ruoqing was anxious when he heard it, and kept protecting the agreement in his chest, clutching it tightly, for fear of being robbed by him.

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing at the moment is indeed affected by the previous kiss of Ye Sanshao, and it is not a small impact. If this is the case, she simply ignores it and ignores it directly.

    Ignoring is the best cold treatment.

    Looking at her reaction, Ye Sanshao's lips twitched fiercely. He thought she would not agree, but he didn't expect her reaction to be so great.

    But Ye Sanshao naturally understood that her reaction at this moment was definitely better than the calm and terrifying look she usually did.

    "The irregular moments are broken, this agreement has long been meaningless." Therefore, Ye Sanshao decided to continue to lure to the end.

    "How can it be meaningless? Even if the other rules are broken, at least one of them will not change." Wen Ruoqing's lips flicked, and the words were very straightforward.

    "Which one?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed, obviously a little more dangerous breath.

    However, at this moment Wen Ruoqing is not the usual Wen Ruoqing. At this moment, she does not have the usual observation and observation, so she did not realize the danger of Ye Sanshao at this moment.

    "Just one year will never change." Wen Ruoqing's remarks at this moment are called direct and simple.

    Ye Sansha only grudged her teeth and hated her. She really missed this, and she was always thinking of leaving.

    "So, the agreement must not be destroyed." Wen Ruoqing just added a very serious sentence. During the speech, he very carefully put away the agreement and wanted to hide it again.

    However, when her hand reached the cotton slippers, she stopped again, and then glanced at Ye Si, her face obviously more alert.

    Her meaning was obvious enough. Ye Sishen was watching here, so she could not hide, and she had to wait for Ye Sishen to leave.

    It was no use hiding it in his face, it might as well not.

    Yesan Shao looked at her like this, he almost vomited blood, but he couldn't be angry with her.

    "Otherwise, we will sign a new agreement." Ye Sanshao tried a different way. Fortunately, he had many preparations, and he must get the matter done tonight.

    "Huh?" Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, and when he looked at him, there was a little doubt in his eyes: "Re-sign? Why should I re-sign? I think this agreement is already good."

    Ye Si calmed down, yes, it was already very good to her, but not good to him, very bad.

    "Let's sign a better one again." Ye Si suffocated. He knew he couldn't be angry at the moment, not only couldn't be angry, but also had a smile on his lips, and his tone was extremely gentle.

    "Is there a better one? I don't believe it." Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered, as if he didn't believe it, but there was a little looseness in his words.

    "Of course, we signed an agreement whatever you want." Ye San rarely had the opportunity to nod.

    I have to say that Ye Sanshao flickered, it was really not covered.

    If it is really like what he said, what if Wen Ruoqing wants, there is no need to re-sign this agreement.

    If the usual Wen Ruoqing would definitely not be fooled by him, but ...

    "Really? Won't you lie to me?" Whatever you want, the temptation is really big enough. At this moment, Wen Ruoqing is not the calm and wise Wen Ruoqing at the moment. Although she is not completely dizzy at the moment, her mind is turning. Is significantly slower than usual.

    "Do you feel like I'm lying to you?" Ye Sanshao looked at her and smiled softly.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, looked at him for a long time, and then said seriously: "Like."

    Ye Sanshou was so angry that this woman was so confused at the moment that she even suspected him?

    How much precautions should she take when she is calm? What kind of image is he in her heart?

    Ye Sanshao felt like she was going to be mad at this moment.

    Ye Sanshao opened the drawer of the bedside table, took out the pen and paper that had just been placed inside, and placed it in front of Wen Ruoqing: "The pen and paper are all for you. Just write whatever you want. . "

    At this moment, the reason why Ye Sanshao gave Wen Ruoqing such a generous pen, and let her write, naturally has a reason.

    This is a special pen. The words written with this pen can only be kept for a maximum of one month. All the words written after one month will disappear.

    This was originally a small gadget made by Meng Ruoting, and it was put in the study room. I didn't expect it to be of great use today.

    Wen Ruoqing looked down at the paper and pen that Ye Sanshao had placed in front of her.

    Ye Sanshao secretly exhaled, she won't be found strange.

    However, this pen does not seem to be any different on the surface. When Meng Ruoting brought it, he did not find it.

    Now she is a bit drunk and confused, so she shouldn't find it.

    But Ye Sanshao couldn't help feeling nervous.

    "Is it possible to write as much as I really want?" However, at this moment, Wen Ruoqing suddenly raised his head, looked at him, and smiled.

    "Well." Ye Sanshao secretly breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that she did not find something strange.

    Ye Sanshao was thinking, Wen Ruoqing suddenly leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and smiled sweetly: "My husband is so nice."

    Ye Sanshao's body was stiff and her eyes flickered. At this moment, she's such an initiative, is it normal? Is it abnormal?

    He felt that, whether she was normal or abnormal, she should not be so active and so enthusiastic about him.

    However, she rarely got such an initiative, which felt really good.

    Ye Sanshao recovered, and found that Wen Ruoqing was already trying to write. He couldn't help leaning forward and wanted to see what she had written.

    Ye Sanshao leaned closer, just glanced at it for a moment, and the whole face instantly became gloomy, and her teeth were bitten, and she must not be bitten to death.

    She really dare to write! !

    Wen Ruoqing didn't realize someone's danger at the moment, and he was still writing very seriously and continuing to write.

    She has finished the first and second articles, and now she is planning to write the third one.

    The first article she wrote was that husband-and-wife relationships should no longer occur.

    The second article she wrote was-go through the divorce formalities within ten days.

    Wen Ruoqing is still thinking about the third.

    Ye Sanshao's eyes narrowed little by little, and at this moment the dangerous breath of his body seemed to suffocate instantly, but unfortunately, the confused Wen Ruoqing could not feel it at all.

    So Ye Sanshao was angry just because she was sulking herself. A woman with no heart and no lungs was in a beautiful mood at the moment, ignoring him who was in the water.