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#55 He arrived

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"Third Brother, what's the situation?" Qin Wushao was directly ashamed. What did San Brother suddenly say?

    "The woman in the interrogation room just now, don't let her leave." Ye Si Shen could only explain it patiently.

    In fact, the perspective of Qin Wu Shaoxuan was very good, and he deliberately avoided things that should not be leaked. Most people can't see that it was in the interrogation room, but Ye Sishen saw it at a glance.

    "Why?" Qin Wushao is even more puzzled. What's wrong with the third brother? Why should I leave that woman? That woman was introduced by the eldest brother.

    "Keep her, no matter what method." Ye Si Shen did not explain, just emphasized his meaning again, and hung up the phone without waiting for Qin Wushao to ask more.

    Looking at the phone being hung up, Qin Wushao's head is foggy. Who can tell him what is happening now?

    Obviously it was the person invited by the eldest brother, why should the third brother keep him?

    However, when I saw the situation in the interrogation room, it should not be over in a half an hour. In fact, he did not need to find a way to stay.

    When the third brother arrives, I know what is going on.

    "Five brother, this is the little girl you just arrived in the bureau?" In the group, Xi Ji is the youngest and has a lot of curiosity.

    "No, it was introduced by the elder brother to handle the case." Qin Wushao was thinking about the matter just now, and when he saw Xi Ji, he responded directly. The six of them believed each other.

    Of course, Qin Wushao also wanted to test the meaning of his elder brother, wondering what the origin of this woman was. Why did he just send a picture of the woman's back, and recruited the third brother.

    "Big Brother?" Tang Sishao hadn't paid attention anymore. When he saw this sentence, he quickly appeared.

    "Big Brother? Is it sister-in-law?" Xi Ji was also very surprised by this answer. Qin Wushao just said that the woman was particularly beautiful, so Xi Ji's first reaction was to come up with this idea.

    Ye Sishen, who had just got out of the elevator, saw Xi Ji's words, and his face sank obviously.

    "I'm not sure about this, so I have to ask the elder brother." Qin Wushao's lips twitched a little. If that's the case, it would be hilarious.

    However, the boss has not responded.

    In the interrogation room, Liu Dalu asked some questions as usual. Wen Ruoqing was still sitting quietly and did not speak.

    Qin Wushao raised her eyebrows slightly. Is this woman really as powerful as the elder brother said? He didn't see it at all.

    What else did she say to help solve the case, but from the beginning till now, she has been sitting like that, without even saying a word, Qin Wushao even thought of the adjective ‘vase’.

    This case is really too tricky. It was several murders and corpses. The victims were all female surnames. They found some blood in the nails of one of the victims. After testing, it was proved that the blood was not the victim, and the other victim was killed. A short hair was found in the broken body.

    The results of the identification showed that the blood stains in the nails of the first victim were the same person as the hair, and the DNA was the same. Later, through various investigations, they found Mu Shaobai, because Mu Shaobai ’s DNA was detected with them Is the same.

    But Mu Shaobai had evidence of absence, and there were many witnesses of Mu Shaobai's absence. When the first woman's surname was victimized, Mu Shaobai was in a meeting, and everyone in the room could do it for him. Proof, and the second time, Mu Shaobai went to Europe for business trips. There are records of outbound and immigration records, and there are people in Europe who can prove it for him.

    Because Mu Shaobai had evidence of absence and the evidence was too sufficient, they only detained Mu Shaobai and could not file a case.

    The maximum length of detention cannot exceed 20 days, and Mu Shaobai ’s identity is not ordinary, and Mu Shaobai ’s lawyer insisted that someone framed Mu Shaobai, and they could not find other more favorable evidence, so the last time Finally, they had to let Mu Shaoba leave, but half a year after Mu Shaoba left, two girls were killed in the same way.

    So this time, he brought Mu Shaobai back again, but this time, Mu Shaobai also had evidence of absence, and this time there was no evidence related to Mu Shaobai on the victim.

    But Qin Wushao's years of experience in handling cases told him that this matter is definitely related to Mu Shaobai.

    Seeing that the time for detention was about to come, Qin Wuxiao was anxious, fearing that he would release Mu Shaobai again, and someone would be victimized, so he could only ask for help from his eldest brother.

    It's just that Qin Wushao didn't think that Big Brother even sent him such a person!

    Looking at the back of the woman in the interrogation room, Qin Wushao shook his head secretly.

    Big Brother has always been reliable, what does it mean this time?

    "What color does Mr. Mu like?" Qin Wushao was thinking, and Wen Ruoqing in the interrogation room suddenly opened his mouth.

    Qin Wushao was happy when she finally heard her voice, but when she heard what she asked, her face suddenly sank.

    What is this about? Is this time to talk about this? "

    "White." Mu Shaobai was also stunned, but still answered her question.

    "White is good, white is clean and pure." Wen Ruoqing nodded as if seriously, "Mr. Namu's wife must be very quiet, beautiful, and gentle."

    "I don't have a wife." Mu Shaobai slightly stunned, looking at Wen Ruoqing's eyes obviously more gloomy.

    Qin Wushao's face was a little darker. She said that she was normal inquiries as soon as she came. He thought she knew the whole case clearly, but now it seems that she doesn't understand at all.

    Although Mu Shaobai is forty-five years old, he is not married yet. Where is the wife?

    Moreover, Mu Shaobai likes men, which is not a secret in City A.

    "Ah? Mr. Mu hasn't gotten married yet? I don't know what kind of woman Mr. Mu likes?" Wen Ruoqing's words seemed casual, but his eyes were sharper.

    Contrary to what Qin Wu Shao thought, Wen Ruoqing had seriously read the case before coming and learned all the details. Of course she knew that Mu Shaobai was not married and liked men, but through her temptation It seems that this information is not true. Mu Shaobai absolutely likes women.

    Outside the interrogation, Qin Wushao listened to her, and she felt like she wanted to cover her face. Who did this brother find? Knowing this earlier, he really should n’t let that woman into the interrogation room.

    However, fortunately, he helped her 3rd Brother to hold her back, and at the speed of 3rd Brother, this time should have arrived.

    And at this moment Ye Si Shen has arrived ...