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#46 Can't marry her

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Qin Wushao took out the phone and dialed out quickly, but, afraid of being heard by Mr. Wen in the room, he walked away slightly.

    "You stinky boy, you still know to call back." As soon as the phone was connected, the roar of Grandpa Qin was passed directly, which was really full of breath.

    "Grandpa, I have good news for you." Qin Wushao did not have time to talk at the moment, went straight to the topic, and completely ignored the roar of the old man.

    "Good news? What good news can you have? You haven't been home for more than a month. You can go home and have a look. I'll be content." Mr. Qin was stunned for a while, and his voice was obviously lower. China slightly lowered it slightly.

    "Grandpa, I have made a girlfriend and plan to get married. I will take it back to you in a few days." Qin Wushao clearly knows his task at the moment, so I can't say this lie.

    Qin Wushao knew more clearly what would happen if he told this lie at the moment, but he had no choice.

    "Really, what you said is true?" When Master Qin heard this, his voice immediately became more excited, but he still had some doubts, "Will your kid not lie to me?"

    "Grandpa, I'm okay to deceive you. Besides, marriage is not a joke. I will bring people back in a few days to ensure that my grandfather is satisfied." Qin Wushao really struggled for the complete task.

    Only, he was thinking, where would he go next to find such a person?

    "Okay, okay, okay, this is indeed good news. That grandpa is waiting. You bring people back early." Grandpa Qin was really happy at the moment, and he said several times on the phone.

    "Grandpa, I still have something to do, hang up first." Qin Wushao dare not say more, fearing that Grandpa Qin was suspicious and hung up the phone again and again.

    "Why, why can't Qin Lao's phone always get through?" Qin Wushao approached the window and just heard the words of Mr. Wen.

    Qin Wushao's lips twitched slightly, just now he was calling his grandfather, and of course Mr. Wen couldn't get in, but fortunately he was a step faster.

    Wen Ruoqing hoped that the phone would never get through.

    "It's done, it's done, and finally it's done." But, the excitement of Mr. Wen instantly broke Wen Ruoqing's hope.

    "Brother, you just made a good phone call. I just had good news to tell you that my boy is getting married." The phone was connected, and Old Man Wen hadn't spoken yet, and the excited voice of Old Man Qin passed over. Brother, you must come to drink wedding wine by then. "

    Grandpa Qin's big voice, even Wen Ruoqing sitting on the side, heard clearly.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips were slightly raised, which she felt was the best news today.

    The excitement on Master Wen's face disappeared instantly. He wanted to raise his relatives. He didn't expect that he hadn't said that people would ask him to drink wedding wine. Is there anything more depressing than this?

    Mr. Wen is in a bad mood at the moment, so he just echoed a few words and hung up the phone.

    Wen Ruoqing sighed in relief, fortunately, there was no danger.

    "Qing Qing, the kid from the Qin family is about to get married. It seems that this will not happen." Mr. Wen was obviously disappointed.

    Relative to the disappointment of Master Wen, Wen Ruoqing is in a good mood at the moment.

    However, the next sentence of Mr. Wen made Wen Ruoqing directly shocked ......