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"Why are you hitting my brother, my brother is fierce, what is your business, what is your business, you go, you walk away." When Tang Zixi heard that his brother was beaten, the tears stopped. I forgot my grievances and suddenly shouted at the man like a little hedgehog.

    No one can bully her brother.

    "You beat my brother, you are a bad person, you walk away, walk away." Child Tang Zixi's stings all over the body stood up for a while, and he walked over and kicked the man's foot hard: "You bad person, I Call the police uncle to arrest you. "

    Tang Zhimo saw that his sister had kicked the man's foot, and said that she would call the police to come, and the heart that had been scared for a time would stop.

    That man is a professional killer, killing people without blinking! !

    Fortunately, Ari has already got what he wants, but Tang Zhixi's foot is actually not very powerful. He is a professional killer. He is most afraid of causing unnecessary trouble, so he has nothing to do, but fast. 'S left.

    Tang Zhimo exhaled fiercely, and then looked at his sister, thinking of the thrill just now, originally he wanted to say a few words to her, but saw her glaring at the man's back. When turning to him, he instantly put on a flattering smile.

    He couldn't help laughing, just let his sister live in a naive and beautiful world forever, there is no need to let her guard against any danger, because he protects her.

    "Brother, I drove the bad guys away." Tang Zi hoped to ask his brother a triumphant look.

    "Well, you are the most powerful." Tang Zhimo told Tang Zixi nothing, and took her sister's hand back to the classroom. After this thing passed, there was nothing to worry about. When Ji Ji sent a text message, Just tell him a moment.

    Tang Zixi heard his brother's praise, and it was a joy, and he completely forgot about what his brother yelled at her just outside Jiu Xiaoyun.

    Tang Zixi has always been optimistic and easy to satisfy. This is actually inherited from Wen Ruoqing.

    In addition to being particularly rigorous and strict in his work, Wen Ruoqing is usually extremely optimistic and easily satisfied. In fact, he is easy to be soft-hearted.

    Otherwise, Wen Ruoqing wouldn't see Ye Sanshao's sorrow last night and sold herself.

    Well, it ’s just that the heart is too soft, really! !

    Tang Zhimo arrived in the classroom and sent a text message to Xi Ji while Tang Zixi was not paying attention.

    After Xi Ji received a text message from Tang Zhimo, a hung heart finally fell and he breathed a sigh of relief.

    Fortunately, the two children are fine.

    Then Xi Ji dialed the call of Mr. Tang.

    Boss Tang has always been busy. The phone rang several times before being connected. The voice was as usual: "Fourth, what's the matter?"

    "Brother, I want you to do me a favor." Xi Ji has always talked a lot, but this time it was straightforward.

    "Say it." Tang Ling didn't ask in detail, but apparently he agreed.

    "I have found my woman. My woman has two children. In fact, the child is my woman's friend, but my mother thought it was my woman's birth. My mother made people take the child's hair and do DNA identification. I'm afraid My mother will hurt two children, so I would like to ask my elder brother to change the result of the identification. "Xi Ji explained the cause and effect clearly. Xi Ji is different from Ye San Shao. Asking for people, it is absolutely a pity that the words are like gold, and the sky is pulled, there will never be an explanation of one more word.

    "Change it? How do you want to change it?" Tang Ling still didn't ask much, obviously he just wanted to know what kind of result Xi Ji wanted.

    "My mother is usually afraid of the third brother. I want my brother to help me make a fake identification result for my mother to show my mother that the child is the third brother, so that the mother would not dare to hurt the two children." Tell Tang Ling all his thoughts.

    "Why do you want to change it to the third one?" This time, Tang Ling asked a rare question: "The third one is a wife, and you suddenly let the third child have two more children. Why? Three couples love? "

    When Tang Ling said this, his voice was still as dull as usual, but his face had a slightly different emotion.

    However, Xi Ji at the other end of the phone did not see it.

    "I will explain this to Sansao clearly. Sansao is a reasonable person and will not misunderstand the third brother." Xi Ji was surprised when he heard what the elder brother said. The elder brother said this at the moment. Big Brother's usual style.

    However, Xi Ji did not think much.

    In fact, this is not a problem for Xi Jijue. After all, the two children are not really the third brother.

    Therefore, this matter is actually very easy to explain, and will not be misunderstood, but the elder brother seems to be too worried.

    "Well, Qingqing is very sensible, but their marriage is very special, and it is better to have fewer misunderstandings." Tang Ling just asked from the matter just now, and now he has everything to do. The changes before and after are not just A little bit.

    "Brother, you seem to be very special to Sansao." Xi Ji is a wise man, Tang Ling said so clearly, he can certainly hear it, and Xi Ji is a straight character, he always speaks straightly, never It won't hide.

    Therefore, at this moment, Xi Ji asked very directly, but he felt that with his brother's character, he might not answer him.

    He said that, he wanted to test it from the side, and he didn't expect that Brother would really answer.

    "Well." However, Tang Ling responded more directly. A simple word cannot be simpler, which means that it cannot be clearer.

    "..." Xi Ji was directly shocked and suddenly dumb.

    Big Brother just admits that it is special to Sansao?

    That's the wife of the third brother, how can the elder brother ...

    Xi Ji hasn't recovered from the consternation, and then heard the voice of Mr. Tang again: "If you really want to change, I will help you change, I suddenly felt that it is not a bad thing."

    Xi Ji's hand holding the phone shook obviously, and almost fell the phone to the ground for a time. Is this really the big brother?

    Big Brother has always said one thing, and Big Brother clearly said no at the moment, why did it change his mind after only a minute or so?

    At this moment, Xi Ji doubted that the person answering the phone was not their boss.

    "Brother, is it really you?" Xi Ji doubted and asked directly, after all, this matter was no small matter.

    "What do you say?" Tang Ling asked the other end of the phone and seemed to chuckle, "Okay, I will help you with your business."