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Wen Ruoqing suddenly caught his wrist and reversed it suddenly, then pushed him aside.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, her eyes sank, and somehow, she suddenly felt annoyed in her heart: "Yi Si Shen, you must dare to mess up tonight, believe it or not, I will let you die.

    "Wife, did you give it up? This is the" happiness "of your second half of life." Ye Sanshao lay on the bed, her hands held back by her, but she smiled exceptionally brilliantly.

    He had long known that his wife was not simple, and it was really powerful.

    It's just that he can't be casually said to make him a son.

    "You can try it." Wen Ruoqing suddenly felt a little upset when he smiled at him, listening to his ambiguous words: "Also, the happiness of my second half of life has nothing to do with you, maybe we will divorce tomorrow, We have an agreement, and when you get the shares of Yeshi, we can divorce. "

    The smile on Ye Sanshao's face disappeared instantly, and a pair of smiling eyes instantly sank, staring at her like that.

    She still thinks of divorcing him now?

    Wen Ruoqing didn't even realize what she said was wrong, because she felt that what she said was all facts and all were right. This was originally what they decided.

    Wen Ruoqing saw Ye Sishen suddenly changed her face, and stared at her fiercely, her little temper suddenly came up: "What are you staring at? You have to go back to your room to sleep tonight, otherwise I will put your hands, Feet tied and thrown on the ground, you sleep on the ground. "

    She does n’t wait anymore.

    Shen Si was stunned, looking at her with a fierce look, his eyes blinked quickly.

    How did he feel that her hair was suddenly blown up, and Wen Ruoqing's hair was really rare.

    But, why is she suddenly blown up?

    What did he just say? What have you done? Annoyed her?

    It's just that he really can't think of what he just said wrong in a moment? Or is something wrong?

    The conversation they just made was no different than usual.

    He just said that she is too fragrant, too soft, too charming, so that he can not control? This should be good, she should not be angry because of this, right?

    Is it really because he asked her too much these days?

    Ye Si Shen was thinking, and suddenly felt a pain in her arm, Ye Si Shen looked at her, her eyes flickered, this girl really got a hard hand this time!

    Just now Wen Ruoqing didn't use too much force and didn't hurt him, but this time it was real.

    Ye Sishen suddenly realized that what she had just said was not a joke, but came true.

    However, let him go to ‘single vacancies,’ he did not want to, and did not agree.

    At most, he promised not to touch her tonight, of course, it was only this evening, and it would be impossible to have one more night.

    Ye Sishen did not resist, but just bent her arms with her strength. Just when Wen Ruoqing just wanted to get up, his arm broke free without knowing how, and then he pressed Wen Ruoqing again.

    "Don't you know that fighting with a man on the bed is the most unwise choice?" Ye Si pressed her with a smiley face: "If you really want to fight, let's fight another way ..."

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, her eyes wide open, her face unbelievable, she thought she might not be able to play Si Shen overnight, but she did not expect that the gap between her and Ye Sishen would be so great.

    This hasn't started yet, she has lost, and she hasn't reacted yet, don't know how she lost.

    Ye Sishen was more powerful than she had imagined.

    Wen Ruoqing stared at him, feeling very depressed. She found that she was losing every time she got along with Ye Sishen.

    She couldn't figure out why she always lost every time. Before, no matter what, she never lost.

    Why did she become so useless after meeting Ye Sishen?

    She had just said that she would tie Ye Sishen's hands and feet and throw them on the ground, what about now? !

    Ye Sishen has completely cured her now. Will Ye Sishen tie her hands and feet and throw them on the ground?

    However, what surprised Wen Ruoqing was that Ye Sishen didn't throw her to the ground, and really didn't touch it.

    Really just hug her to sleep.

    Yejia old house.

    Master Yejia told the steward to look at Ye Sishen's situation. When Ye Sishen came back, the steward came and reported: "Master, young master and young lady have returned to city A."

    "What a young lady? Where is a young lady? Don't let me hear such a title in the future." Ye Ye snorted coldly, with obvious sarcasm on her face, and even a little disgust.

    The butler lowered his head and did not speak, because the butler knew clearly that in this case he was definitely not suitable for speaking.

    "Long and ugly, and stupid, if Ye's invested in Wen's this time, Wen's all went bankrupt, she still wants to be our young lady of Ye's family? It is impossible, I will let them divorce tomorrow. "Master Ye is now more dissatisfied and more disgusted with Wen Ruoqing.

    What kind of daughter-in-law, Yejia, who wants to have no appearance and needs no identity?

    Divorce must be rushed as soon as possible.

    The butler sighed softly, after all he didn't say anything, because he knew he wouldn't listen even if he said it.

    In fact, he thinks that the young lady is very good, the key is that the young master likes it, no matter what the young lady looks like, the young master does not want to give up.

    The old man can't force the younger man to divorce the younger lady because he doesn't like the younger lady.

    Xi family.

    "What do you mean? What do you mean that the result of that child's DNA identification is very similar to that of Yebowen? Are they illegitimate children of Yebowen?" Mrs. Xi was stunned when she heard the result of the investigation. There is no recovery.

    "It's not the night blog post, it should be the night of three." The man thought for a while and then added slowly.

    "What? How? How could it be Ye Sanshao? Did you make a mistake?" Mrs. Xi's hand trembled obviously while holding her phone, and all of her surprised phones almost fell to the ground, or not just surprised , Even more scary.

    The three young children at night? How can this be?

    She thought that the fathers of the two children were particularly useless, especially a man of fools. She still wanted to use that "fool" man to deal with He Tongtong. Why is the child's father now becoming Ye Sishen?

    "It shouldn't be wrong. I found the DNA information of Ye Bowen from the military area hospital. I can be sure that the child is related to the grandfather and grandson. The child is already five years old and cannot be Ye Sichun. Three less. "The man on the other end of the phone analyzed carefully.

    Schiff's body is obviously stiff, how can this be? How could the child be young at night?

    If those two children were young at night, then ...