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Calculate her by this kind of tricks, do n’t blame her for being rude!

    Who made her in a bad mood today!

    And there are no outsiders here, she doesn't need to have any worries, then you can do whatever you want.

    "I depend on it, my third brother, I will find someone to look over." Although Qin Wushao is not satisfied with Wen Ruoqing anywhere, Wen Ruoqing is still the third brother's wife. He can't watch something happen.

    "Why are you in a hurry?" Tang Ling, who hadn't talked much suddenly, suddenly made a noise. During the speech, she also deliberately glanced at Ye Si Shen.

    People's "main room" is not in a hurry, what is the hurry for Qin Ting?

    And how could that girl be so easily bullied.

    Qin Wushao froze, his eyes flickering, how did he feel that today's elder brother is a little strange, and the third brother seems a little strange.

    In fact, Ye Sishen was anxious and worried at the moment.

    Although he knew clearly that Wen Ruoqing was definitely not that bully, he was still worried.

    At this moment, Ye Sishen had even stood up, apparently wanting to go by himself.

    However, at this moment, when he saw the display, Wen Ruoqing suddenly raised his head and smiled at President Li ...

    At the moment, everyone else in the room also saw it, except Tang Ling and Ye Sishen.

    "I rely on, she even laughed at this time? Laughing farts." Qin Wushao spit out directly.

    However, Ye Si Shen Gang's footsteps stopped, and a pair of eyes stared straight at the surveillance video.

    What does she want to do?

    "Actually, I think she doesn't look silly when she smiles." Xi Ji looked at Wen Ruoqing on the screen. Wen Ruoqing felt that at the moment, Wen Ruoqing didn't look silly at all, but made people feel a bit scary.

    It's a strange feeling, Wen Ruoqing is smiling, and the smile is quite gentle, why does he have a creepy feeling?

    Is it his illusion?

    "Not stupid? Not stupid? In this case, she actually laughed at a big color like that, not stupid?" Qin Wushao turned back with a direct look of contempt.

    Tang Ling raised her eyebrows gently, of course she was not stupid, but Shen Ting was blindfolded by lard at the moment and could not see anything strange.

    He thought that the next thing would definitely be wonderful.

    Ye Sishen stood, and his eyes looked straight at Wen Ruoqing on the screen, unmoved or speechless, just a little more complicated emotions hidden in the eyes.

    Yes, it's complicated. At the moment, his mood is very complicated, so complicated that he can't describe it.

    In the 008 box, Mr. Li smiled at Wen Ruoqing, and there was a triumph in his heart. The chick was very kind, and he felt that the woman smiled pretty, and it seemed that today it was a big bargain.

    "Liangxiao is short, not as good as us ..." President Li looked at the smile on Wen Ruoqing's face, itchy in his heart, more anxious.

    "Mr. Li, why not? Let me show you something first?" Wen Ruoqing's lips were ticked, and his slightly smiling face looked exceptionally pure and innocent.

    "What does she want to do? What does she want to do? What else do you want to show the old satyr at this time?" Qin Wushao was anxious and dissatisfied with Wen Ruoqing.

    In fact, all the people in the room at the moment, including Tang Ling and Ye Si Shen, wanted to know what Wen Ruoqing was going to show Mr. Li at this time.

    Ye Sishen's face was a little heavy at the moment. Although she knew that she was pretending at the moment, he was particularly uncomfortable when he saw her smiling at other men.

    "What?" Mr. Li raised his eyebrows slightly. Although he was a little puzzled, he was a little more excited. This woman was so cheat.

    What does she want to show him? Would n’t it be an interesting thing between men and women?

    Seeing her smile so bright and unprepared at the moment, President Li thought more and more proudly, and of course he also approached Wen Ruoqing for a while.

    "I depend, is this woman holding grass in her head? Is she giving General Manager Li a chance to get close to her?" Qin Wushao couldn't help but burst out, and his face was more angry. Wen Ruoqing was really stupid when he got home, and he really humiliated his third brother.

    It's just that the other people in the room didn't speak, ignored him, and just stared straight at the monitoring screen.

    In the 008 box, Wen Ruoqing placed the phone on the table and pushed it in front of President Li.

    This time, Qin Wushao didn't rush to speak anymore. At this moment, he also wanted to know what Wen Ruoqing wanted to show Mr. Li.

    President Li's face was excited at the moment, and his face was proud, but when he approached and saw the photos on Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone, his face changed rapidly. "What are you all about?"

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone is placed flat on the desktop. Because of the angle problem, the monitoring cannot be taken, so no one in the room can see what Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone is.

    It's just that Mr. Li's obviously changed face is very clear to everyone. Obviously, Mr. Li was scared by those things.

    What the hell is that?

    "These are some photos taken on the spot." Wen Ruoqing still looks innocent and naive, and the soft voice can't hear too much emotion, it seems to just say that the weather is good today.

    "What? What scene?" President Li froze, frowning, and looked at Wen Ruoqing with some doubt.

    "On-site photo? What on-site photo?" Qin Wushao was particularly sensitive to these two words on site due to professional problems.

    Only, no one can answer his question at this moment.

    Because no one else knows.

    "Mr. Li should know my identity." Wen Ruoqing took the phone back and asked again, seemingly innocent.

    "Did she want to scare President Li with her identity?" Qin Wushao froze, frowning slightly: "President Li must have known her identity for a long time, so this trick is definitely useless."

    Sure enough, General Li's eyes flickered and looked at her with a slight smile: "Yes, Miss Wen Jia."

    President Li also thought that she was going to use his identity to suppress him, and she was secretly funny in her heart. Wen Jia, he was indeed terrified, but she was just a silly lady of the Wen family. She, she is a fool, afraid to say anything.

    Therefore, he has no worries.

    Seriously, he just wanted to taste her taste as a big lady.

    "I said, this trick is useless, hum, this woman is too naive." Qin Wushao's tone still has too many dissatisfaction, but he changed a word, instead of calling Wen Ruoqing silly, but used naive Two words.

    It's just that the other people in the room still didn't speak at the moment, and no one ignored him.

    Ye Sishen didn't pay attention to him, because at this moment, all of Shen Sishen's attention was on Wen Ruoqing, and he had no time to care about him.

    He just wanted to see what amazing things his wife would do!