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"What do you say?" Tang Ling asked the other end of the phone and seemed to chuckle, "Okay, I will help you with your business."

    After waiting for Xi Ji to speak, Tang Ling hung up the phone directly.

    Xi Ji looked at the hung up phone and was completely stunned.

    What is this situation?

    In fact, he just wanted to change his mind when he heard what Big Brother said, but Big Brother obviously didn't give him a chance to change his mind at all.

    Brother, what does that mean?

    Will he really cause trouble for the third brother?

    However, as Big Brother just said, at most it may misunderstand Sansao, so he should first call Sansao to explain.

    He also knows that the third brother and the three sister-in-law are married by agreement, the situation is more special, it is best not to have any misunderstandings.

    Xi Ji didn't have Wen Ruoqing's phone, so he directly found Ye Sishen's phone and dialed it.

    The third brother took the three sisters-in-law to go on a business trip together. He knew about it, and the third brother was with the three sisters-in-law.

    By the time his mother sorted out something, the third brother was also prepared.

    Ye Sishen's phone had not been dialed, but Xi Ji's phone rang suddenly.

    Seeing the phone number displayed on the phone, Xi Ji's face was dull and he connected quickly.

    "Chief President, Miss He is surrounded by Miss Yang in the mall."

    Xi Ji's face changed rapidly, and he couldn't take a call anymore and drove away quickly.

    In the mall, He Tongtong was surrounded by several women brought by Yang Qingqing.

    He Tongtong was stunned. When he saw Yang Qingqing, his eyes sank. Obviously, Yang Qingqing deliberately stopped her today. On such occasions, he definitely wanted to use public opinion to discredit her.

    He Tongtong also knew that Xi Ji and Yang Qingqing were about to get married. If you look at the present and the surface alone, she is indeed the one to lose money.

    At this moment, being so encircled, she was obviously weak.

    However, her family Qingqing said, no matter when, you can't lose momentum, as long as the momentum is enough, even if facing a huge army, you can also attack and crush each other.

    Therefore, He Tongtong did not hide or flash, and stood so straight, a pair of eyes looked at Yang Qingqing with a smile.

    Yang Qingqing was stunned, apparently did not expect He Tongtong to be so indifferent in this case.

    Several other women also froze, looking at Yang Qingqing with some surprise.

    Yang Qingqing recovered, and quickly gave a glance to the women.

    "You shameless woman, grab someone else's husband, shameless third."

    "Bitch woman, shameless, grab someone else's husband, not to die."

    "I hate Primary Three the most, let me see Primary Three, and play once and once."

    Several women immediately began to scold He Tongtong, and one of them was still striking to hit someone.

    Yang Qingqing pretended to stop the woman kindly.

    Yang Qingqing came today, mainly to embarrass He Tongtong, and wanted to make He Tongtong turn into hate for everyone, everyone shouted to hit the third.

    Yang Qingqing is still more brain-minded. She knows this situation and can't do it. If she does it, the beaten Hitomi may become a sympathetic party.

    The mall is the place with the most people, and a lot of people soon surrounded them, and began to point at He Tongtong.

    He Tongtong also saw that Yang Qingqing didn't dare to touch her, secretly sneered in his heart, and his expression was more calm.

    As for the question of who is Xiaosan and who robbed whose man, He Tongtong knows that this issue is unclear, and she feels that there is no need to argue.

    Xi Ji is back, even though she is infamous for Xiao San on her back, this time she will never push him away.

    Besides, she and Xi Ji had known each other a few years ago and fell in love. It was Yang Qingqing who inserted hard. Two years ago, Yang Qingqing did a lot of disgusting things in order to destroy her relationship with Xi Ji.

    Yang Qingqing now looks pitiful in front of her? It's ridiculous.

    And the dirty things Yang Qingqing did ...

    Now that Yang Qingqing delivered it to her door today, no wonder she was.

    "Miss Yang, you said I robbed your fiance?" He Tongtong smiled when he saw more and more people watching, and asked suddenly.

    Yang Qingqing didn't speak, but just bowed his head, pretending to be aggrieved and hurt.

    "Originally, Qingqing and Xi Shao were about to get married in more than ten days, but you suddenly kicked in, seduce Xi Shao, and every day he overwhelmed Xi Shao, not letting Xi Shao go home, and it was not obvious that you robbed Really? "A woman beside Yang Qingqing knew it and immediately shouted out loud deliberately, seeming to fear that others would not hear it.

    "So I want to ask Miss Yang, when did you get married with your fiance?" He Tongtong ignored the woman, and her eyes still looked at Yang Qingqing with a smile.

    "Although we have not been engaged, I have been with Aji for more than six years, and the marriage has been settled by the two." This time, Yang Qingqing finally answered in person.

    However, six years ago Yang Qingqing said, it was estimated that Xi Ji didn't even know who she was.

    He Tongtong didn't wear Yang Qingqing, only the corners of his lips were slightly ticked, and there was a slight sneer on his face: "Really? That's really strange, since Miss Yang and Xi Shao have been together for six years, and There are still more than ten days to get married. Half a month ago, Miss Yang and Mr. Li Mingyuan went to Shuqing Mountain Villa to play together. Do you know Xi Xi? "

    He Tongtong is a master of computer, and she can find things that others can't find.

    She deliberately checked some of Yang Qingqing's things in the past two days, and it was true that the result was a little indescribable.

    "We are going to talk about the contract, don't talk nonsense." Yang Qingqing's face changed rapidly, and her heart was frightened. How could He Tongtong know that thing?

    Yang Jiaming handled the matter very well, and even Mrs. Xi Jiaxi didn't know. How did He Tongtong know?

    In fact, that time was indeed due to the cooperation between the Yangs and Mrs. Li, but later Mrs. Li drank some wine and hugged her by drunkenness, and she struggled a few times without breaking away, and then her body's desires were overcome Everything else.

    That night, she partly retired from General Manager Li. Li was always a 'courageous' person. After one night, Yang Qingqing was reluctant to leave so quickly, so they fooled around for three days and three nights. Got off hand.

    Yang Qingqing was two years older than Xi Ji. She was 30 years old this year. Six years ago, Mrs. Xi caught her and said that she would let her marry Xi Ji. She liked it at first sight. After him, she likes Xi Ji and really likes it!