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"Wen ruoqing, you are so ugly. Even if you are not stupid now, do you think someone really wants to marry you? I told you, no one wants to marry such an ugly monster as you. " Ye Yunan sees Wen ruoqing and ignores him. He is even more annoyed. What he says is even worse.

Wen ruoqing still ignored him, because there was no need at all.

Just at this time, Wen Ruoqing saw the night division sink, she saw that the night division sink was coming towards her.

At the moment, the night division's face was gloomy, and her whole body smelled cold and dangerous. She even felt a sense of killing.

Why is yesichen here? Didn't he go to the company to deal with things?

And what does he want to do now?

Wen ruoqing's eyes flashed quickly. She felt that night Secretary Chen was coming to say something and do something.

What do you mean? How did she feel that she was talking about their marriage?

Is it possible? At the beginning, they agreed to marry in secret, and yeshishen didn't want to make it public.

However, her keen observation told her that she was not wrong, and that Yesi Chen really had such a plan at the moment.

For a moment, Wen ruoqing was a little shocked and also a little frightened. Wouldn't the night manager really do that?

"Wen ruoqing, I'll tell you that even the poorest and ugliest poor loser doesn't want to marry you. If you don't believe me, ask the men who are here. Who is willing to ask you?" Ye Yunan is mad at the moment. He's all mouth.

Hearing Ye Yunan's words, I saw yeshishen who was near her. Wenruoqing's eyes flashed gently. Then he took the initiative to go to yeshishen's front, raised his head, looked at him, and smiled slightly: "three nights are less, about?"

Seeing Wen ruoqing's action and hearing her words, everyone was stunned.

Is this woman crazy?

Is she called stupid by Ye Yunan? Unexpectedly ran to find a place in front of the three young people at night?

Seduce three young people at night? She's going to insult herself!!

Night three little but out of the famous women, and most disgusted with the initiative to give up a woman, let alone her like this!

People's faces are a bit more gloating, waiting for the next three less night to shoot the ugly woman who didn't know how to die.

Ye Yunan was stunned, and then couldn't help sneering: "Wen ruoqing, are you crazy, and even seduce the three young people in the night? If you want to insult yourself, you don't have to... "

The night secretary was shocked, then he chuckled. He put out a hand quickly, grabbed her waist directly, took her to his arms, and then quickly bowed his head and kissed her directly.

He answered her question with the most direct action.

All his movements were smooth and fast, without any pause.

When Wen ruoqing reacts, he has already kissed him.

Wen ruoqing is a little confused. She thought that yeshishen would cooperate with her, but she didn't think that yeshishen kissed her directly on such an occasion. Did he use it so hard?

At the moment, the Secretary Chen has kissed her. She is too late to do anything else. It's not suitable. So Wen ruoqing doesn't move or resist.

Wen ruoqing thought that he meant to kiss her for a while, but he didn't expect that Yesi Chen would take advantage of her amazement to go deep and deepen the kiss.

In public, he kisses intensely and deeply.

At this moment, the man standing on the fifth floor suddenly narrowed his eyes, his hands were tightly clenched, and a sense of killing spread out directly.

Night Si Chen unexpectedly kissed her!!

What made him angry was that she didn't refuse, and even let the night manager kiss her in public.

How could she? How can she allow Yesi to kiss her?

For so many years, he stayed by her side, never even had that kind of polite kiss, but now she let Yesi kiss her lips, and

Get married by agreement? Hell of an agreement to get married.

At the moment, he wants to kill, really wants to kill.

Yeshishen, good, good!

Ye Yunan, who wanted to humiliate Wen ruoqing, stuck directly in his throat. He couldn't say a word, so he looked straight and stupidly. He watched the night Secretary kissing Chu Wuyou.

Even if he saw it with his own eyes, he couldn't believe his eyes.

How is that possible? How is this possible?

How could you kiss Wen ruoqing at night?!

Because of Wen ruoqing's "about it", how could she kiss her at night?

He didn't believe it, he didn't believe it, but he didn't believe everything in front of him.

At the moment, the onlookers were totally shocked. The three young people in the night were the man that all women wanted to marry. They were recognized as the national husband.

At the moment, he was seduced by such an ugly woman in public. Shouldn't he be angry and shoot the ugly woman in public?

But why did he kiss the ugly one instead? And also kiss so affectionate, kiss so touching.

At this moment, all the women in the scene could not poke their eyes blind. They really didn't want to see this scene.

Wen ruoqing can't move in his arms at the moment, and she can't move at the moment. Her body is slightly stiff, and her hands are tightly clenched. I don't know if it's because of tension or other reasons

Night division Chen finally loosened her lips, but the hand on her waist was tighter a few minutes, tightly held her in her own arms, a pair of eyes looked at her, dyed a little smile, seemed to dye a little different color: "let's go home."

This sentence is full of people's imaginative ambiguity.

In this case, is it not obvious that a man proposes to take a woman home?

At this moment, all the women on the scene can't prick their ears, their God! Their national husband, how can it be like this?

He's only three nights away. How could he just take a woman home with him?

Take home? It's taken home directly? Don't even go to the hotel?

Doesn't it mean that the three young people are not close to women? Isn't it said that the three young people hate the kind of women who give up their arms?

So what's the situation now?

Do you like this tune?

A group of women around now regret that their intestines are green. They knew that they liked this kind of tune. They should check it first. They are more beautiful than the woman just now.

At night, Secretary Chen takes Wen ruoqing and walks out.

Ye Yunan suddenly came back to his senses and saw that the Secretary of the night was leaving with Wen ruoqing. He was a bit anxious: "there are three fewer nights. Wen ruoqing deliberately dealt with Wen Ruan because of me, and he would not let the police release Wen Ruan..."

Ye Yunan wants to make Yesi Chen realize Wen ruoqing's "deep love" for him. He thinks Yesi Chen will change his mind if he knows this.

He waited for the next moment of the night division to embarrass Wen ruoqing