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#71 He'll be wrong

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"The night is heavy." Wen ruoqing thought that he would not ask such a question more, but since he asked, Wen ruoqing did not hide it.

“………………” The other end of the phone was silent again. This time, it was a little longer than last time, and the breath seemed to be a little low. However, he finally asked aloud, "why is it so sudden?"

”It's a one-year marriage agreement. "Wen ruoqing didn't hide something. She didn't say something. If the chief wanted to know, he would find out. If the chief did, she was afraid that she would be found out by the night secretary. It's better for her to make it clear. What's more, she didn't intend to hide it from the chief.

She had known the senior master more than ten years ago. At that time, he was wounded and chased. In such a dangerous situation, she took him cleverly to avoid all enemies.

Afterwards, he found her and began to teach her a lot of things that ordinary people would not touch at all.

Because of the disaster her mother had suffered, and because of the bullying she and her mother had suffered for so many years, she knew that she had to be strong.

So, she is not exclusive to those things, and she is very serious and hard-working.

Later, when her mother died, she went back to Wen's house, and the elder still came to teach her and even train her. Of course, the elder always came and went without a trace. At that time, she didn't even know the identity of the elder.

Her mother is a psychologist. She learned about crime psychology from her childhood. In addition, the senior let her read many books about it. Therefore, she studied criminal psychology in M country.

It wasn't long before the beginning of the school, when the Dean found her. At that time, she not only had to learn what was taught in the school, but also had to accept some professional training from the dean.

Now, the senior is her boss, but for her, the senior is more like a brother.

”Yeah, I see. "Although the man's voice is still a little low, the tone is back to the normal nature.

Hung up the phone, Wen ruoqing sorted out all the information of the case and sent it to the dean. Then he went to see Mo babe. He was asleep. Wen ruoqing raised his lips slowly and kissed him gently on his face.

Xibaobao likes to stick to her, but Mobao has been sleeping on his own since a year ago, and doesn't want her to accompany him.

However, both babies are very good and sensible.

These two babies are the best gift from heaven.

Yesi sinks the plane, turns on her mobile phone, and sees her phone in the call reminder. Her eyes are light and her lips are slightly hooked. He doesn't expect that she will call him on her own initiative.

Now it's morning on her side, and yeshishen calls her back directly.

"Hello." A city, at six o'clock in the morning, Wen ruoqing is sleeping faintly. He hears the voice of the phone and gropes for a long time before picking it up.

"What can I do for you?" Night division Shen thought, with her character, if it's OK, I'm afraid I won't call him on my own initiative, but his heart is inexplicably looking forward to something more, as for what I'm looking forward to, I'm afraid even he can't figure it out.

"Ah? What? "Wen ruoqing just woke up and didn't react for a while. Besides, he called her clearly. How can I ask her what's the matter?

When she heard her slightly confused voice, the night manager was stunned for a while. Or, she didn't have to find him or just wanted to call him. Otherwise, she shouldn't be so confused. Thinking of this possibility, the lips of the night manager went up slightly unconsciously.

”I called earlier. What can I do for you? "However, night three little or proud of the sense of their own needs an excuse.

”I didn't "Wen ruoqing subconsciously replied that she didn't call him, but suddenly remembered that Tang Zhimo had taken her phone last night, so it was possible that Tang Zhimo had made it, so she repeatedly changed her way:" it may have been accidentally encountered and dialed out. "

The face that night division sinks suddenly black came down, did not care to dial out? Love is not even something to find him, just accidentally dial met.

At the next moment, yeshishen directly hung up.

Secretary Wu looked at his president's face, and took a breath of cold air in surprise. How could it have been sunny before? The clouds were thick in the twinkling of an eye?

Don't you see him making the president so upset?

Five years ago, because he didn't stop the woman, the president sent him here. It's the past five years. The president hasn't forgiven him!

It seems that he wants to go back. There is no hope in a short time. How can his life be so bitter!

Wen ruoqing looks at the hang up phone and frowns slightly. Yesi Chen says that she called him before, but she came back specially. It must be right. Then there is only one possibility. That is, Tang Zhimo called Yesi Chen when she took her cell phone before.

But why did Tang Zhimo call Yesi Chen?

However, she just heard the voice. Yeshishen should be at the airport. She should have just got off the plane and flew for more than ten hours. She will not come back today, so she can accompany two babies all day.

This is good news for her.

Knowing that yesichen won't come back so soon, wenruoqing didn't go back. She bought some things with her baby. Thinking that since two babies have come, she may not be able to go back to country m in a short time, so the two babies must also live in city a for a period of time. Some things must be ready naturally.

Tang Zhimo's suitcase is full of things he usually plays with, not even their clothes, so they all buy new ones. After buying clothes and eating, it's almost eight o'clock when they get home. The two babies are tired and soon fall asleep. Wen ruoqing still sleeps with them in the home of he Tongtong.

But the next day, Wen ruoqing still called yeshishen. If yeshishen came back, she would definitely go back.

Seeing her caller ID, Yesi Chen thought of the things she said earlier that she had dialed the wrong number carelessly. His face was obviously heavy, but he was still connected.

If it's a mistake again ,

"Husband, when will you come back?" Wen ruoqing's gentle voice came, and his face slowed down a little.

"Tomorrow." He had a strange feeling when he received such a call from her, as if they had been husband and wife for many years.

"OK, then you should pay attention to rest and safety." Wen ruoqing's voice has a slight smile.

"Yes." The night Secretary answered in a low voice, which was a simple answer. However, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, which was very subtle. It was hard to find if he did not pay attention to it.

Tomorrow, when he goes back