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"The notice will continue, and the meeting will be held immediately." Ye Sanshao glanced at Secretary Liu, and then firmly took the excuse as a reality. He was so self-willed, who made him the boss?

    Secretary Liu: "..."

    what time is it now? They are all off work, and some people are gone. Where does he go to inform people about the meeting?

    "President, it's off work now." Secretary Liu replied stubbornly. Ye's every meeting was arranged in advance and informed in advance that the meeting attended by the president was more detailed and thorough.

    The president suddenly said that he was going to have a meeting. Isn't this a deliberate embarrassment?

    "Do you mean this will not be able to open?" Ye Sanshao's eyes slightly picked up, and all his emotions had been hidden from the eyes of Secretary Liu, who could not see the waves for a long time.

    Although his voice was deep at the moment, it was as usual as usual, and he could not discern too many strange things.

    It seems that nothing has just been discovered ...

    "I will inform the meeting immediately." Secretary Liu shivered violently, and dared not say anything.

    He felt that the calm look of the president at the moment was more scary than when he was just angry.

    Secretary Liu went out of the office again and again, and he felt that if he continued to stay, he might lose his life.

    After leaving the office, Secretary Liu repeatedly took out his mobile phone to call, and Secretary Liu knew that the president was on a whim, no, the president is exactly mad at his wife, but this matter can not be sloppy.

    All notifications must be notified! !

    Secretary Liu called the company's top executives one by one.

    Fortunately, it was only a short time after work, and even if you had n’t left too far, you would n’t need much time to get back.

    Half an hour later, the company's top executives arrived at the meeting room.

    "The president, you are all ready to go to the meeting." Secretary Liu went to invite Ye Sanshao. Seriously, he really didn't really want to gather in front of the president, but he couldn't help it.

    Secretary Liu invited his president into the meeting room, but after sitting down, his president did not speak, and the whole room was inexplicable.

    "President, this meeting has to be discussed ..." Secretary Liu knows best why there is this meeting suddenly, so I am afraid that even the president himself does not know what to discuss.

    But since they are all sitting in the conference room, what should they say? Otherwise how embarrassing it would be to sit.

    "Talk about jewelry investment." Ye Sanshao didn't raise his eyes, but just responded lightly.

    Secretary Liu was stunned. The president did not explain many details about the jewelry investment. Secretary Liu was very clear that the president was waiting to see Wen's situation before making a decision.

    Now my wife's family hasn't said that she wants to participate. Is there anything to talk about?

    The seniors sitting there did not know the truth. They saw the president so anxiously held a meeting, thinking that this matter was really urgent, so the president was anxious to meet now to discuss the plan, so they all said their views, hoping to get the president ’s Recognized.

    But Ye Sanshao's obvious absent-mindedness didn't even listen.

    Ye Sanshao said a good meeting, but at this meeting he did not speak a word, and watched from time to time

    Cell phone.

    Secretary Liu looked at the actions of his president and knew that the president was waiting for the phone and his wife.

    When Mrs. called for peace, the president proudly held it. Now she still wants to call again?

    The president would really think ...

    Naturally, the high-level executives who can achieve Ye's are smart people. They soon discovered that their president was absent, and they looked at each other face to face, wondering what the president meant.

    "President, Miss Qiao's design is unique and novel, high-end atmosphere, few people can match." An executive said a little tentatively, since the president is so absent at the moment, it must have been decided in his heart, it may be I want them to say it.

    The executive thought of the reporter's interview with Qiao Yunan today that the president had already intended to invest in Qiao's jewelry, so he suspected that the president might have decided to invest in the Qiao family.

    Ye Si Shen, who had always been focused on the phone, heard this, and a pair of eyes raised quickly, looking at the person who spoke, and said lightly: "According to you, it means that the Qiao family is directly determined ..."

    Ye Sishen's voice was slightly deep, and he couldn't tell whether he was affirmative or doubtful at the moment.

    Secretary Liu is stunned, what is the situation?

    This is because the president quarreled with his wife, and then he didn't plan to give Wen's chance anymore?

    President, if you really do this, you will regret it in the future, so this matter must not be impulsive.

    Secretary Liu just wanted to persuade.

    "The meaning of the president ..." The executive thought that he had guessed the president's thoughts, and was secretly happy.

    "Manager Hu, do you think I'm full and have nothing to do with it?" Ye Si gave him a glance, which was very cold.

    Hearing the words of his president, manager Hu was shocked by the cold sweat. Why did he say this? Even if he gave him ten more guts, he wouldn't dare to say the president! !

    The other people were also shocked, but they immediately understood that if the president had already decided to invest in the Qiao family, there would be no need to engage in this activity with such fanfare.

    Secretary Liu's lips twitched slightly. Isn't the president just having enough to eat?

    The wife called the president to go back, but the president did not go back, and had to pull so many people to follow.

    Hey, when will this be a head?

    Secretary Liu really wanted to call his wife and let his wife come to the rescue, but he didn't have his wife's phone number.

    The meeting room became exceptionally quiet for a while, because everyone didn't quite understand what the president meant, and they didn't dare to talk indiscriminately.

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao's phone rang suddenly.

    Ye Sanshao's eyes flicked and quickly picked up the phone. At that moment, he had always had such a strange emotion on his face that had never been struck by thunder.

    Everyone in the conference room was dumbfounded. They were all Yeshi's top executives. It wasn't just a day or two after staying in Yeshi. They were also the first time to see their president so eager to answer a call.

    It feels like their president has been waiting for this call.

    Whose phone can make the president wait so eagerly?

    Secretary Liu was stunned. Was it really the lady who called again?

    If this is the case, the wife is really profound and generous, and he deeply admires his wife! !

    Of course, Secretary Liu also hoped that the call was made by his wife, so that they would not have to suffer any more.

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao had picked up the phone. A pair of eyes quickly looked over and saw the name displayed on the phone screen ...