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Tang Ling still didn't look up, ignored it, and continued to look at the file in his hand. It seemed that she didn't hear her at all and completely regarded her as air.

    "Tang Ling, why don't you believe me, you clearly discriminate against the female surname." Gu Nan's hand tightened violently, raising his eyes again, looking at Tang Ling, there was a little bit more hatred in his eyes.

    How can Tang Ling? How can this be done to her?

    Tang Ling's squinted eyes flickered and discriminated against her surname? He never discriminated against female surnames, and women he never knew must be worse than men.

    Just like Wen Ruoqing, there are some things that men can't do that Wen Ruoqing can do very well.

    Thinking of Wen Ruoqing, his eyebrows and feathers were slightly softer, which had been delayed long enough, or should he find a way to make Wen Ruoqing come back as soon as possible.

    Tang Ling thought that if Wen Ruoqing came back, he was afraid that many things would change ...

    Thinking of what might happen, Tang Ling couldn't help fading a chuckle.

    Gu Nan stared at him at the moment, although Tang Ling's lips and corners were not obvious, but she still saw it. She had known Tang Ling for so long and had never seen Tang Ling smile.

    So, at this moment, she was dumbfounded.

    Is he laughing? He would laugh? So why did he laugh?

    She could not really think of something that could make him laugh.

    She only knows that he never laughed like that even though he has made great achievements. Tang Ling is the kind of direct man who can be honored and humiliated. This is what many people can't compare with.

    So what is going on at the moment? Or who is it? Did he make him laugh?

    And laugh so soft, so soft?

    Although Gu Nan likes him, it is not that kind of nympho, so she knows that Tang Ling ’s smile at this moment is definitely not because of her, because Tang Ling ’s rejection of her is too obvious at this moment, it is naturally impossible to laugh for her suddenly. .

    With the intuition of a woman, Tang Ling's smile at the moment should be because of a woman, but that woman is not her.

    At that moment, her heart was jealous, and she was almost mad.

    Does Tang Ling have a woman? When did it happen? Who is it?

    No, no, she absolutely does not allow such things to happen. Tang Ling is hers, only hers. No one wants to take Tang Ling away from her.

    But she seems to have forgotten a little, Tang Ling has never been hers.

    "If you have nothing else to do, you can go." Tang Ling's voice suddenly came again, still so cold and cold, without any emotion, it was completely the tone of official business.

    Tang Ling never looked up at her from beginning to end.

    "Tang Ling, don't go too far." Gu Nan did not expect Tang Ling to chase her so directly, she just begged him so much, he was so ruthless.

    At the moment, Gu Nan was unable to control her temper for a while because of the jealousy in her heart. Originally, she was the kind of explosive temper that was just a little bit.

    This time, Tang Ling spoke to her directly without even talking.

    "Tang Ling, the last time was really just an accident. I didn't mean it. Why can't you believe me." Gu Nan saw Tang Ling's appearance at this moment, and suddenly began to be afraid in her heart, she knew Tang Ling.

    His attitude at this moment is really intended to keep her away for thousands of miles.

    Although Tang Ling was also very cold to her before, she was not so cold-harded. It was because after that incident, Tang Ling's attitude towards her completely changed.

    She was afraid that Tang Ling was so indifferent to her, which made her more uncomfortable than shouting at her and scolding her.

    Tang Ling's eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of his lips were a little colder, still not speaking.

    He never wastes his time on indifferent things.

    "Tang Ling, why do you treat me this way? You clearly know that I like you." Gu Nan's body trembled, and she could not bear his indifference at the moment.

    She was scared, really scared.

    Gu Nan didn't want to take care of other things at the moment, she suddenly ran to Tang Ling, the whole body flew to Tang Ling, wanted to hug him and kiss him.

    Tang Ling suddenly looked up, and her eyes looked at her so coldly.

    Gu Nan's movements were so stiff, she was afraid of his eyes, but at the next moment, she decided to make a cut. She had already confessed that she still had something to take care of.

    Gu Nan didn't pounce directly, she straightened up and stood in front of him, then she took off her coat.

    Although she is in the army, she rarely wears military uniforms because wearing them is not good-looking and will overwhelm her good figure.

    She took off her coat and wore a very sexy dress inside. When she just took off her coat, she deliberately lowered the neckline in front of her by a few points.

    She seemed unintentional but clearly bent over deliberately, allowing Tang Ling to clearly see what she wanted to show.

    Gu Nan has always been extremely confident in her appearance and figure. She knows what men like.

    Men like fierce, thin-skinned, and fair-skinned women, and these happen to be her advantages, so she has proud capital.

    Tang Ling is usually cold again, and is also a man, a normal man, she does not believe that Tang Ling can still be unmoved in the face of this.

    Tang Ling was looking at her at the moment, so all the temptations she deliberately wanted to show in front of Tang Ling naturally entered Tang Ling's eyes.

    Tang Ling's eyes turned slightly, his body moved slightly, but he didn't speak.

    Gu Nan saw that he did not evade his intentions, and his eyes did not move away, so he looked at her so that she was very proud.

    She knew that men are all the same, and indifference like Tang Ling is no exception.

    "Tang Ling, I know it's wrong, really, I know it's wrong, can you forgive me?" Gu Nan is not stupid, and naturally understands what kind of gesture at this time can better exert the temptation to the extreme.

    At the moment, she is as gentle as water.

    Gu Nan talked, approached Tang Ling a little, and bent lower, making the plump in front of her more prominent and attractive.

    She thought that Tang Ling would definitely not be able to resist her temptation at this moment. Of course, she couldn't stick to him too actively. She knew that as a woman, she couldn't be too active in this kind of thing. She is always ashamed to be greeted, and she has always been the best at these.

    She wants Tang Ling to take the initiative, Tang Ling should take the initiative to reach her into her arms, and then kiss her fiercely.

    At this moment, Tang Ling still didn't move, didn't avoid, and didn't let, making Gu Nan more proud.

    Gu Nanjue's Tang Ling must have been fascinated by her! !

    Just when she thought of Tang Ling proudly or would hug her to do something crazy next time, Tang Ling suddenly spoke.