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"After so many years, you have to change this problem, you can't always look good, you must be ours." Mr. Tang glanced at her, seeming helpless, but full of pampering in his eyes.

    It's a kind of love that has passed away in time.

    "But I like it when I look at the child. I always feel that such a good child belongs to our family." Mrs. Donald thought of Wen Ruoqing's appearance, and her lips could not help raising: "I saw the girl, I feel that there is a kindness that can’t tell the truth.”

    In fact, when Wen Ruoqing hadn't fought back, she felt that way.

    Just when Wen Ruoqing was scolded, she planned to help forward, but she hadn't walked past, and the girl counterattacked herself.

    "You, you can't fix this problem." Mr. Tang shook his head and chuckled.

    "Yes, yes, I know it is not ours. If you can't look good, you must be ours. I also look at the girl who likes it. I also know that other girls can't be ours." Mrs. Tang Seeing Mr. Tang laughing at her, he glared at him deliberately.

    "Well, you know it." The smile on Mr. Tang's face grew stronger.

    "I know, I know, of course I know." Mrs. Donald sighed annoyedly, but at the next moment, her eyes suddenly lighted up: "Yes, our Lingzi is not married yet. Girl cheated home to be Lingzi's wife?"

    Tang Ling, who was performing his mission, suddenly shivered.

    "Isn't this great?" Mr. Tang froze, looking at Mrs. Donald, his eyes flashed quickly.

    "Why not? The girl I think fits well with Lingzi in our family." Madam Donald thought more and more feasible.

    "I think that girl is not so easy to cheat, you think you can cheat that girl? Don't you be deceived by that girl yourself?" Mr. Tang laughed lightly, although it was a joke, but Mr. Tang Really feel that the girl was not easy to deceive.

    "What's wrong with me, an old lady?" Mrs. Donald froze for a moment, and just gave him a white glance, but after he recovered, he was a little more angry on his face: "No, no, you look down on me? "

    "How could I look down on you? At that time, I only looked at you and decided not to marry you." Mr. Tang was a lot of years old, but the love words were exceptionally slippery, and of course extremely warm.

    "That's not because of my long beauty. At that time, you couldn't find anything more beautiful than me." Mrs. Donald gave him a narcissistic glance.

    "Yes, yes, you are beautiful, you are the most beautiful." Mr. Tang completely followed his wife, and that indulgence has become a habit after decades of washing.

    "Thanks to my long beauty, everyone in our Tang family is pretty." Mrs. Tang didn't know humility at all, but was more proud.

    "Well, well, it's all your credit." Mr. Tang nodded, what his wife said, but Mr. Tang still thought secretly in his mind, thinking that he was also a handsome guy who picked one out of thousands, but he was generous, not following She fights.

    "Look at the Gu family, all of them are long and crooked, and they are so embarrassed to laugh at others." Mrs. Donald never liked to say bad things behind her back, but when she thought that Gu had just bullied Wen Ruoqing, she would bear Can't be angry.

    Somehow, I feel annoyed and angry.

    Mr. Tang was a little stunned and couldn't help but looked at her. Hey, this is really angry. It seems that she really likes the girl just now. For that girl, she doesn't hesitate to say bad things behind her.

    He still doesn't like to say bad things behind his back, but listening to his wife's words at this moment, he feels very good, and she uses it very well.

    "Donald Donald, old lady, you..." Zhang Yueping had seen the two of them, and came over with a smile on his face.

    "Old lady? Am I that old? My Lingzi says I'm getting older." Mrs. Tang is usually very good at speaking, but at the moment it's particularly bad.

    why? Just because Wen Ruoqing just happened.

    Mrs. Donald was a first-rate beauty. She was well maintained and had a good mindset. When she was okay, she also learned Latin dance and practiced yoga, so her temperament was also particularly good. Straight, although in his seventies, he doesn't see old at all.

    It looks younger than Zhang Yueping in his fifties.

    Zhang Yueping froze, looking at Mrs. Tang strangely.

    "It's you. It's too fucking old at first glance. I'll introduce you to some other places. You try it. I heard that the skin repair effect is very good. I haven't tried it, but I think you should use it. "

    Peeling skin? Skin repair! Peeling skin? ! ! Even if Zhang Yueping is old, let the family go for a skin repair?

    How to repair this leather? The popular point is plastic surgery.

    Mrs. Tang means that Zhang Yueping needs to be reshaped, and Mrs. Tang is equivalent to calling Zhang Yueping ugly.

    I have to say that Mrs. Donald Tang was also maddeningly unpaid.

    Zhang Yue's calm lungs were about to explode. A woman was scolded for being old, ugly, and blamed if she was not angry.

    She is not Wen Ruoqing, she is not as warm as Qing Ruoqing.

    But this man was Mrs. Tang, and she did not dare to speak to her face even though she was so angry.

    However, when his family was inquired to be the commander, then he would see how mad the Tang family was. At that time, the Gu family would definitely let the Tang family die.

    Mrs. Tang looked at Zhang Yueping's changing face and sneered in her heart. This woman must be holding back the bad.

    "Let's go." Mr. Tang glanced at Zhang Yueping, his eyes slightly dark, but he didn't say much, and took Mrs. Tang into it.

    Mrs. Tang began to look for Wen Ruoqing as soon as she entered the house. When she saw that Wen Ruoqing was picking fruit, she smiled slightly: "I'm going to chat with the girl, maybe I can really cheat back to be Lingzi's wife."

    Mr. Tang smiled a little helplessly.

    "Lao Tang is here, come, let's kill two games." Mr. Gu shouted loudly when he saw Mr. Tang.

    At that time, when Mr. Tang was at the highest position, Mr. Gu lowered Mr. Tang's rank by two.

    The two of them retired at about the same time, so the old man Gu Gu shouted really wasn't very'sensible'.

    Obviously, Gu family feels that Gu Zhengxun's commanding command is already a matter of stability, so he has no respect for Mr. Tang.

    All the people present were the essence of the person. They had already received the news. When I saw the attitude of Grandpa Gu, I immediately knew what to do.

    It seems that this time Gu's family is really going up. When Gu's family is up, the Tang family is definitely over. Everyone thinks so, and their attitude has naturally changed a little! !

    There are just some things...