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Secretary Liu, who was driving, deeply agreed with Wen Ruoqing that the president should indeed laugh more, so that his life is more sunny.

    During this time, he will be scared by the president and his wife with a heart attack!

    However, at this moment, I heard Wen Ruoqing added a very serious sentence: "This is the way to attract people to love and love."

    Secretary Liu took a deep breath and was hurt? Lovable? It sounds so fascinating to hear this ...

    Especially when the words are used on the president, it makes people feel particularly strange, but the president should still hope that Mrs. Zhao loves it?

    Ye Si Shen glared fiercely at Secretary Liu, and then pulled down the baffle. His face seemed suspiciously darkened a little, and the woman really said everything after she was drunk.

    Wen Ruoqing has been groping around his face, and she has been sitting on his body too. After drunk, she is not honest, twisting on him from time to time.

    Her body is very soft, very soft, and it feels particularly comfortable against him.

    Ye Sishen suddenly felt a little hot, his body was hot, and his heart was hot. He even felt a little short of breath. Ye Si Shen subconsciously ripped off his tie, and then untied the shirt.

    While he was doing this, Wen Ruoqing had been staring at him, to be precise, he should have been staring at his movements, even the movement of kneading his face stopped.

    Ye Sishen's eyebrows were slightly picky. Rarely, she suddenly fell silent.

    Wen Ruoqing watched him tear off his tie, unbuttoned his clothes, his eyes blinked and blinked again.

    Then she suddenly and swiftly reached into his collar!

    This stretched in! Reached in! !

    Ye Sishen's body was stiff, he really didn't expect that she would suddenly have such a move!

    Her hands were soft and smooth, and she felt a strange sensation immediately upon touching his chest.

    Ye Sishen felt that her breathing was a little messy, did she know what she was doing at the moment?

    This is not just a flirtation, she is ‘playing rogues’.

    However, he likes her madness at this moment!

    "Are you going to take off your clothes? I will help you." Wen Ruoqing pulled his shirt, and found that there were a few buttons left, and his lips were slightly skimmed. I don't know if it was annoying.

    Secretary Liu shook the hand of the steering wheel and almost drove the car off. Is this rhythm too fast?

    Although Ye Si Shen lowered the shutter, the sound could not be completely blocked.

    "Good boy, don't mess around." Ye Si exhaled secretly, and then took her hand. After all, he was in the car at this moment, he couldn't mess with her.

    She was drunk and didn't know anything, just fooling around, but he couldn't stand it, he found that he couldn't control himself anymore.

    Let her continue this way, he was really afraid he would get out of control.

    "Aren't you very hot? You see you are sweating, I help you take off your clothes, you won't be hot anymore." Wen Ruoqing's eyes blinked, the look was so pure at the moment, she was really, really It was just because he was too hot, so he wanted to help him undress.

    Ye Sishen's breathing was a little quick, his heat was also harmful to her, not because of clothes, but because of her.

    The woman teased him, but now she looks so innocent, seeing his teeth bite.

    Of course, what he hated most was that he was still in the car. He couldn't do anything, he could only bear it.

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing couldn't be quiet for a moment, her body kept turbulent in his arms, and his blood was constantly rising.

    "Go to Huanyu Hotel." Ye Si glanced out of the car and said suddenly.

    He felt that he could not bear home. It happened to be close to Huanyu Hotel, so go there first. There has always been his dedicated room.

    He thought of the madness that night five years ago, and this time when he went to the hotel, there might be a ‘surprise’ discovery.

    At the hotel, Ye Sishen took Wen Ruoqing out of the car directly, took a special elevator, and quickly reached the 22nd floor.

    Room 2201 is still the room five years ago.

    The moment she walked into the room, Ye Sishen's eyes fell on her face, and she smiled meaningfully.

    He wondered what would happen when she discovered her room when she was awake?

    But Wen Ruoqing, who was drunk at the moment, didn't react, because she didn't even know where she was at this moment, even if she was sold.

    After the night secretary Shen entered the room, she took her to the bed, Wen Ruoqing leaned on the bed, looked at him and smiled, then suddenly asked: "Handsome? What is your name?"

    Hearing her words, Ye Sishen's movement stopped momentarily, and a pair of eyes suddenly squinted.

    After molesting him for a long time and playing a rogue against him for a long time, she didn't even know who he was? How dare you ask his name?

    The damn woman really owes it.

    "Who do you say I am?" Ye Sishen's words came out of his teeth.

    Then his eyes stared straight at her, waiting for her answer.

    At this moment, Ye Si Shen swears that if she said the wrong thing, if he was allowed to hear the names of other men from her mouth at this moment, he would never spare her! !

    He would really strangle her without hesitation.

    Wen Ruoqing leaned over, looked at him closely, looked at him seriously, and recognized it very seriously.

    Ye Si Shen was a little depressed. She looked so serious, but she didn't know who he was? Is she really good?

    However, he did not speak, and his patience was good at the moment, he waited for her answer.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at his eyebrows and feathers. There was a certain sense of familiarity in her trance. She was stunned and then smiled again. This time the smile was soft and happy: "I know who you are."

    "Huh? Who am I?" Ye Si exhaled secretly, slightly more tempting in the soft voice. He looked at her closely, and the breath slowly spread on her face. , Seems to be a little nervous in the heat.

    He wanted to know the answer she said at the moment, but he was a little afraid of her answer.

    He was afraid that what she said was not him, but another man, then he ...

    "You are a baby." Wen Ruoqing's hand stretched out to his face again, this time it was just a squeeze, all filled with joy and love.

    What Wen Ruoqing sees at this moment is really her baby, Tang Zhimo.

    "Baby?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly. His first reaction was to think of her video chat that day, the brilliant and happy video chat that made her laugh.

    So, who is the baby she said at the moment?

    "Who is the baby?" Ye Si gritted her teeth secretly and asked again, he wanted to know, who was the baby she said at the moment?