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The elevator closed again and went up to the 48th floor, but she walked toward the stairs.

    She remembered that there was a masquerade party on the third floor today, which was said to be held by a cold boy.

    This may be her only chance.

    As he walked up the stairs, Wen Ruoqing pulled out a very thin and light mobile phone from his jacket pocket. Only a few contact numbers were stored in the phone, and Wen Ruoqing quickly wrote a few words and sent them out.

    On the first floor, the elevator opened, Ye Sishen's cold breath filled every inch of space, and the temperature of the entire floor seemed to be a few degrees lower for a time.

    "President, there is no one in the elevator, but the dedicated elevator just stopped on the second floor, and then the No. 2 elevator went up from the second floor. Will the person who the president is looking for go upstairs ..." Manager Li on duty did it with a scalp report.

    For such a result, Ye Sishen did not seem to be surprised. He glanced at the rapidly increasing number of elevator No. 2 and his deep eyes were a little more unpredictable: "Take the monitoring out."

    Almost every corner of the hotel is under surveillance. He wants to see where she can escape?

    Manager Li quickly called the monitoring room, but his face became particularly ugly for a while.

    "President, the hotel's monitoring system has been hacked. From last night to now, all the hotel's monitoring videos have been deleted, and now all the computer black screens, the hotel's monitoring is not available."

    "When is it?" Ye Si froze for a second, his cold eyes swept away, and the dangerous breath was instantly spread to the extreme. For a time, the atmosphere around the people scared did not dare to come out.

    "Just now, Manager Zhou said that just five seconds before I called ..." Manager Li was so cruel at the moment that he could get in. The president at this moment was too scary.

    The expression on Ye Sishen's face changed in an instant, with ice, fire, and ice and fire gathering the danger before the wind and rain.

    good very good! Sure enough, she is still used to it!

    His eyes narrowed little by little, and his sharp eyes shrank like ice, and the blood of the ice made the whole body's blood seem to be stiff, but the corner of his lips slightly traced a slightly upward arc.

    In this way, he was more certain that she was.

    Only this time, she wanted to escape, absolutely impossible! !

    Manager Li looked up and saw the expression of his president at the moment. For a moment, he really suspected that his heart had stopped beating. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the previous president was too gentle and amiable. It's too scary, absolutely scared, weeping and weeping.

    At this moment, elevator 2 stopped at the 48th floor.

    "Is the cold masquerade going away?" Ye Si glanced at him, and his eyes turned slightly, seeming to ask casually.

    "Not yet." Manager Li did not know why, but answered quickly.

    "Huh." Ye Sishen's lips were slightly hooked, and the dark and deep ice eyes seemed to faintly smile, and the evil and sexy but inexplicable was intimidating.

    "Block all exits of the hotel, and don't let anyone leave. Qin Wushao came over and asked him to contact me." At this moment, Ye Sishen's expression had returned to his usual coldness.

    Manager Li's doubts at the moment, but he did not dare to ask a word, but nodded in tremor.

    Ye Sishen went directly to the third floor. If he guessed right, the woman would definitely go to the masquerade.

    Wen Ruoqing did go to the masquerade party on the third floor. At this moment, she changed clothes and wore a fox mask. In the current situation, it is obviously impossible for her to leave the hotel by herself, so she needs to find someone to help.

    Her eyes searched through the crowd. The light in the hall was very dark at the moment, and everyone was disguised again. In this case, it was not easy to find someone.

    "Sir, this is a masquerade, please at least wear a mask." At this time, outside the hall door, Ye Si Shen was stopped.

    Not wanting to waste time, Ye Sishen didn't say much, just took the mask and put it on, and quickly walked in.

    Wen Ruoqing finally saw a person, to be precise, she recognized a person, she secretly exhaled, just about to move towards that person, her waist and limbs were suddenly caught by others, she was too late to exclaim, body He was suddenly taken into the man's arms.

    Wen Ruoqing raised his head and met his eyes. For a time, he only felt as if he was stuck in the bottomless deep abyss, but the icy cold that had entered his bones was just as dangerous as suffocation with anger that was about to burn.

    The light was slightly dim, he wore a mask, Wen Ruoqing could not see his face, but she knew he was Ye Sishen.

    However, she didn't understand how Ye Sishen came up so quickly, and why did he recognize her at a glance?

    She clearly disguised it very well!

    Is it a coincidence? Or did he really recognize her?

    He didn't speak, he just looked at her so that the unfathomable eyes were frightening.

    Wen Ruoqing was surprised, she knew that she must not have too much entanglement with him, and wanted to escape, the only way now was to pre-empt.

    Fortunately, she was ready.

    "Ah, murder, ah, ah, a lot of blood, a lot of blood." At the next moment, Wen Ruoqing squeezed the plasma props hidden in her robe, suddenly screaming, and at the same time, she was fast Jumped out of Ye Sishen's arms.

    For a time, her sharp and harsh voice far suppressed the noise of the music and the crowd.

    No one found that she threw a round ball-like thing to Ye Sishen's feet while screaming. After the landing, the ball burst and some viscous liquid slowly flowed to Ye Sishen's sole.

    These are all she just took from the dressing room. I have to say that the props prepared for this ball are very comprehensive. It can be said that because of everything, this ball is only what you ca n’t think of, and there is nothing you ca n’t find. It is organized by Leng Shao.

    In fact, from his taking her in her arms to her screaming and leaving, everything was only instantaneous, no more than three seconds at most, and her reaction and speed were unexpected.

    The panicked screams, the shocking blood red, and even the calmness of the night, they were slightly startled.

    "Go." At the moment when he was stunned, Wen Ruoqing didn't hesitate for a moment, and seemed to randomly pull a person and ran.

    This is the moment to fight against the clock, she must not be caught by Ye Sishen at this moment. .

    Ye Si Shen sneered. He was not completely sure, but at this moment he was definitely her.

    Although, at this moment she was wearing a pure white magic robe and an exaggerated headdress on her head, which cleverly concealed her figure and head shape, he still recognized her! !

    The corners of his lips slowly lifted, apparently not too anxious. At his site, he had already laid the net! Now that he has set his goal, how can he let her escape?

    He allowed her to be proud for a while, the good show is still behind!