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"Do you think you still have a chance?" Ye Sishen raised her eyebrows with a sneer in his eyes.

    "Of course, Ye Sishen, don't take yourself too seriously. I gave the flowers I gave last night. Qing Qing liked it very much, and we were very happy to talk about it last night. You, she is more likely to choose me, so it is not me who has no chance, but you. "Even if this is the case now, Leng Rong cannot possibly concede defeat in front of Ye Sishen.

    Moreover, he felt that Ye Sishen was too arrogant and overbearing, and he would only force Wen Ruoqing. At most, Wen Ruoqing was only afraid of Ye Sishen. He could not really like Ye Sishen.

    This time, Ye Sishen said nothing, just glanced at him lightly, then took out a red book and placed it in front of him.

    "What?" Leng Rong didn't take it for granted, so he just glanced obliquely at the corner of his eye.

    But after sweeping so obliquely, he was completely stunned, and then quickly looked over. He stared at the red book for a long time before reaching out to open it.

    At the moment of opening, Leng Rong saw the photo and name above, his lips moved, his eyes jumped a few times, but he didn't say a word.

    Then he put the red book together again, staring at the three words on the red book for a long time, and seemed not to recognize those three words.

    The three most common but most unusual words-marriage certificate.

    At this moment, Leng Rong was completely stunned. For a time, there was a blank in his mind. He never thought that Wen Ruoqing and Ye Sishen were married.

    Yesterday, Wen Ruoqing told him that he was married to Ye Sishen. He didn't believe it at all, but now their marriage certificate was in front of him, so he couldn't believe it.

    By the way, since Si Si Shen has a marriage certificate, he can get it directly without seeing the marriage certificate. Why should he be so ruthless, ruining all his career?

    However, Leng Rong certainly can't say this at this moment, and if he says he will lose the price.

    Leng Rong wanted to say something to Si Si, is it a marvelous marriage certificate? But Leng Rong knew more clearly in his own heart that having a marriage certificate is really remarkable.

    People are protected by law. Ye Sishen and Wen Ruoqing are legal couples. If he does anything else, it is really inappropriate.

    Leng Rong felt uncomfortable at the moment, holding back for a long time, and finally holding out a sentence: "Yi Si Shen, are you sick? Go out and take your marriage certificate with you."

    "Do you want to bring it, do you have it?" Ye Si gave him a slanted look, and flicked back like this.

    Leng Rong: "..."

    Leng Rong was speechless by Ye Sanshao at this moment. At this moment, he felt he was about to vomit blood.

    "Qingqing certainly did not voluntarily marry you. You must have forced him to marry you." Leng Rong thought of what happened last night. It is obvious that Wen Ruoqing is afraid of Ye Sishen, so Wen Ruoqing must be forced by Ye Sishen. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible for Wen Ruoqing to get the certificate with Shen Si.

    Leng Rong said the truth directly, but Ye Sishen's face did not show the slightest strangeness, still a breezy tone: "Then you also forced a try."

    Leng Rong wanted to scold people at this moment. Hey, Ye Si Shen forced Wen Ruoqing to take the certificate. How could he force him?

    Ye Sishen This is deliberate flaunting, Chiguo flaunting!

    "Yi Sishen, you are a bandit, do you think everyone else is a bandit like you?" Leng Rong thought for a while, and changed the way, Leng Rong was anxious at the moment, so he wanted to suppress night. Si Shen's arrogance.

    "Bandits? Well, it's just useful, my woman likes it." Ye Si smiled, the spring breeze was smug, and the smile was like a spring breeze.

    Can he marry his wife if he wants to be a bandit? He wants to be a bandit, can he sleep with his wife every night?

    So he is happy to be this bandit!

    "..." Leng Rong was speechless again.

    Leng Rong hate's teeth were crushed to the smile of Shang Ye Si Shen at the moment.

    Ye Si is cruel, really cruel.

    Not only is he ruthless, he also speaks fiercely, and his mouth is poisonous.

    Useful! ! At the moment Leng Rong gritted his teeth and hated Ye Sishen, but he had to admit that Ye Sishen was right. Those things between men and women had no obvious boundaries between right and wrong.

    Everything you do, as long as it works, as long as you can marry the person you like home.

    He was heavier than Ye Si, after all, he was one step behind.

    "Yesi Shen, you can get away. Today, I think I'm out of luck." Leng Rongjue, he wants to go down with Yesi Shen again, and may be directly mad at Ye Sishen. Ye Si rolled away.

    In this matter, he had already lost, and he lost badly. He had thought that no matter how powerful and overbearing Ye Sishen was, he would not give up his decision to marry Wen Ruoqing.

    However, all of this can't be compared to a red book.

    Ye Sishen's purpose has been achieved, so his mood is particularly good at the moment, and he doesn't mind Leng Rong's attitude at the moment.

    Because, he knew that from this moment on, Leng Rong was dead, and he would never hit his wife again.

    Ye Sanshao left contentedly.

    "Head, basically counted, the most important and core things are still there, and they haven't been destroyed." After Ye Sishen left, Leng Rong stood in the same place for a long time, until Mingyuan came to report to him Happening.

    Leng Rong's eyes rolled slowly, looking at him, his expression was very complicated, and it seemed a little thankful and a little unbelievable.

    With the ability of Ye Sishen, didn't you discover those core things?

    "However, the most central thing has a trace of passiveness." Ming Yuan seemed to see his doubts, and added a sentence carefully: "Obviously they finally showed mercy."

    The meaning of Mingyuan is very clear. Ye Sishen actually found their most important and core things. However, Ye Sishen did not break the ring. Ye Sishen was absolutely merciful.

    Leng Rong's eyes flashed, his lips slightly tickled, and he seemed to laugh and not laugh. He did not expect Ye Sishen to show mercy to his men.

    He went to raise a kiss to Ye Sishen's wife. Ye Sishen was able to show mercy to his men at last, which made him feel unbelievable.

    Those destroyed by Ye Si Shen can be replenished with some time, and what Ye Si Shen left him is the most important thing. If these core things are destroyed, they may never be able to make up.

    Then everything is over.

    Facts have proved that everything is completely under the control of Ye Sishen. To ruin and to stay, it is a matter between Ye Sishen's thoughts.

    That's why, the more he gritted his teeth at Ye Si.