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#114 Father and son meeting

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"Okay, it's too late. You should go to bed. You have to go to kindergarten tomorrow." Tang Zhimo saw his sister's expression of a curious baby, and apparently still had a stomach question to ask. He directly eliminated her. Thoughts.

    Although Tang Zixi was a bit naughty sometimes, she listened to her brother the most, and she also knew that it was indeed late, so she said nothing and crawled up to her bed to sleep.

    The next day, Ye's issued an announcement about Ye's investment in jewelry.

    The general meaning is the same as what was agreed by Ye Yezi and Ye Sishen in Yejia's old house a few days ago.

    Ye's will choose one of the most powerful jewelry companies for cooperative investment. Since it is specifically stated that it is the most powerful, it naturally needs to compete.

    However, Ye's Group specifically stated that this time the event only looked at design works.

    As for how to view the works, Yeshi Group did not say, as for the details of the competition, Yeshi Group did not say.

    Ye's Group only stated that the final result will be determined by their president. That means Xuanwai means that the most important thing is for his president to see ...

    As soon as Ye's announcement came out, all companies engaged in the jewelry business were eager to move, and it was the dream of all companies to cooperate with Ye's, and this time Ye's also directly indicated that it was an investment cooperation.

    Who doesn't want such a good thing?

    Whoever doesn't want is a fool.

    However, everyone knows that Ye Sanshao is the unprecedented commercial hegemon in the shopping mall, and the superb works that can be seen by him must be very, very good.

    However, in this way, large and small jewelry companies feel that they have a chance, as long as they can produce good works.

    Ye's group's activity this time obviously didn't play cards according to common sense, what if this pie just hit himself on the head?

    As soon as the Yeshi Group's announcement came out, it was like a wave of waves in the jewelry industry, and the entire jewelry industry was boiling.

    At the beginning, many small companies were a bit worried.

    I only saw the staff of Yeshi Group treat them equally and treat them with the same warm and polite attitude towards those small companies, so anyone who is engaged in the jewelry industry is competing to sign up for Yeshi Group.

    You may have a chance if you try it, but you will never have a chance if you do n’t try it.

    For a time, the media of City A was reporting this matter. Of course, the most anticipated thing is that the last one will win.

    Of course, there are many predictions about the outcome.

    At more than four o'clock in the afternoon, Miss Qiao Yunan, the eldest daughter of the Qiao family, was "surrounded" by reporters in her studio and interviewed.

    "Miss Qiao, I heard that Ye Sanshao, the president of Ye Group, proposed to invest in Qiao's jewelry some time ago. Is this true?" A reporter squeezed in front of Qiao Yunan and handed the microphone to her.

    Qiao Yunan looked at the reporter with a slight chuckle: "Brother Si Shen mentioned this matter, but I prefer to win the final victory with strength ..."

    What she said was very clever. She admitted it first, and then added the following sentence, but it made people think more easily.

    "Since Ye Sanshao decided to invest in Qiao's earlier, why did he hold this event in public?" The reporter continued to ask.

    "I don't know about this. This is the Yeshi Group's decision. All I have to do is go all out." Qiao Yunan still smiled on his face, and he returned with a decent response.

    "Everyone knows that Miss Qiao is a design genius, so, this time the competition must have been Miss Qiao winning." Another reporter shouted quickly.

    "Yes, Miss Qiao's design talents are well known to everyone. This night's event, Miss Qiao will definitely overwhelm the leader and win the championship in one fell swoop. With the design skills of Miss Qiao, no one can beat Miss Qiao . "Someone has begun to brag directly.

    "Don't talk nonsense, there are people outside and days outside ..." Qiao Yunan smiled modestly.

    "Miss Qiao, do n’t be too humble. Miss Qiao is a talented student in R University of M country. R University in M ​​country is one of the best schools in the world. R university is not just anyone who can go to it. But all are excellent, and all are great. "One reporter quickly answered the sentence before Qiao Yunan finished.

    "Yes, yes, Miss Qiao seems to be the only girl admitted to R University in City A." The reporter who had just bragged about Qiao Yunan connected again.

    "No, you are wrong. In fact, there is another lady who is also Qian Jin, and this Miss Qian Jin is also a learned design." A reporter who had been standing beside Qiao Yunan suddenly said.

    "Who is it? Who else?" Almost everyone present looked at the reporter.

    Qiao Yunan always had a smile on her face. It was a natural, decent smile, and no strangeness could be seen from her face.

    The reporter looked around and said slowly, word by word: "It's Wen Ruoqing, the eldest lady of the Wen family."

    "What? Miss Wen Jia? Wasn't the old lady of the Wen family stupid? She could even go to R University and also study design?"

    "I heard that Miss Wen's high school has been in high school for five years, and I heard that her college entrance examination scores are double digits. How did she go to R University?"

    "Don't you hear that Miss Wen's illness is all right?"

    "Even if she is ill, at most, she is not as stupid as before, nor can she become smart. Is she really studying design at R?

    Everyone was shocked. Of course, everyone's reaction was to disbelieve, and firmly not believe.

    "It ’s true, it ’s true, I wanted to do an interview with Miss Qiao, so I went to R University to collect information and found this accidentally. Miss Wen has been at R University for five years. That's it. "The reporter pretended to be innocent, and it seemed to have been discovered by accident.

    His words paused deliberately, and then he slowly added: "However, Miss Wen has not yet obtained her graduation certificate."

    "What do you mean by this? Why hasn't she received her graduation certificate after five years?"

    "The reason is the same as when Miss Wen was in high school." The reporter's lips twitched slightly, and he shook his head gently.

    Although he didn't say it directly, the meaning of this remark has become obvious, but everyone present can understand it.

    Wen Ruoqing is on the Internet at the moment, and just saw the live broadcast. Her lips slowly lifted up little by little, and she could see at a glance that all these were designed by Qiao Yunan. Said.

    Qiao Yunan didn't stop! !