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#69 Sleep with me tonight

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However, Ye Sishen was already on the plane at this moment, and the phone was turned off, so he didn't get through.

    Tang Zhimo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but when looking at his sister, his eyes still had a little bit of petting, "You should be quiet, don't let your mother hear it."

    "Brother, are you looking for your mother's husband's phone? Why are you looking for my mother's husband's phone?" Tang Zixi nodded, then approached his ear and whispered.

    "Of course I am useful. Don't tell your mother first, you know?" Tang Zimo also lowered his voice, and the two little babies whispered secretly.

    "En En'en, my brother is assured, I won't tell my mother." Tang Zixi nodded, very seriously guarantee.

    Tang Zhimo quickly saved Ye Sishen's phone number into his mobile phone. After thinking about it, he deleted the phone that he accidentally dialed out before returning it to Wen Ruoqing.

    "Did you check? What did you check? By the way, don't you have a cell phone? Why should I have a cell phone to check?" Wen Ruoqing was stunned to see him send the phone back so quickly.

    "Some things can't be found on my mobile phone." Tang Zimo said this is true. His phone number could not be found in his mobile phone.

    "What can't you find on your phone?" Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered. Isn't the same thing found on the phone connected to the Internet?

    However, Tang Zhimo had already run away, did not answer her, and Wen Ruoqing did not think much, and continued to cook her meals.

    "Come here, I will tell you something." After dinner, He Tongtong saw the two children having fun and called Wen Ruoqing into the study.

    "What's wrong?" Wen Ruoqing smiled slightly when she saw a mysterious He Tongtong.

    "Show you something." He Tongtong turned on the computer, found what she had previously checked, and then pushed the computer to Wen Ruoqing.

    "What?" Wen Ruoqing raised her eyebrows slightly, which was strange, but she looked at the computer and opened her eyes slightly. "Is this true?"

    "Of course it is true, what do you want to say after reading it?" He Tongtong looked at her, her eyes flickering, fearing she would be unhappy after seeing these.

    "Very good." Wen Ruoqing's lips slightly raised, and he couldn't see anything unhappy.

    "What's good, when you see your husband's situation, do you react?" He Tongtong was stunned, a little angry. "He is your husband."

    "I and Ye Si Shen were originally married by agreement, and the agreement clearly stated that the longest marriage period is one year. After one year, I have nothing to do with him." Wen Ruoqing remembers this very clearly. If it is possible, she hopes that she can draw all the boundaries with Ye Si now.

    He Tongtong knew that she really had no idea about Ye Sishen, and secretly sighed, but when the woman ’s gossip could not be stopped: "From the picture, their relationship seems to be very Not ordinary, you see here there are photos of them going to the hotel together, there are photos of this woman coming out of his house, Ye Sishen was with her, the expression was not as cold as usual, and obviously the two had known each other for a short time , And I have been in contact with these pictures as early as seven years ago, the most recent one month ago, but, strangely, every time such news was suppressed, it did not spread at all, otherwise I used special The method cannot find these things at all. "

    "This woman is a supermodel, but she developed in Europe, but every time she comes to City A, she will find Ye Sishen, or should she say, every time she comes to City A, she will come to Ye Sishen, you think this What is the relationship between a woman and your husband? "He Tongtong is most concerned about this. She wants to know what is the relationship between the woman in the photo and Ye Sishen.

    "I think it's best if it's a lover's relationship." Wen Ruoqing's lips and lips raised, and she returned to her in a hurry.

    If this woman is really a woman that Ye Sishen likes, then Ye Sishen is absolutely impossible to marry her because of such things as five years ago. In other words, Ye Sishen is unlikely to be the man five years ago.

    Then her marriage to Ye Sishen this time may not be as complicated as she thought, nor will there be the dangers she is worried about now.

    However, since there is such a woman, why didn't Ye Sishen find this woman to get married?

    He Tongtong looked at her, her lips twitched fiercely, "Why do I want to smoke you like that, you are now married to Ye Si Shen, but it is legal and legal! Everyone says that it is the first month to get close to the water tower, you You ca n’t do a fake show, make this a reality, and grow it for a long time. Do you think that a man like Ye Sishen can be met casually? "

    "..." "Wen Ruoqing didn't speak, but just looked at the photos on the computer. The woman in the photo was very beautiful and her figure was very good, but she suddenly felt that the woman looked a bit familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere, Especially for the picture with a smile on her face and half a charming face, she really has an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

    "Mummy, what are you doing?" It was at this time that Tang Zixi pushed open the door and walked in. The pink and cute little face came in through the door slit.

    A sudden flash in Wen Ruoqing's head seemed to have flashed through her head quickly, but it was too fast for her to catch it.

    "Mommy talks with Hitomi Mommy. Is the baby tired and wants to sleep?" Wen Ruoqing saw the baby girl, she couldn't help but laugh on her face, crouched down, and hugged her daughter in her arms.

    "En." Tang Zixi should be really tired, leaning softly on Wen Ruoqing's body: "Can Mommy sleep with me tonight?"

    "Of course." Wen Ruoqing naturally understood her daughter's careful thinking and reached out and gently tapped on her nose.

    "Really, that's great." Tang Zixi cheered immediately, the tired look just disappeared in an instant, and ran out quickly: "Brother, brother, and mommy said tonight, sleep with me, not with her husband."

    Wen Ruoqing shook his head slightly, and his eyes were full of laughter.

    Fortunately, Si Si was on a business trip today, otherwise she could not really accompany the two babies.

    "I said, would you sleep with your husband?" He Tongtong approached her, half-truly teasing.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at her and didn't answer. On this question, their agreement was very clear.

    However, the agreement is only an agreement after all, if Ye Si Shen does not follow the agreement ...

    She was even more afraid that things would be completely out of her control by that time, or that she really had some handle in the hands of Ye Sishen. If there was one day, she believed that Ye Sishen would never let her go.