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"You have settled the two babies before you come over." Tang Baiqian saw her, smiled, and suddenly changed her mind. He knew too much what she cared about most.

So he knew exactly what to do.

"Well." Wen Ruoqing is naturally happy.

Tang Zhimo's eyes softened slightly.

After the two babies fell asleep, Wen Ruoqing went to see the case. The case is indeed very complicated, and the time given by the other party is indeed not much.

Moreover, the other party specifically pointed out that important people will appear at the banquet tomorrow night, so she and Tang Baiqian are going to attend the banquet tomorrow night.

These are normal things, and I often encounter them in my usual work, so Wen Ruoqing didn't think much about it.

The next day, Tang Baiqian sent the prepared dress to her. Her dress matched Tang Baiqian's dress very well. It looked like a couple of couples, but Wen Ruoqing didn't care much about it.

"Qing Qing, tonight, you and I pretended to be a husband and wife. If there is a danger, you should act by chance." Tang Baiqian asked naturally.

"Okay, I know." Wen Ruoqing nodded and responded. Normally, this situation is normal. They usually pretend to have various relationships when they are on a mission, all for the convenience of the mission.

At six in the evening, Tang Baiqian appeared with Wen Ruoqing at the banquet hotel.

Wen Ruoqing is what she really is at the moment, and today she also has a light makeup, and the dress is also beautiful. At this moment, her beauty is unforgettable.

Tang Baiqian also dressed up specially today, so he is also very spirited and beautiful.

When the two entered the banquet hall together, they immediately attracted a lot of attention.

When many people look at Wen Ruoqing, their eyes are full of surprise.

Ye Si Shen was also in the hall at the moment, and a pair of eyes also looked over. At this moment, Wen Ruoqing also just lifted his eyes, and he just saw him.

The moment when the four eyes meet...

Ye Sishen had actually arrived long ago. He was specifically waiting for her, and he was a little anxious. In fact, Ye Sishen's eyes were always looking at the direction of the door, so when Wen Ruoqing came in, he saw She is.

Ye Sishen only saw her. When he didn't see Tang Baiqian, he recognized her at a glance.

Today, she does not have the usual disguise, it is her true look.

He knew she was beautiful, he knew this fact from Shen Ting's mouth, but when he saw what she really looked like at this moment, he was still amazing.

She is really beautiful, very beautiful, her dress like this at the moment, the beauty makes him almost suffocate.

At this moment, Ye Sanshao could no longer see the others, only her, only her existence.

Wen Ruoqing originally raised her eyes naturally, but she never expected to see Ye Sishen.

At the moment when she saw Ye Sishen, she was stunned for a moment. There were some surprises in her heart and she was also confused. Why did Ye Sishen appear here?

However, she immediately thought that Ye Sishen had an industry in country m, and that Ye Sishen's influence was not small, and its influence was not small, so it was normal for Ye Sishen to appear at such a banquet.

Therefore, Wen Ruoqing didn't think much.

And she has a task today, so the identity of her and the senior cannot be exposed.

She thought that Ye Sishen hadn't seen her true appearance after all, so Ye Sishen shouldn't know her at this moment, so Wen Ruoqing pretended not to know Ye Sishen in the next moment, and naturally turned her eyes away.

Therefore, she just looked at it at random, and she saw Ye Si Shen just like other ordinary people, without any different reactions.

Ye Sishen saw that she saw him without any response. She even pretended not to know him, so she looked away, and then she didn’t look at him again, lowered her head, and seemed to be talking to Tang Baiqian what.

At that moment, Ye Sishen's hands tightened fiercely, and his eyes sank to the extreme.

Very good, she saw him, but pretended not to know him! ! !

Then continue to ‘sex and scorn’ with Tang Baiqian.

She can do it! ! !

He is not dead yet! ! !

Ye Sishen didn't go over immediately, but drunk the wine in the glass fiercely.

He wants to see, when is she going to pretend?

He wanted to see if she planned to pretend not to know him throughout the banquet tonight.

Originally, he had been waiting for her to come. He thought about many of the reactions she would see when he saw him, which actually includes this kind.

He also knows that she came to the banquet today for the task, so her identity needs to be kept secret.

But even if she kept it secret, she didn't have to pretend not to know him?

She just gave her one more look and gave him a little more expression, he wouldn't be so angry at the moment.

He could see that she had light makeup and was especially dressed today.

With Tang Baiqian, she has always been beautifully dressed.

Unlike when she was with him, when she was with him, she never cared about it.

Ye Sishen's eyes fell on her dress again. Her dress today should be specially chosen. Standing with Tang Baiqian, he looked at the dazzling eyes at the moment.

He saw Tang Baiqian greet people. He also saw Tang Baiqian's hands wrapped around her waist, very close.

But she did not refuse, so let Tang Baiqian embrace her.

At that moment, Ye Sishen's eyes were so cold that the bones in both hands were brittle, and at this moment, he really wanted to strangle her.

He knew she went to Tang Baiqian after she divorced him. He also knew that Tang Baiqian was different in her mind, but...

"What do you think?" It was at this time that Li Yun came to his side and said half-truth: "Why? Fancy that beauty? Seriously, that woman looks really beautiful, but it's a pity The famous flower has a master."

Ye Sishen didn't pay attention to her, just a little more dangerous breath in her squinting eyes.

Famous flowers have a master? Tang Baiqian? When he was there, it was Tang Baiqian's turn.

Li Yun saw Ye Si Shen ignored her, still looking straight at Wen Ruoqing, her eyes narrowed slightly.

The sixth sense of a woman is very strong. When the woman came in, Li Yun found that Ye Sishen's eyes had always been on the woman.

Ye Sishen can be made like this, the relationship between that woman and Ye Sishen may be unusual.

Li Yun likes Ye Sishen, she always likes it. She has hinted more than once and made it clear, but unfortunately Ye Sishen never looked at her more.

In country M, she still has some influence, and she also has some cooperation with Ye Sishen, so the relationship is not bad. Of course, she felt it herself.