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#74 Do you want me to say it again?

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After sister-in-law Li left, the Secretary at night looked at the time. At ten past six, his eyes sank. If she did, she would not come back until half past nine!

He took a bottle of red wine and sat on the sofa in the hall. He wanted to see when she would come back?

Will you come back in time, as Mrs. Li said?

It wasn't dark for more than six o'clock, and the night manager didn't turn on the light. He sat on the sofa and poured a glass of red wine. He didn't have dinner today. It was not very comfortable to drink on an empty stomach, but he did.

At seven o'clock, it was getting dark. The room was getting dark. Some things could not be seen. The wine on his desk had been drunk for half.

Wen ruoqing hasn't come back yet. His face is obviously darker. His hands holding the glass seem to be tightened. However, he still hasn't turned on the light.

As time went by, it was getting darker and darker. The scenery in the room was slowly invisible. The night manager sitting on the sofa was also slowly falling into the darkness.

He took out his mobile phone. The light of the mobile phone reflected the empty glass on the table. It was almost eight o'clock, but she was still missing.

At the moment, I can't see the heavy look of the night in the dark, but the temperature in the whole hall seems to drop several degrees.

At this moment, Wen ruoqing is holding Xibao, singing her a sleep song and coaxing her to sleep.

"Mom, I'll go to kindergarten with my brother tomorrow. Will you come and see us off?" Tang Zixi was very obedient in Wen ruoqing's arms. She knew that her mother would go back when she fell asleep. She was used to this.

Brother said, mother is now a man with a husband, so mother will accompany her husband at night.

"Under normal circumstances, my mother will definitely come here, but if there is any accident, my mother can't come here on time. My mother will send you to kindergarten. You should listen to my mother." Wen ruoqing can't make a 100% guarantee to her, for fear that she can't make it, which will disappoint the child.

”Xi'er understands that mother's accident is her husband. "Tang Zixi looked up at his little pink face and looked very serious.

Wen ruojing couldn't help chuckling. This little girl knows a lot.

”Mom, is your husband fierce? "Don Zixi's eyes blinked, and his timid voice was worried.

It's not fierce. "Wen ruoqing was stupefied, and the corner of his lips pulled slightly.

Yesichen is not fierce. Since I met him, I have never seen him fierce or angry. But not fierce does not mean he is not dangerous. On the contrary, the more he is like this, the more frightening he is.

It was more than eight o'clock to coax Tang Zixi to sleep. Wen ruoqing got up quietly, followed him for a moment, and then took a taxi to the villa of yeshishen.

Wen ruoqing arrived at the villa at 9:30. When she saw the darkness in the villa, she was stunned. Was Sister Li not at home?

Usually every time she gets home, sister-in-law Li will come to open the door for her.

Or is Sister Li going out today?

Wen ruoqing didn't think much either. He pressed the password and opened the door.

When he heard the voice, the sharp lips of the night manager were slightly crooked. It was cold. It was on time. He said that he would come back at 10:00, and then she would come back at 9:30.

The time card is really good.

Wen ruoqing turned on the light and changed his shoes. When he walked into the hall, he found the night manager sitting on the sofa.

See sitting on the sofa at that moment, Wen ruoqing froze.

How could he be at home?

Why doesn't he turn on the light at home?

When did he come back?

This series of questions constantly flashed through her mind, but now, she does not dare to ask a question.

Wen ruoqing's eyes fell on the bottle of red wine in front of him. The bottle was empty, and there was still a little wine left in the glass, indicating that he had drunk up a bottle of wine.

He didn't turn on the light, which means that it must still be on when he came back. He doesn't need to turn on the light yet.

Therefore, Wen ruoqing can't guess that he has been back for a long time, or that he has been waiting for her for a long time.

Even if sister-in-law Li is not there, looking at his face now, Wen ruoqing also understands that he must know everything.

He knows everything, especially waiting for her to come back, and so long!!

Thinking of this possibility, Wen ruoqing's heart began to shiver.

Night division Shen micro lean on the sofa, deep eyes slightly narrowed, so looked at her, did not speak, his face looked with the usual not much difference.

But Wen ruoqing felt that the ice in the room was making people tremble at the moment, and the dangerous atmosphere filled all the spaces, making people dare not even breathe.

Previously, Tang Zixi asked her whether she was fierce or not?

He's really not fierce, but he's more frightening, even creepy.

Wen ruoqing subconsciously swallowed his saliva and stepped out of the foot a little bit of the impulse to shrink back.

He didn't speak, Wen ruoqing didn't make a sound, her steps seemed to be fixed on the floor, standing still, not that she didn't want to move, but now she saw the appearance of yeshishen, really a little afraid to move.

Silence, Wen ruoqing usually the most tolerant of living, but now feel such silence is too painful.

"Come here." Night division Shen holds the glass, slowly shakes it, and the action seems to be particularly casual. He originally stared at her, squinting and turning slightly. His eyes fell on the glass in his hands, and did not look at her again.

His voice is not high, even a little lower than usual. His voice at the moment can't hear any trace of anger.

The more he is like this, the more bottomless Wen ruoqing's heart is, the more she hopes that he can get angry at the moment and get angry, so at least it's better to deal with it.

Wen ruoqing secretly takes a breath of cold air. Instead of looking at her, he stares at the glass in his hand. Suddenly she worries about the glass in his hand. No, she should worry about herself most.

She felt that maybe next moment, he would strangle her directly.

"I need to say that again?" No movement was heard, and the night division raised her eyes and glanced at her. At that moment, it seemed that she was so careless, but Wen ruoqing felt that the moment swept by his eyes, she seemed to fall into the Millennium ice cave.

Wen ruoqing breathed deeply, then walked towards him. At the moment, Wen ruoqing walked very slowly, but there was not a long distance between her and him. Even if her step was small, it would be only a few steps.

When she got to the sofa, Wen ruoqing stopped about three meters away from her. Subconsciously, she chose a safe distance for herself.

Night division looked at her feet, as if deliberately measuring her position at the moment, then a pair of eyes slowly raised, looked at her whole body, and then fell on her face.