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Therefore, she does not blame Ye Sanshao, really!

    Wen Ruoqing only said she was tired and wanted to sleep. Ye Sishen didn't toss her again this time. She just went downstairs to serve Liusao's prepared meals and coaxed her to eat before she let her sleep.

    It was just that Ye Sanshao thought of her reaction just now, and she always felt a little uneasy in her heart.

    Although he kept everything dripping, her reaction was too unexpected, and he felt that her reaction was abnormal and abnormal.

    So he had to be vigilant.

    Xi family.

    "Find a way to get the hair of the two children, and then go to do DNA identification." Madam Xi's back was straight, her voice was a little cold and ruthless.

    "Madam wants to use this method to prove that the two children are not young masters, so that the young master can understand the truth." The butler standing on the side responded carefully.

    "I don't just want Aji to understand, I have to find the wild man of He Tongtong and the wild dad of those two children. I want to let everyone know what the shameless woman did." Mrs. Xi There was a bit more sneer on his face: "When the DNA results come out, let Director Liu find a way to find out who is the wild father of two children."

    "I'm afraid it's not easy to check?" The butler's expression was hesitant.

    "If you don't check it, you have to find it out for me." Mrs. Xi sneered directly: "In fact, if you really want to check, nothing can't be found. With the help of Director Liu, it shouldn't be difficult to check this matter. "

    Seeing Mrs. Xi's appearance, the housekeeper dared not talk anymore.

    "It's up to Arry to do it. He's clever and safe." Mrs. Xi gave the order again, and there was an incomparable toughness in her voice.

    "Okay, I know." The butler responded in a low voice, only slightly trembling in the voice.

    Madam asked Ari to do this, but she did n’t want to leave any room. She was afraid not only to get the hair of two children, but also ...

    After the housekeeper left, Mrs. Xi picked up the phone, found out Yang Qingqing's number, and dialed it out.

    "Qing Qing, the aunt you saw in the photo you sent yesterday saw you. You can rest assured that this aunt will definitely give you an explanation. Aunt will not let you suffer any grievances." Mrs. Xi's voice at the moment sounded exceptional Be kind, but there was not a kind look on his face.

    In fact, she is not very satisfied with Yang Qingqing, but the reason why Xi Ji will marry her is only the strength of the Yang family.

    Yang's industry is not in a city, but in Beijing, and Yang family has a lot of influence in Beijing.

    She wanted to revive the Xi family, and she felt that the Yang family could help with this.

    As long as Xi Ji married Yang Qingqing, the Xi family would have hope.

    But Xi Ji refused to marry Yang Qingqing from the beginning, and later brought back a pupil.

    At that time, no matter how she objected, Xi Ji, who had always been obedient, was determined to be with He Tongtong.

    She used many methods, but failed to make Xi Ji change her mind.

    At that time, Xi Ji even left the Xi family and went out to work alone.

    She originally thought that Xi Ji had not suffered hard since she was a child, and would come back in a short time. Therefore, in the meantime, she kept exerting pressure on Xi Ji and tried every means to suppress him.

    Then Xi Ji entered Yeshi.

    Ye's can't afford to offend her, but she has always felt that Xi Ji's after all is just a part-time job. Even as a vice president, she has no real power. In fact, even Ye Sichen has no real power, let alone Xi Ji.

    So Mrs. Xi has not taken things seriously.

    But what Mrs. Xi did not know was that Ye Shi was only a superficial disguise for Ye Sanshao and Xi Ji.

    The two of them really couldn't compare with the 10 Ye Family, of course, the Yang family was even more worth mentioning.

    However, these ladies did not know at all. She always thought that Xi Ji was within her control. For example, this time Xi Ji finally agreed to marry Yang Qingqing.

    She originally thought that this time Xi Ji married Yang Qingqing, everything was stable, and she would definitely develop in the direction she wanted, but she never thought that He Tongpu appeared again at this time.

    Two years ago, she shouldn't be soft-hearted and let go of that bitch woman.

    In fact, in the car accident two years ago, it should not be Xi Ji, but He Hitomi. At that time, it should be He Hitomi who drove the car out.

    But I don't know why, and finally it became Xi Ji.

    Fortunately, Xi Ji was not seriously injured at the time, there was no danger to life, and no sequelae were left.

    In fact, at the time, Xi Ji did not hurt his brain and did not lose his memory ...

    At that time, she found a particularly powerful hypnotist, hypnotized Xi Ji, and then erased all the memories of Xi Jitong in Xi Ji's brain.

    This is the real reason why Xi Ji has not forgotten everything else, but has forgotten He Tongtong.

    Two years ago, she could drive away He Tongtong, and two years later, she can do the same.

    What's more, now that He Tongtong's bitch woman still has such a big handle in her hand.

    "Auntie, if the child is really Aji's, I don't want to destroy their happiness. I'm willing to fulfill them." Yang Qingqing at the other end of the phone was dressed with kindness and virtue, but the same kind of kindness and little virtue was not visible .

    Life is like a play, all relying on acting skills, but, acting other people, and eventually losing themselves.

    "You can rest assured that the two children could not be Aji. The two children looked like they should be four or five years old. At that time, Aji and she were not together." Mrs. Xi said this with a tone definitely.

    "Auntie, is it possible that Aji and He Tongtong met five years ago, and they were together five years ago, is it possible that the two children are really Aji?" Yang Qingqing's voice slightly brought a few Crying, of course, Yang Qingqing said this at the moment just to test Mrs. Xi.

    When Mrs. Xi heard Yang Qingqing's words, she stunned, her eyes flashed quickly, but she immediately reacted. Then she said firmly: "Qing Qing, our Xi Ji will only admit the children you gave birth to. Your family will not admit it, rest assured, your aunt will never let you be wronged. "

    Mrs. Xi's tone was very firm when she said this, but her face was a little more complicated, if the two children were really Ji Ji ...

    She had to admit that the two children were really beautiful and cute, and they were the kind of children who were particularly lovable.

    If the two children are really Si Ji, she must not let the two children out, and she must bring the children back to Xi Ji.

    Then He Hitomi's slut must have died.

    That damn woman should have died two years ago.