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The second is that because Wen Ruoqing and Ye's ruined, they will never be able to successfully fall into his hands. She will never complete their agreement, and this marriage cannot be divorced!

When he found her, he could bring her back justified.

I have to say that Ye Sanshao thinks it's still beautiful!

"It's a pity that such a big industry is ruined. It's feasible to change the owner, change the name, and then transfer it all to your name?" The other party paused, and then made a good suggestion.

"No." Ye Sishen refused to think about it, and refused it. He couldn't let Yeshi fall into his hands now, even if he changed his name, he wouldn't be able to secretly transfer to his name.

He is not short of a Ye, nor is he a rare Ye, and he cannot take any risk of losing his wife for a Ye.

Ye Ye compares with his wife, fart is not counted.

"Okay, let me find a way. You don’t stay overnight. You’ve always managed it. Now you want to destroy it. It’s not that simple. It may take some time, and Ye’s staff will need to arrange it."

"When I brought my wife back, if you hadn't ruined Ye Shi, I would ruin you..." Ye Sishen knew that the other party still didn't want to fight hard, so he just let go.

He will naturally arrange for the Ye staff.

"Rely, count you ruthlessly." The other party scolded fiercely, interrupting Ye Sishen's words.

"Are you serious for a woman? Just like you, put it in ancient times, it is absolutely for the beauty not to stun the king."

"If I can get her back smoothly, I will do this'Fallen King' safely and securely in the future. If anything happens again, if someone dares to stop me, I don't mind the'Let's Kill'." Ye Si at this moment Shen has a terrible like magic possess.

At this moment, Ye Si Shen vowed that if anyone dared to stop him, he would meet the devil to kill the demon, the god to kill the god...

"It seems that someone is going to be out of luck." The other party was stunned, and then chuckled. The other party obviously had no doubt about Ye Sishen's words. Ye Sishen definitely had the capital to say that.

"I said, you look so tight, your woman can smoothly divorce, and run away, your woman really has the ability, if your woman really wants to escape, can you catch her? In case you find your woman, What if your woman doesn’t come back with you?” Obviously, the other end of the phone was also a busy one.

Hearing each other’s words, Ye Sishen’s eyes narrowed little by little. He always knew how powerful she was. He also knew that there was nothing unsuccessful about what she wanted to do.

However, she now counted on his head, calculated to divorce, and then fled, this matter...

Ye Sishen's teeth bite fiercely, and he decided that when he was found, he would simply bite her to death.

Of course, the most important thing now is to find her first.

No matter how she calculates to escape, he will definitely find her, if she doesn’t come back with him then?

As long as he found someone, he had a way to get her back.

After Ye Si Shen hung up the phone, he hurried directly to the place where the plane was parked. He must now rush to the fastest speed.

For insurance purposes, Ye Sishen made people check the airport's monitoring, as well as the passenger records of the flight to city A yesterday, confirming that Wen Ruoqing had really gone, and Ye Sishen directly boarded a private plane and went straight.

Of course, Ye Sichen was not idle along the way. He called the people over there and checked them in detail.

Ye Sishen didn't call Wen Ruoqing anymore, because he knew that when she arrived, the phone here would definitely not be used.

As for her number over there, he didn't know, so he couldn't call.

When the plane was coming to the United States, Ye Ye's phone call came, Ye Si Shen glanced at it, and did not answer it. It seemed that the man had already started to act, and he already knew.

Ye Sishen knew the man's style of doing things. The man never did secret things, so from the beginning, Ye Ye knew that he also gave Ye Ye the opportunity to fight back and save himself.

Ye Si Shen wanted this effect.

After a while, Xi Ji's phone call came back, and this time, Ye Si answered.

"Third Brother, someone is secretly staying up all night." No surprise for Ye Sishen, which is what Xi Ji said.

"I know, you don't need to tell, tell the old man, if he can keep Ye's, that's his skill, if he can't keep it, then mourn and change." Ye Si Shen just responded lightly and hung up the phone.

In the Ye's company, Xi Ji froze directly. Does Sange mean this doesn't matter?

Sorrow and sorrow? Is it so serious?

No, no, the third brother said he knew? How did he feel that the third brother didn't just know, how did he feel that the Yeye Shi seemed to mean the third brother?

Is he thinking too much?

"How is it? What did he say?" The night old man on the side asked anxiously.

"The third brother said, you have to be able to keep Ye's, it's your skill." Xi Ji turned his eyes to Ye Ye and sighed secretly. The meaning of the third brother was already obvious.

"Okay, very good, even if he doesn't care, I can't believe him and leave the company. I can't keep the company." Ye Ye just called Ye Si Shen, and when Ye Si sank, he understood that Ye Si Shen didn't intend to manage Company things.

"I'm not dead yet. If I'm here, Ye's will never fall." Ye Ye is anxious than anyone at this moment, and more worried than anyone else, but at the moment in front of Xi Ji, he must be strong and he must Face.

When the plane arrived, Ye Sishen's phone rang, Ye Sishen glanced at it and quickly picked it up.

"Boss, Miss Wen arrived this morning, the time of city a should be more than three o'clock in the morning. Tang Baiqian personally came to pick up the person. After Miss Wen got in the car, Tang Baiqian drove directly back. I checked it. This time, Tang Baiqian went directly to the secret base at the north end..." The other party reported quickly and directly.

"Okay." Ye Si Shen whispered softly, and his lips slowly chuckled.

Wen Ruoqing, wait, we will meet again soon! !

This time, he must let her...

Ye Si sank into the plane, and someone was already waiting. The man stood aside, one meter and seven two, thin and gentle.

Several people got off the plane, and the man came over and stood among the others, which was particularly petite.

"Boss, I've checked it out. According to Tang Baiqian's route at that time, the position has been locked. It shouldn't be wrong." Zhang Ping said, his voice was a little soft, looking at some girlies.

However, none of the people who can follow Ye Sishen is easy! !