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The child of Tang Zhimo said that the pupils in his family are most soft-hearted, so when it matters, you can pretend to be pitiful and sympathetic.

    Sure enough, He Tongtong saw him like this, and immediately felt relieved: "I don't believe you, but you suddenly brought so many documents and let me sign, I always want to see what it is?"

    "You still don't believe me. If you believe me, you should not read it, ask no questions, and sign directly. If you change it today, you will let me sign it. "Xi Ji's face was a little bit more injured, and his voice was full of sadness.

    I have to say that Xi Ji is quite talented in acting.

    He Hitomi froze, his lips moving, and for a moment he didn't know what to say.

    Sign it, she didn't read it, she didn't know what it was, how to sign?

    Don't sign, looking at Xi Ji like this, she really can't bear it.

    "It's impossible, you're really afraid that I will sell you, you can rest assured, I just sold myself, and won't sell you, I know, I forgot you, so you don't believe me." Xi Ji naturally saw what He Tongtong looked like at the moment and knew that her heart was softening, so of course she must make persistent efforts.

    "No, I don't believe you." Listening to him said, He Tongtong was a little anxious, explaining again and again, fearing that he would be thinking, or that he might misunderstand.

    "Forget it, even if you don't sign, you don't believe me, I can understand, I just hate myself, why hate myself why I forgot you." Xi Ji said this is completely sincere, he is I really hate why I have forgotten her, so the emotion he showed at this moment is really true, and it looks so sad

    He Tongtong was already soft-hearted, looking at him like this, his heart could not help but hurt.

    Tang Zhimo looked almost, knowing that he should be out.

    "Mother Hitomi, I think Dad Xi is really sad. I heard that people who lose memory sometimes ca n’t control their emotions. They are particularly prone to sentimentality, and they are particularly prone to suffering. In this case, they must not be stimulated, otherwise The condition will get worse. "Tang Zhimo sighed softly when he said this, and his acting skills were not worse than Xi Ji.

    "Really?" He Tongtong heard Tang Zhimo's words, and his face was a little more worried.

    "Of course it is true, in fact, now that Dad Xi is a patient, it is also pitiful." Tang Zhimo sighed softly again, and shook his head helplessly.

    "Who said you are pitiful? I don't need your sympathy. Forget it. If you don't believe me, just forget it. I just take it away." Xi Ji's emotions became very excited for a while with Tang Zhimo. , It looks like there is a feeling of going away.

    To say this, Xi Ji also pretended to pack up the documents, but his movements looked a little anxious and a little messy, and he didn't put them away for a long time, but made the documents even more messy.

    "Miss Hitomi, this is the precursor of the illness." Tang Zhimo whispered close to He Hitomi's ear.

    "I signed, can't I sign?" He Tongtong was stunned, stretched out his hand, took the pen, and quickly brought the document over. At this moment, she was afraid to stimulate Xi Ji again, so she didn't dare to look closely: "You tell me where I need to sign, I sign."

    Xi Ji felt secretly in his heart, quickly opened the document, and turned to the page that needed to be signed. There was not much content on the page that needed to be signed. He Tongtong looked at it and did n’t know what it was. .

    He Tongtong didn't look closely at this moment, he signed directly where he said.

    It's just that there are a lot of documents. Even if she didn't read them, she just signed the signatures for a long time.

    The documents she signed were directly collected by Xi Ji, and she did not give her a chance to look at them.

    It wasn't until she signed all the documents that Xi Ji secretly exhaled and finally got it done.

    As long as she signed, the rest of the matter was easy to handle.

    He has contacted the relevant departments to go through the relevant procedures. He walks through a special channel, so it will be very fast, and will not exceed two days at most.

    Of course, in these two days, he will understand the situation of Yangjia Company and formulate a perfect acquisition plan.

    Previously, his mother tried to prevent him from being together with He Tongtong.

    Later, he thought that his mother should beg him to be with He Tongtong. He always knew that his mother was a very snobbish person.

    He also knew very well that in the eyes of his mother, he could never compare to the mess of the Xi family.

    Therefore, for the mess of the Xi family, his mother can sacrifice his happiness.

    He had just asked his personal lawyer to wait downstairs. At this moment, He Tongtong had signed the words, and he took the documents directly and gave them to his personal lawyer.

    Of course, here He Tongtong signed the letter and the lawyer went to handle it. The company must have received the news there. Secretary Li must definitely notify their president.

    Ye Si Shen received a call from Secretary Li for a moment, so dumbfounded, Xi Ji called him in advance, but he did not expect it to be so fast.

    At this moment, Ye Sanshao's mood is particularly complicated.

    Xi Ji said that he would transfer all the shares to his woman. That would definitely require his woman to sign. Ye Sishen thought that the signing process might not be that fast.

    Unless that woman is a particularly greedy person.

    But he believes that Si Ji, which Si Ji is in love with, cannot be the kind of woman who is greedy for vanity.

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing was taking a shower, and after the night call, Shen Si hung up Secretary Li's phone, and directly dialed Xi Ji's phone.

    "Your woman signed it?" Ye Sishen didn't have any twists and turns, this question could not be more direct.

    "Ah, signed." Xi Ji is in a particularly good mood at the moment, so there is a sense of flying in that voice.

    "It was so easy to sign? She didn't say anything?" Ye Sishen's voice sounded strange at the moment. It seemed to be so complicated, only the complexity that Ye Sanshao knew.

    "I didn't let her see the content, so I told her to sign as long as I wanted. My woman believed me and knew I wouldn't do anything that would hurt her, so I signed it." At the moment, Xi Ji was in a good mood. In front of him, he was so happy.

    When Xi Ji said this, his voice was obviously somewhat proud, and there was also ostentation.

    "..." Ye Sanshao was silent directly, would this work?

    Of course, he knew that such a thing could only happen to Zi Ji, not to him.

    To prevent Wen Ruoqing from reading the content, she wanted her to sign, which is more difficult than going to the sky.

    He thought that even if he used the last move to make her half drunk and half awake, he would never be able to cheat her!