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#32 Blind date

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"What does mommy want to do?" Wen Ruan Ruan was even more excited to hear her say this.

    "You will know by then." Li Yun did not tell Wen Ruan Ruan of her plan. The fewer people who know this, the better, to avoid accidents.

    "Okay, then I'll wait to watch a good show." Wen Ruan Ruan didn't ask any more, just a sneer of misfortune.

    Jinling Hotel, as it was five years ago, is still the lobby on the second floor.

    With Wen's influence in City A and with the prestige of Mr. Wen, there are really many people present today. Of course, there are many young talents too. , Is equivalent to marrying the entire Wen's, this temptation is really big enough.

    This is not as simple as a general marriage.

    Ye Si Shen still stood in the same position five years ago, because this position can clearly see everything in the hall on the second floor and everything in her, but the people downstairs will not find him.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't like this kind of banquet, but Grandpa insisted that she would not be allowed to refuse at all. She couldn't help it.

    Fortunately, she will soon return to country M, so today is just a walk.

    After Li Yun arrived at the hotel, he found an opportunity to enter the studio in the background while no one was there, closed the room, and then took out a USB flash drive and quickly replaced the original USB flash drive.

    Li Yun did all this well, and then pretended to leave the room without incident, but saw Wen Ruoqing standing not far away, leaning against the wall, looking at her with a smile.

    Li Yun was stunned and couldn't help being nervous, but thinking that she had closed the door earlier, it was impossible for Wen Ruoqing to see what she had done, not to mention Wen Ruoqing was a fool, even if she saw something, she was not afraid.

    "Qingqing, why are you here?" Li Yun was relieved to think of this, and suddenly smiled on her face, and walked towards Wen Ruoqing. "Today's banquet is arranged for you. The banquet will start. You have to hurry up Just go to the lobby. "

    "Qing Qing is so beautiful today. Tonight, there must be many people fascinated by Qing Qing. Come, I will take you to the lobby." Li Yun went to Wen Ruoqing's side and reached out his hand, trying to pull Wen Ruoqing.

    Wen Ruoqing has not spoken, but a pair of eyes have been looking at her, seeing her hand stretched out, Wen Ruoqing's eyes turned slightly, his eyes seem light and casual, but there is an invisible breathless pressure.

    Faced with her eyes, Li Yun only felt a sigh of heart, even subconsciously stopped her movements, staring at her blankly, a little bit unable to recover.

    "Qing Qing, what's wrong?" Li Yun recovered, trying her best to keep herself calm. Wen Ruoqing felt strange today.

    "It seems that I should ask my second aunt." Wen Ruoqing's lips were slightly tickled, and the voice slowly spit out a little cold, and it was a bit dangerous and sharp.

    "Qingqing, what do you mean by that?" Li Yun was startled, her eyes wide open, and she looked at Wen Ruoqing in a daze, but she was worried in her heart. Did the dead girl really find out?

    No, this dead girl has always been stupid, silly, how is it different today?

    "Should I have any special meaning for the second aunt?" Wen Ruoqing concealed the coldness in his eyes, and his face returned to the usual simplicity.

    When the words were over, before Li Yun recovered, he turned and walked towards the hall.

    Li Yun saw Wen Ruoqing leave like this, completely stunned for a while, and suddenly felt a sense of being unable to go up and down.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched slightly, and she said a little, but she didn't say it completely. She knew that this ambiguous attitude would make Li Yun more uncomfortable.

    People do n’t offend her, she does n’t offend, but if people offend her, she will definitely return ten times.

    Since Li Yun wants to play, she does not mind playing with her for fun, she believes that there will be a good show next.

    I believe this ending will make Li Yun remember for life!