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#9 He is still a step late

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However, fortunately, she saw that the original fast-moving vehicle was obviously slowing down when it was approaching, and then parked right beside her.

    The level is good!

    When Wen Ruoqing was more lucky, she stopped a taxi at the moment, so without any nonsense, she directly opened the car door and sat in.

    On the taxi, Wen Ruoqing saw a bottle of mineral water in the back seat that no one knew was missing, and his eyes flashed quickly.

    Or, she should ...

    After seeing the taxi leaving, Ye Yufeng recovered, did she leave? He was rejected by Chiguo Guo's disregard?

    Wen Ruoqing! Interesting!

    When Ye Sanshao's car came over, Wen Ruoqing had left, and Ye Yufeng's car had also left.

    "Less night, do you still have to chase?" Secretary Wu didn't see anyone, and was anxious in his heart, but he also understood that since the person had already left, it would not be so easy to chase after him.

    After all, I don't know what car she left this time.

    "Go back to the hotel." Ye Sanshao's eyes sank layer by layer, and the somber voice at the moment made people chill.

    It seems that the woman's speed is quite fast.

    escape? He wants to see where she can escape!

    The entire hotel is under surveillance, not to mention that she was photographed from the 22nd floor to the first floor lobby after she left from his room alone.

    As long as he saw someone, he could not believe that she could not be found.

    After seeing his president return to the hotel, he went straight to the monitoring room. Secretary Wu clearly understood the meaning of the president. This is to check the surveillance video.

    The president is the president, this method is definitely the fastest and most direct.

    As long as you see someone, it is a matter of minutes to find her with the ability of the president, no matter who she is, no matter where she is. --- As long as you see someone!

    "What happened?" But, after entering the monitoring room and seeing a messy scene, Secretary Wu was dumbfounded again. What is the situation?

    "President! Secretary Wu!" The supervisor was taken aback when he saw the suddenly appearing president, so the president was shocked so quickly? Secretly exhaled, and only truthfully reported: "The hotel's system was just hacked. From yesterday evening to now, all the surveillance video of the hotel has been deleted."

    Secretary Wu took a deep breath, and for a time, he only felt his legs were soft and almost fell down. The president just came to check the monitoring, and the monitoring was deleted first!

    He knew that this matter was no coincidence, and that it was related to the woman who had just fled, and there was only one purpose, which was to prevent the president from seeing the surveillance video.

    The woman's step-by-step calculations are too powerful, but, how could the woman even dominate and ruin the hotel's surveillance when she ran away in a hurry?

    Secretary Wu swallowed secretly, and looked carefully at his president. When he saw that his president's face was about to drizzle with rain, Secretary Wu's heart was trembling with fear. The president was so terrible.

    Ye Sanshao's lips twitched, no words, no one knew what he was thinking, but, a pair of squinted eyes swept the trembling storm, the cold and dangerous breath was directly pressed People are breathless.

    Secretary Wu didn't dare to show up. Others also realized that something was wrong, so they couldn't disappear invisibly.

    Moments later, Ye Sanxiao dialed a call.