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#4 Was abandoned

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"This is what you deserve." In his unexplained contemplation, she placed the only one dollar coin in her hand that she had just drawn from her pocket, and said in shock: "You yesterday The service in the evening was unsatisfactory. "

    Not her stingy, but at the moment she only has this dollar.

    The moment the coin fell into his palm, she quickly withdrew.

    He was stunned, the expression on his face changed in an instant, there was ice, fire, and ice and fire gathered in the double sky, the danger before the storm came.

    In the dark, she could not see it, but she could feel it clearly.

    She knew that he was angry, and of course, she also knew that at this moment he was more dismayed.

    She bet on the reaction of a man as arrogant as he faced this situation. The more arrogant, the more incredible, the more shocked the face of this situation, and then there will be a subconscious blank response.

    His anger at the moment and this moment's rhetoric response are exactly what she wants!

    At the next moment, when he didn't recover, she suddenly turned around. In the dark, she picked up his pajamas on the ground at an extremely fast speed, grabbed the clothes on his chair, and grabbed him quickly. The mobile phone placed on the bedside table, then quickly rushed towards the door.

    Walking to the door of the room, she also pulled out his room card, so when he subconsciously pressed the switch, it was still a dark room.

    All her movements were done in one go. When he recovered, she had walked to the door of the room and her hand had grasped the door handle.

    "Do you think you escaped?" In the darkness, his voice came straight, and he was so angry that he seemed to be smiling, but he was so cold that he was immersed in ice, poisoned, and sent a merciless direct shot towards She seemed to be too cruel to delay her one by one.

    At this moment, the dangerous threat in his words was enough to shock and lose his spirit. At the same time, he quickly jumped up and got out of bed ...

    Wen Ruoqing heard his voice and movement and secretly took a breath. He had to say that this man reacted fast enough, and he was ruthless enough to act, and he never forgot to threaten while acting, obviously wanting to scare her!

    In this case, the average person must be stunned and stupid in the face of such a situation, because his momentum is so amazing at the moment.

    Just, want to scare her? I'm afraid it's not that easy. Isn't Wen Ruoqing scared?

    Because of his words, her mischievous temperament was aroused.

    "What a big thing, as for? It's not a good thing to be so temperamental." Her lips slightly tickled, and she still had a slight smile in her hoarse voice.

    Of course, her movements did not stop at all. When his long legs crossed, she quickly opened the door and rushed out.

    "Handsome, goodbye, there will be no time in the future." At the moment the door closed, she turned her back to him, raised her hand, and waved deliberately.

    How to look at it, with so much damn publicity and pride!

    Can't escape? How do you know if you do n’t try?

    Don't run away at this time, are you still waiting for him to slaughter?

    She is not so stupid!

    When he hurried over, the only thing that came was to catch her back from the moment the lights of the hallway caught the moment she closed the door.

    She took his clothes, took his pajamas, he could not chase them naked.

    He bit his teeth darkly, the cold light in his eyes, okay, very good, she turned the window into his room in the middle of the night, ‘strengthened’ him, and just escaped like this?

    The damn woman even took away his pajamas and clothes!

    Damn, she gave him a coin! He also thinks his skills are bad ...

    He has always played other people, no one dared to play him like this!

    He caught an eagle for a lifetime, but today his face was scratched by the eagle.

    That woman is indeed courageous enough, well, so good!