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At this moment, Ye Si thought that Wen Ruoqing had not shown up until now. Most of them were really not here, and the cry of the child had stopped.

Ye Si Shen's eyes flickered slightly, but even so, he still had to search for it, to be assured, in case Wen Ruoqing was still here?

Wen Ruoqing calculated to divorce him, in case he was afraid that he would come to her to settle the accounts, and went into hiding. Everything was absolutely absolute, and he did not fully understand her.

Therefore, Ye Si Shen ordered several people to search downstairs, and then he took another step and continued to walk upstairs. Although the crying upstairs stopped, he still wanted to go and see.

At this moment, several guns were facing Ye Sishen at the same time, but Ye Sishen didn't pay any attention, and was not affected at all, and he stepped forward step by step indifferently.

It was Tang Baiqian's person who didn't dare to shoot easily, so he was forced to take a few steps back and watched Ye Sishen had reached half of the stairs.

Tang Baiqian's eyes sank, a little bit more ruthless in the cold, and the gun in his hand suddenly clenched.

At this moment, Ye Sishen's phone rang suddenly.

Ye Sishen took out his mobile phone, saw Gu Wu's call, froze for a moment, and then quickly picked it up.

Just now, he called Gu Wu to ask whether Wen Ruoqing was in a city. Gu Wu now came back, there may be some news over there.

"Boss, my wife really went back to City A." Gu Wu said directly as soon as the phone was connected.

"Really?" Ye Si Shen's eyes flashed lightly. In fact, he didn't believe what Tang Baiqian said before, but he just didn't want to miss any situation, so it was made for people to investigate. He didn't expect Wen Ruoqing to actually return to City A.

"What did she do back to City A?" Ye Sishen's eyes concealed a trace of doubt, she had just left City A, why did she go back?

Ye Sishen certainly wouldn't be passionate, thinking that Wen Ruoqing was going back for him, that was impossible at all.

That woman has never been so conscious.

"It was the official who came back to help solve the case..." Gu Wu said a little bit of pause when he said here, the voice seemed a little more weird: "The person in charge of the case is Leng Rong, so Madam is now with Leng Rong."

Ye Wushao knew Wu Wu most clearly about Leng Rong, so Gu Wu emphasized this point at the moment.

Ye Sishen's face was cold for a few moments. Damn, how was it related to Leng Rong again.

When she came to Country M, she looked for Tang Baiqian, and now she went back to City A to see Leng Rong.

Ye Si Shen Yue thought more and more depressed.

Of course, there is one thing that Ye Sanshao will never forget. At first, in order to completely dispel Leng Rong’s thoughts, he directly took out his marriage certificate, but now they are divorced, and she went to Leng Rong again. ...

Ye Sanshao suddenly thought of another situation, that is, she was invited back to help solve the case this time, then it must not be Wen Ruoqing's identity, not Wen Ruoqing's identity, there would be no disguise before Wen Ruoqing, it was extremely It may be her true look.

By the way, he hasn't seen his wife's true look till now. Why did Leng Rong see it first.

Ye Sishen knew that she really looked beautiful. Although he hadn't seen it before, it was absolutely wrong to hear Shen Ting's description.

Leng Rong had liked her already, if she could see what she was like now, wouldn't it be...

Ye Sishen was in a fierce battle at the moment.

And Tang Zhimo's children are coming quietly.

Tang Zhimo's sense of danger is still very strong, so he dare not make too many voices, nor dare to pass at once.

If you rushed over at once, it would be too late to hide in case of any accident.

He has to go slowly, first find out the situation first.

At this moment, Ye Sishen's footsteps have slowed down.

"I heard that early this morning, Leng Rong personally came out to greet his wife." Then Gu Wu didn't know if it was intentional or something, he added another sentence.

Leng Rong's urinary night si Shen is the most clear. Sometimes, the above leaders come down to check, Leng Rong is doing his own thing, ignoring each other, what should he do.

Can Leng Rong come out to meet him?

Unless Leng Rong knew in advance that she was Wen Ruoqing.

Thinking of this possibility, Ye Sishen's footsteps stopped directly, quickly looked upstairs, then turned around and went down the stairs.

He came to find Wen Ruoqing. Now Wen Ruoqing has returned to City A. She is now with Leng Rong. He has no time to waste on other things.

Just when Ye Sishen turned and left, Tang Zhimo had touched the stairs, and then saw Ye Sishen's back.

Ye Sishen is still in the hall at the moment and has not yet gone out. Tang Zhimo didn't see Si Shen himself overnight, but he checked some materials of Si Shen overnight, and he saw photos of Si Shen overnight, but they were all positive and without a back. .

Therefore, at this moment, Tang Zhimo does not know whether that person is Ye Sishen.

Tang Zhimo thought about trying to shout.

Anyway, the person is gone now, that is to say, the matter has been resolved, there is no danger, he is just a child, so there should be nothing wrong with this shout.

Tang Zhimo thought so, and really shouted.

It was only that his words in the night were shouted in half, and was discovered by Tang Baiqian. Tang Baiqian was shocked, and suddenly made a wink at a person on the stairs, and then the person quickly flashed in front of Tang Zhimo , Covering Tang Zhimo's mouth.

Then brought Tang Zhimo into it.

At this moment, Si Si had already reached the gate. For a moment, he suddenly heard that someone was calling him, to be exact, the night was a half cry.

Ye Si glanced back subconsciously, but found nothing strange. Tang Baiqian was still standing in the same position, and a pair of eyes were looking at him.

"Yesi Shen, walk slowly, don't send." Tang Baiqian said so deliberately at the moment when Ye Sishen turned his head.

Tang Baiqian's meaning is obvious, just to cover up the voice that Tang Zhimo just shouted.

Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly, he knew Tang Baiqian was playing tricks, but he didn't want to pay attention to Tang Baiqian's affairs, he just wanted to find Wen Ruoqing quickly now.

Of course, he also thought that Tang Baiqian might have deliberately wanted to delay his time, so Ye Sishen didn't pay more attention to it and walked away.

After Ye Sishen left, he looked at Zhang Ping, thought for a while, and then commanded: "Continue to stare to see if there is anything wrong? Pay special attention to the children."

Obviously, at this moment, Ye Sishen has not forgotten the previous cry of the child.

Tang Baiqian watched Ye Si Shen go away, and then he went upstairs and saw Tang Zhimo being pulled by the corridor and his mouth still being covered.