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"Well, you choose the time, choose the place." Obviously, Ye Sanshao agreed.

    Now for Ye Sanshao, as long as it is useful to having children, he will agree without hesitation.

    Hearing Ye Sishen's words, Xi Ji froze for a moment, but the smile on his face was more diffuse. He felt that his third brother was less and less like the original third brother.

    But such a third brother is more lovely.

    Of course, it was all because of Sansao, and Sange was like him because of his own woman.

    Xi Ji hung up the phone and wanted to go back to the room to find He Tongtong. He just turned around and was startled when he saw Tang Zhimo standing behind him: "Why are you here?"

    "Listen to you on the phone." Tang Zhimo's face was natural, his face was calm, and his face was staggering.

    "No one tells you that you can't eavesdrop on other people's speech?" Xi Ji couldn't help laughing, eavesdropping on his phone call, can he say so straightforward? This kid is real.

    It was really crazy, how did he feel that this kid was like the third brother in this point, and they were all the same crazy.

    "I did n’t eavesdrop, I stood here listening decently, but you were too vigilant and did n’t find it. My mother said that if you let the enemy take advantage, it ’s not the enemy ’s fault, but his own fault, so this Do n’t blame me, you should blame yourself. ”Tang Zhimo said the first thing, of course, not what his mother told him, but what he heard when his mother told Murong Duanyang.

    "..." Xi Jiyi was speechless for a while.

    Whose bear child is this? How was it taught?

    "By the way, you transferred all your assets to Hitomi Mother, are you not afraid that one day Hitomi Mother will dump you?" Tang Zhimo heard that Xi Ji just said that he would transfer all his assets to Hitomi's mother surprised him a bit, and made him admire Xi Ji a little.

    Of course, he knew that Hitomi's mother wasn't that kind of person. Did he intentionally tell Xi Ji?

    "I'm willing to do whatever she wants to do with me. I want you to take care of it." Xi Ji was just stunned by him, and he was a little unhappy, so he went straight back at this moment.

    But this is enough to explain Xi Ji's attitude.

    Tang Zhimo's lips twitched slightly, this man was really naive, but at this moment, Tang Zhimo's children came to a conclusion.

    Xi Ji really loves Hitomi's mother, but Ye Sishen doesn't love her. As far as he knows, Ye Sishen didn't seem to have sent her anything after she married her.

    "You just said, you are going to take us to see Ye Sishen?" Tang Zhimo made a contrast, and suddenly had an opinion on Ye Sishen.

    "Yesi Shen, you called it? That was my third brother. I called my third brother. You should call ..." Xi Ji frowned slightly, thinking about the title.

    "Call your father." Tang Zhimo suddenly answered.

    "..." Xi Ji froze, could my father shout casually? How can this child call dad when he sees someone? This habit is bad.

    "I call you dad, he is your third brother, that is my third dad, so I can call dad." In fact, what the child Tang Zhimo thinks is that by now, the person he should call dad should be It was Ye Sishen. After all, Ye Sishen is now her mother ’s legal husband.

    However, the children of Tang Zhimo did not mention this with Xi Ji.

    There are indeed some shouting methods in some places in a city. A very intimate shouting method, shouting the father ’s brother to the big dad, second dad, third dad ...

    Therefore, Tang Zhimo's statement is also reasonable.

    "Okay, wait for you to meet, you call your father." Xi Ji couldn't help but want to hide it, he secretly thought, if the meeting is met, then the two babies will call father to the third brother, don't know if Scared the third brother?

    Tang Zhimo is because his sister wants to recognize his father. Of course, Tang Zhimo knows that his sister wants to recognize his father mainly so that his mother can accompany her. Therefore, as a brother, he naturally has to find a way to help his sister.

    But Tang Zhimo can see that Xi Ji is totally different from what he thought, but Tang Zhimo didn't say much at the moment.

    "By the way, don't tell you about Hitomi's mother about the transfer of my assets." When Tang Zhimo heard, Xi Ji was not worried, but he was afraid to let He Tongtong know, if he knew He Tongtong knew This matter will definitely not agree.

    He was thinking of going on without knowing it.

    "Yes, I don't say, it's up to you to succeed or not." Tang Zhimo glanced at him lightly.

    Xi Ji's eyes blinked, and he understood that the kid had something to say.

    "Otherwise, you help me chant." Xi Ji is a wise man, immediately squatting in front of Tang Zhimo, looking at him with a pleased expression.

    There must be a way for this kid to be fine.

    This kid is so smart, don't know who inherited it? I do n’t know who his biological parents are.

    Xi Ji knows that He Tongtong loves these two babies the most, and if Mo Moken helps, it must be much easier.

    "Well, I think you really love Hitomi's mother, so I will help you once." The child of Tang Zhimo has always been the most profound.

    "Yeah, great." Xi Ji smiled like a child at the moment.

    "By the way, you transferred all of your assets to Hitomi's mother. Are you going to buy Yang Qingqing's company next?" Only, next, the children of Tang Zhimo made such an amazing statement.

    Xi Ji was shocked, and the smile on his face was directly frightened.

    How does this kid know his next plan? Did he just say his mouth was heard by this kid?

    But he just didn't mention it at all.

    At this moment, Xi Ji's mood can't be described by surprise alone.

    "If you have no such plans in advance, I will despise you." Seeing Xi Ji's appearance, Tang Zhimo directly gave him a white eye.

    "Well, I do have such a plan, but how did you know?" Since Tang Zhimo said it all at once, Xi Ji also concealed it, and at the moment his attitude completely changed, no longer Treated Tang Zhimo as a child.

    He wondered now how did this kid know?

    "If you just transfer your assets to Hitomi Mom, no one will know it quietly. If you want to let those people know and hit them hard, the best way is to buy Yang in the name of Hitomi Mom. A company with three arrows in one arrow. "Tang Zhimo's analysis is in place, indicating that he did not guess by accident.

    Xi Ji's eyes opened wide, staring straight at him, like a monster, with an incredible look on his face.

    This kid is too powerful. Whose child is this? What kind of person can produce such a smart child? It's really a great wife.

    "You, how do you know this?" When Xi Ji asked this, his voice was slightly trembling, which was too trembling because he was too surprised.

    "Learned from my mother." When Tang Zhimo mentioned his mother, she couldn't help but feel a little more proud.

    My mother is an expert in psychology. He has been interested since childhood, and he also learned a lot from his mother. He feels that it is not difficult to see through a person's heart.

    "Your mother? Who is your mother, what does your mother do?" Xi Ji stared at Tang Zhimo's eyes, and he thought secretly in his heart, what kind of mother can he teach such a child?