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"This woman is really thieves. Does she know that there is surveillance?" Qin Wushao's lips twitched slightly: "No, if she knows there is surveillance, she certainly won't get off here? Is she instinct and careful? Or is it a guilty conscience? However, the place where she got off the car was empty and there was no hiding place. Was n’t she afraid of being seen by us at that time? "

    Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed. She chose to get off the car as soon as she left the hotel. At that time, it was indeed the safest, because those who were scared by grenades had not yet reacted, and he was too late to hunt down.

    However, the surroundings are wide, and it is indeed easy to expose, and it is more conspicuous to hold an umbrella in the clear sky at midnight.

    She seems so smart, she should not make such a mistake!

    Ye Si Shen stared at the video without blinking.

    He saw ‘Black Umbrella’ moving quickly towards the middle of the road, very fast, not inferior to the speed of ordinary men.

    "What is she doing?" Qin Wushao frowned, his eyes wide open.

    At the next moment, I saw the person in the video, jumped across the road fence and turned to the opposite side.

    The guardrails of this road are very high, and the average person can never make such an easy leap forward. During the whole process, the umbrella in her hand covers her body properly, without any leakage.

    "This skill is really powerful, and the expert of criminal psychology is so powerful ?! It's not easy!" Qin Wushao was stunned directly, which was too powerful, much more powerful than him.

    Ye Si Shen remembered the situation when she jumped into his room five years ago. On the 22nd floor, she jumped from his fourth room into his room! !

    It requires not only courage, but also guts and technology.

    Yes, she has never been simple, and it is very simple.

    In the video, she still held an umbrella, crossed the road, and walked into a gas station on the roadside.

    She went directly into the small supermarket at the gas station.

    The angle of the camera can't be taken inside the supermarket, but there is only one exit for the entire gas station.

    At this time, there were no people outside the gas station and no vehicles came in and out.

    Ye Sishen made the picture slightly faster, but it did not affect the viewing effect.

    In the picture, she never came out of the supermarket.

    "This gas station has only one exit. She must still be in the supermarket?" Qin Wushao finally showed a little excitement: "San Ge, now in the past, she will surely be able to catch her straight."

    Ye Si Shen's eyes were gloomy and did not move, but began to mobilize the video screen, but found that no matter how it was adjusted, the screen in the video did not change in any way, apparently it had already been frozen.

    Because there are no people on the screen, and there are no moving items, it is not easy to see the abnormality for a while. The most important thing is that the screen has been flashing during his viewing, which causes a monitoring to be normal. The illusion of showing.

    But, obviously, from the moment she entered the supermarket, the surveillance was invaded, and the picture was frozen at that moment, but he didn't understand, how did the flashing effect come out?

    He tried to view other videos, but found that surveillance in this direction was no longer available, and everything else was normal.

    It seems that it is a master in this area!

    He knew that she must no longer be at the gas station now.

    Therefore, in order to escape from his hands, she really does everything she can.

    Okay, so good! !

    The night is cold like water, but his eyes are cold as ice at the moment.

    Qin Wushao opened his eyes wide and stared dumbly at the video, unable to recover for a long time.

    Qin Wushao shuddered at Shang Ye's eyes.

    "Third Brother, would you like me to check it out." Qin Wushao was still a little unwilling and wanted to check it out.

    "Is Qiao Yunan still in the hotel?" Ye Si's eyes turned slightly and suddenly asked. His voice was very gentle at the moment, but it seemed to bring layers of ice cold.

    Wen Ruoqing had sent him a text message earlier, saying that she would not go back tonight. Although he did not agree at the time, it was clear that she did not take his non-compliance together.

    Therefore, at this moment he couldn't even catch her even if he went home, and she also had reason to justify.

    Therefore, Ye Sishen did not rush home.

    "In." Qin Wushao faintly felt a chill in his back, and the third brother at this moment looked really terrible.

    "People will take Qiao Yunan to the reception room on the first floor." Even though she had fled at the moment, he had to find some evidence.

    The reception room on the first floor.

    At the moment, Ye Sishen still had a mask on his face, he didn't remove it on purpose.

    "I really don't know who she is. She wore a mask. I didn't see her." Qiao Yu Nanjue was really wronged and aggrieved. She may not have fully recovered at this moment. Ye Si Shen was not recognized.

    "You don't know who she is, why should you help her? You'd better think it over and say, I personally check this matter, you should know its seriousness." Qin Wu Shaozi's words and sentences are all threats.

    "Because, because she threatened me, she threatened me with a gun?" Qiao Yunan's expression changed slightly, his words ambiguous, his eyes dodge, and he lied at first sight.

    "If she really threatened you with a gun, the elevator stopped on the first floor. When you got out of the elevator, your first reaction should be to call for help, not to pretend to be injured, and to prevent the staff from entering the elevator." Qin Wushao sneered: "In me In front of you, you better not try to lie, otherwise I will suspect that you are her party. Just when she left the hotel, she threw a grenade and injured seven people. If you ca n’t catch her, then you ... "

    "I'm not her party. I really don't. I really don't know her." Qiao Yunan's face was pale and her body began to tremble. She didn't think that things would be so serious.

    "Then be honest and give you one last chance." I have to say, sometimes Qin Wushao really didn't understand Li Xiangxiyu.

    "She, she threatened me with one of my secrets, so I had to help her."

    "Your secret? What secret? How could she know?" Qin Wushao frowned slightly, apparently a little surprised by this answer.

    But this should be regarded as a breakthrough, at least to prove that the woman knew Qiao Yunan, and should be known, otherwise it would be impossible to know Qiao Yunan's secret.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes flashed quickly.

    "This is my personal privacy. I can't say it. Besides, I was persecuted. I'm also a victim. Your police should protect me." Qiao Yunan's eyes dodged a little. That's her secret. She can't say it at all. , Let alone tell Qin Ting.

    Because she knew the relationship between Qin Ting and Ye Sishen, Qin Ting knew Ye Sishen would have known it.

    "However, she seems to know my things very well." It has to be said that Qiao Yunan is indeed very smart, and what she understands is most beneficial to herself.

    Her sentence provided a very important clue.