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It seems that she should have checked things up five years ago.

It's been more than five years, and she has never checked it for more than five years. In fact, she has always been worried about being discovered by the man at the time.

At that time, she played with the man, knowing that the man is powerful, and also knowing the man's madness and domineering.

She never wanted the man to find her, especially after having two babies.

Yes, she was always worried that the man would grab the baby with her.

But now that the child is growing up and the child wants to see her father, she cannot stop it selfishly.

Although she was very worried, although she was very reluctant, although she was actually reluctant, she still agreed to the ink.

Outside the ward, Tang Baiqian heard the conversation between the mother and her son, and leaned against the wall again slowly, a little more complicated in the eyes.

He suddenly discovered that he had been guarding for so many years, and in the end, he got nothing.

He didn't get Wen Ruoqing's heart. He originally thought that the two children were the closest to him, but now it seems that in the hearts of the two children, the biological father is far more important than him.

Tang Baiqian slowly grasped the smoke between his fingers into his palm, firmly squeezed firmly, until the smoke was completely crushed.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that everything he did became a joke.

He tried everything to arrange this, but in the end...

He knew that Ye Sishen was frantically looking for her. He would not let Ye Sishen find her, absolutely not. Even if she didn't have him in his heart, he didn't want to let go, he couldn't let go.

Everything he paid made him unable to let go! !

Tang Baiqian did not enter the ward, but quickly left.


"Boss, no one was found. None of Tang Baiqian's men was found. Tang Baiqian was evacuated very cleanly." Zhang Ping was scared to see Ye Sishen at the moment, but he had to report these things.

There were not many accidents on Ye Sishen's face. Ye Sishen guessed this result when no one was found at the first base.

For her, Tang Baiqian was really willing to give up all of his nests. Fortunately, very good.

"Bang Tang Baiqian's old nest, everything that can be blown up, but not those that can't be blown up." Ye Sishen's lips sneered faintly. Tang Baiqian fought with him and he had to be prepared to give everything.

He knew that Tang Baiqian's nest had always been there, and elsewhere, there was no Tang Baiqian's influence.

Zhang Ping's lips twitched slightly, the boss is really ruthless, this is to kill everyone! !

"Also, people made Tang Baiqian's account black..." Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed, and the smile on the bottom of the eyes made people creepy.

If the account is hacked, the money in the account will naturally...

He really wanted to kill Tang Baiqian.

No matter how powerful Tang Baiqian is, Ye Sishen is not as powerful.

"Tang Baiqian has a computer expert by his side called Murong Duanyang, and Lei Bai has dealt with him, not his opponent, so this is just not easy to handle." Zhang Ping thought for a while, then he returned carefully, Murong Duanyang Too powerful, no one in the computer is Murong Duanyang's opponent.

So this is what the boss said, they are very difficult to do.

Zhang Ping thought that the boss would be angry when he heard the news, and they were inferior to others, but Ye Sishen suddenly laughed: "Really? Then come a harder one."

He believed what Zhang Ping said, because he had seen Murong Duanyang's great.

At that time in the police station, he did not block Wen Ruoqing. After going back, Wen Ruoqing said that he had gone to the mall to buy clothes. Then he asked Secretary Liu to check the surveillance and really found a video of Wen Ruoqing in the mall.

Last time, when he was chasing Tang Baiqian's car, he asked Xi Ji to check and monitor but found nothing.

Therefore, he has long known that Tang Baiqian has such a computer master.

Ye Sishen said that even more ruthless is that no black, no dark, clear, directly sealed Tang Baiqian's account.

Tang Baiqian's incidents have offended a lot of forces, so it is really not difficult to deal with Tang Baiqian.

Within an hour, all of Tang Baiqian's accounts were frozen.

Tang Baiqian got the news quickly, Tang Baiqian's face was a little bit more ruthless, but also a bit strange smile.

Ye Sishen is really ruthless, but Ye Sishen is ruthless. With him in, Ye Sishen doesn't want to find Wen Ruoqing.

Before he did all this, he had made the worst plan long ago. When he left, he had given up everything. He even ordered all the people to stop taking any tasks, and all the tasks on his hands were solved as soon as possible. .

Ye Sishen couldn't find Wen Ruoqing even if he turned it upside down, because Wen Ruoqing was not there at all.

Now, he has retired from all the people under his hand, and no longer has any contact with the outside world.

Therefore, no matter how powerful Siye Shen is, he cannot be found.

Even if Ye Si Shen sealed his account, Tang Baiqian would not starve to death. After so many years of mixing, if this matter could not be solved, he would be Tang Baiqian.

In the hospital.

Yue Hongling entered the ward and didn't see Tang Baiqian. She froze for a moment, but she didn't say much. She just looked at Tang Zhimo and smiled softly: "How is the baby Momo feeling?"

"It's much better, it doesn't hurt anymore." Tang Zhimo's face also chuckled lightly.

"Well, it's different when my mother is here, or my mother is the closest." Yue Hongling deliberately teased.

"Hongling's mother is also close." Before waiting for Tang Zhimo to speak, Tang Zixi quickly answered.

"Oh, our Zixi's mouth is so sweet." The smile on Yue Hongling's face was thicker, and he couldn't help but hold Tang Zixi in his arms.

"Sister Hongling, thank you." Wen Ruoqing knew that Yue Hongling was taking care of two babies when she was away. She was grateful to Yue Hongling.

"Did you tell me this?" Yue Hongling glanced at her lightly, and then sat in a chair.

When Yue Hongling's eyes drooped slightly, a hint of complex emotions disappeared. She originally called Wen Ruoqing, and Wen Ruoqing came back because of the distressed ink.

But she really did not expect that so many things would happen later,

She did not think that Tang Baiqian had arranged everything long ago.

After Yue Hongling called Wen Ruoqing, Tang Baiqian transferred him to the hospital, then Tang Baiqian evacuated all the people, and Tang Baiqian stayed alone to wait for Wen Ruoqing.

When Wen Ruoqing arrived, Tang Baiqian picked up the opportunity. After Tang Baiqian pretended to bring Wen Ruoqing back to the base, he then told Wen Ruoqing that Tang Zhimo had transferred to the hospital.