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#108 Sharp edge

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"Is this searching? Or not searching?" The little policeman looked at his director and looked at Wen Ruoqing, hesitating.

    "Poof." Wen Ruoqing smiled directly: "You are the police, of course, you have the final say."

    The little policeman wanted to cry without tears, he had the final say? He must have such great power.

    How can he speak from the head of his family?

    "Then search." Wen Ruoqing pushed his bag forward, completely confident and indifferent.

    When Sun Ru and Li Yuxin saw this situation, they were all secretly happy. It seemed that this woman was not very good either. She was stupid and was dying. She didn't know the necklace was in her bag.

    Wen Ruan Ruan is more proud.

    Qin Wushao looked at Wen Ruoqing's self-confident look, secretly relieved, and said nothing more.

    Several police officers looked at Qin Wushao and saw that Qin Wushao did not say anything, so they took Wen Ruoqing's bag forward and opened it.

    Then, without turning, I saw the top, a necklace lying in Wen Ruoqing's bag.

    It was Li Yuxin's "lost" necklace.

    Everyone was stunned for a while, and the look at Wen Ruoqing had changed a little at a time. Did Miss Wen Jia really steal something?

    "Look, I said she stole it and hid it in her bag. You still don't believe it." Sun Ru immediately jumped out again, a villain's cheek: "Miss Wen, don't you not admit it Is it now? The evidence is conclusive, so how can you deny it? "

    Qin Wushao was dumbfounded. At first, Wen Ruoqing looked calm. He thought that there was really nothing in his bag. He didn't expect to find ‘dirty’.

    I'm afraid she didn't know when someone secretly put something in her bag?

    It's really stupid.

    In this case, it is necessary for Qin Wu Shaojue to tell his third brother how he would call Wen Ruoqing stupid in his heart. Wen Ruoqing is now the legal wife of the third brother.

    "Third Brother, you come to Box 505 and something happened." Qin Wushao edited a text message to Shen Si Shen and sent it over.

    After thinking about it, he added another: "Wen Ruoqing has an accident."

    In the other private room, Ye Si's eyes narrowed slightly, suddenly stood up, and went straight out, leaving the whole room stunned, unknown.

    At the moment when Ye Sishen pushed open the room and came in, everyone was shocked when they saw him.

    How could Ye San Shao appear?

    There is no intersection between Leng Shao and Ye Sanshao. Ye Sanshao is absolutely impossible to hold Leng Shao's field, and I am afraid that no one can invite this Buddha.

    When the woman in the box looked at Ye Sishen, her eyes were all shining, her face obsessed.

    Wen Ruoqing was also shocked, but she quickly regained her peace. Their marriage agreement clearly stated that the marriage was hidden between them and they were not announced.

    What's more, he married her only for the Ye Family, and he may not be willing to admit that she is his wife abroad. After all, her condition is really not very good.

    Therefore, Wen Ruoqing said nothing, pretending not to know him.

    When Ye Si Shen came in, she first looked at Wen Ruoqing. When she saw her, she just glanced at him and did not move, nor did she intend to talk to him. Ye Sanshao's eyes narrowed, and then looked at Qin Wushao: thing?"

    The voice was obviously cold.

    Everyone heard Ye Sishen's question and thought that he had come to Qin Wushao. In this way, his sudden appearance could be explained.

    "These two women said that Miss Wen had stolen their necklaces, and Miss Wen had called the police, and then they just found their lost necklace from Miss Wen's bag." Qin Wu Shao said, but he was forbearing. Can't help but secretly call Wen Ruoqing too stupid.

    It was the first time he saw such a stupid man, he called the police himself, and he buried himself in the pit.

    Blame him, he should not have listened to her just now, and he should insist on not searching her bag.

    Leng Shao's eyes narrowed, and the cold eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing, unfathomable.

    Or all people think that Ye Sishen came to Qin Wushao, but he doesn't think so ...

    Ye Si Shen's eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing again, only to see Wen Ruoqing sitting quietly, except for the glance he just entered the door, he didn't look at him again.

    She was just pretending not to know him at the moment, let alone let him help.

    Ye Sishen suddenly felt a little stuffy chest, and she was angry with her eyes.

    "Is there surveillance in this box?" The little policeman suddenly asked out loudly. Now this is the only way to know the truth.

    "This is a special compartment for cold and young, there is no monitoring." This is also the most depressing Qin Wushao. Other compartments have monitoring, but there is no one in this compartment, because it is special for cold and cold. monitor.

    They all believed that Wen Ruoqing would not steal anything, but they believed it was useless.

    The fact before everyone is that the 'stolen goods' found in Wen Ruoqing's bag are dead and cannot be reversed.

    Miss Wen ’s stealing something, it ’s really bad news, but it ’s really unpleasant, not to mention that the matter tonight was obviously intentionally framed by someone, I ’m afraid it wo n’t take a long time to spread throughout the city A, and it will definitely be It's particularly ugly.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't have any anxiety. She didn't see a little panic. She was still calm and calm, which made people feel incredible.

    "Isn't Miss Wen's illness actually completely okay? All this, she didn't even know that she was in a hurry."

    "Secretary, what should I do now?" The little policeman recovered and looked at his secretary, his voice trembling a little.

    Qin Wushao's face was obviously heavy, what can he do now?

    Now I can only think about how to suppress this matter.

    He was afraid that the reputation of the third brother would be compromised by that time. Why didn't this stupid woman simply die stupidly?

    Ye Sishen raised her eyebrows slightly. Although she pretended not to know him, he felt uncomfortable, but he knew that her ability should not be the result.

    She is definitely not the kind of woman who is waiting to die.

    "Sergeant, I have something here, or I can help you." Sure enough, he was thinking, Wen Ruoqing's voice passed.

    "What else can it do?" Qin Wushao's voice was a little bit rushing, and he still has nothing to reverse the situation.

    Unless someone stands up to testify for Wen Ruoqing, it is clear that Wen Ruoqing does not have that courage and it is impossible to let the people present stand up to testify for her under such circumstances.

    Of course, this matter is intentionally framed, and those people will naturally be very cautious, afraid that no witnesses will be found.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at him lightly, sitting upright, took a button-like thing from his bag, and handed it to the police officer.

    Everyone was puzzled, what did she mean?