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"Then you have to wait for you to contact her." At the other end of the phone, Tang Baiqian's face was somber and terrifying, and his voice was chilling.

He also knew that if Wen Ruoqing knew all the consequences, he would not let her know.

He would never give Tang Ling the opportunity to tell her.

"Tang Baiqian, in fact, I want to contact Qingqing is very simple, you think all Qingqing you know, but not so, there are many things, I know better than you." Tang Ling heard Tang Baiqian's words, lips and corners Raised slightly.

Tang Baiqian is too self-confident, and sometimes self-confidence is too arrogant.

And Tang Baiqian's desire to control is too strong.

Wen Ruoqing is an independent person, she has her mind, she has her life, she has her past.

Therefore, Tang Ruoqian cannot know everything about Wen Ruoqing.

Tang Ling has also been investigating Wen Ruoqing's affairs. Because of the different purposes, Tang Ling and Ye Si Shen's directions are completely different.

Therefore, some things Tang Ling found were that Ye Sichen didn't know, and there were even many things that Tang Baiqian didn't know about.

"What do you know?" Tang Baiqian was shocked. He knew Tang Ling's relationship with Wen Ruoqing. When Tang Ling checked Wen Ruoqing, he discovered it. Then he quickly found Tang Ling's relationship with Wen Ruoqing.

But he has been hiding Wen Ruoqing. He doesn't want Wen Ruoqing to be with Shen Si. He also doesn't want Wen Ruoqing to return to the Tang family.

He only hopes that Wen Ruoqing will stay by his side forever. Even if Wen Ruoqing will not promise to marry him, he will be satisfied as long as he can stay with her.

"Tang Baiqian, are you stupid, will I tell you if you think?" Tang Ling's lips and lips laughed constantly, and the words sounded particularly unbearable.

Xiaohu was dumbfounded. Oops, the boss of his family still had such a side, and he felt uncomfortable.

"Friendly remind you, don't force Ye Si Shen to open a kill ring, otherwise, you will lose to your pants." Tang Ling kindly reminded Tang Baiqian that the smile on his face spread so unabashedly, He suddenly felt that sometimes the other skins were good, and there was no need to be cold.

"Poof." Xiaohu couldn't help but laugh out loud, he never knew that his boss was such a person.

Xiaohu suddenly felt that there was no left in his panties. Such words came out from the mouth of his boss, but it was actually quite harmonious.

"Tang Ling, is it necessary for you to intervene in this matter?" Over there, Tang Baiqian was obviously worried, and there was obviously a bit more cruelty in his voice.

"What do you say, Qingqing is my sister, dear. Didn't you know this already?" Tang Ling said this with a little smile, a very proud and proud smile.

Qingqing is the daughter of his aunt, that is his sister, cousin and sister.

Tang Baiqian knew this thing tomorrow, but Tang Baiqian had been hiding Qingqing. No, Tang Baiqian even deliberately intercepted a lot of news, otherwise, Wen Ruoqing would have known her identity.

Who is Tang Ruoqian Wen Ruoqing? Why do you do this?

Wen Ruoqing was his sister, Tang family, and bullying the Tang family always paid a price.

Tang Baiqian seemed so angry that he hung up the phone directly.

Three days later, Wen Ruoqing received a text message on a special contact number-"Ms. Tang, hello, we would like to ask you to do me a favor."

"What's the matter?" Wen Ruoqing was stunned when she saw the short interest rate. She had only done one thing with this number, so there was only one possibility for this number to contact her.

It's just that it's been so many years, is it possible?

"We saw that you have been paying attention to human trafficking, and left information on the relevant official website. We have now captured a huge human trafficking group, but we encountered some troubles during the interrogation. We see what you left The information says that you understand the criminal psychology, so we would like to ask you for help. I don’t know if it’s inconvenient for you?” There was another message soon.

Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered and she was a little more disappointed. She had been concerned about human trafficking because her mother had been abducted and then sold to a small mountain village in Lucheng.

The mother said that she was five years old at that time, but for some reason, the previous things she didn't remember, where she didn't remember, who she was, and her parents' surname, Tang, with a Qin in her name.

At that time, the trafficker brought his mother to a small village in Lucheng and sold it to a farmer.

The farmer's surname is Li, and he has a 13-year-old son. They bought a mother who was going to be their son's daughter-in-law. This was very common in rural areas.

But later, the son of that family died of illness, and that family was just one son. If the son died, there would be no other children, because the man’s first child seemed to have suffered from the first child and could not have a child. Too.

Because her mother grew up beautiful and very well-behaved, that family has always been nice to her mother, but she was raised as a daughter.

But what happened later completely changed the mother's fate and completely separated her from the family.

The mother looks so beautiful, even in the countryside, even if you don’t dress, or even wear out your old clothes, it’s still beautiful.

When the mother was fifteen years old, she was fancy by the son of a wealthy family in the town and was trampled by the animal. Afterwards, the mother called the police, but the man gave the mother’s adoptive parents a large sum of money. The parents withdrew the lawsuit and planned to marry the mother to the man.

The mother was the village that left at that time, and it was for this reason that when she was very young, the mother dressed her up as an ugly look.

She didn't understand this when she was little, and when she grew up, she did not want to be ugly again. That is, at that time, her mother told her some things that year.

In fact, the mother always wanted to find her own biological parents, but because she didn't remember the things of her childhood, many things were not developed at that time, so the mother left with regret when she died.

Speaking of things, things have passed for many years, but Wen Ruoqing clearly remembered the words of his mother before he died.

The mother said that if her parents were still there, I wonder if she still remembered her as a daughter.

Therefore, Wen Ruoqing began to pay attention to human trafficking. Wen Ruoqing also knew that the matter had passed for so many years. It was impossible for the person who sold her mother to find it, but Wen Ruoqing still left her information on the official website.

I just didn't expect them to contact her suddenly at this time!