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There are a lot of pimples on Yang Qingqing's face, and the thick powder can't completely cover it.

    Moreover, Yang Qingqing was one year older than Xi Ji, and he didn't congratulate Hitomi.

    Tang Zhimo directly hit all her pain points in one sentence, this point, Tang Zhimo can be described as the blue out of the blue than the blue, one shot is to hit the point.

    Yang Qingqing's face was green, white, and purple, and her lips moved a few times, but she couldn't say a word.

    Secretary Ruan and the little girl at the front desk have been completely dumbfounded. What is the situation?

    It turned out that the two babies were really Vice President Xi ’s children, but Vice President Xi was about to marry Miss Yang. This situation was really complicated enough.

    But Vice President Xi and the woman have two children, and the two children are so cute. Will Vice President Xi cancel the wedding with Miss Yang because of the two children?

    Some silly Xi Ji was shocked when Tang Zhimo called his father, but then he laughed lightly on his face. He even found that he did not reject the child to call his father.

    He Tongtong was also surprised by Tang Zhimo's words, but when he saw the light smile on Tang Zhimo's face, he immediately understood what he meant.

    He Tongtong thought for a while, without speaking, there was no reason for her to let Yang Qingqing bully every time.

    And she does not explain at this moment, or may confuse the truth of the matter, so as not to let Ye Sishen discover so quickly.

    Xi Jijian He Tongtong did not correct, his eyes were obviously a little more complicated. Two years ago, he had a car accident, and the doctor said he lost part of his memory.

    He felt that there might be her in the part of the memory he lost, otherwise, he would not be reluctant to her, and would not hurt her when he saw her.

    Will she ever be his lover?

    If this is the case, then these two babies may really be his children!

    Thinking of this possibility, Xi Ji couldn't help being excited. He had a son and a daughter? !

    "Let's go." He Tongtong didn't want to stay for long, pulling Tang Zhimo to turn and walked out.

    Xi Ji freed Yang Qingqing's hand and naturally followed behind.

    "A Ji, where are you going?" Yang Qingqing was shocked and his face became even more ugly.

    But Xi Ji ignored her at all and still followed He Tongtong.

    "A Ji, we are going to get married next week." Yang Qingqing was anxious, shouting regardless of the image.

    This time, Xi Ji stopped and turned to look at her: "My daughter and son are all there, how to marry you."

    For this marriage, he was reluctant, and he always meant the mother, because he felt that he did not have a girl that he particularly liked, so he obeyed the mother's intention.

    But now the situation is different, he has all the children, his child's mother is in front of him, how could he possibly marry another woman.

    When Xi Ji finished speaking, he turned and left, and ignored Yang Qingqing.

    A few quick steps, Xi Ji caught up with He Tongtong again, hugged Tang Zixi, and looked at He Tongtong with expectation: "They are really my children? Am I really their father?"

    He Hitomi's eyes flickered and just wanted to explain.

    "You are going to marry your mother, that's our father." But, Tang Hemo has already answered the question before He Tongtong has come.

    "Um, um, marry, of course, marry." Xi Ji is really happy and excited at the moment, his face is full of unspoken smiles, he and she have children, how could not marry.

    Xi Jijue is so happy that he can't be alone. He wants to tell everyone and make everyone happy with him.

    Xi Ji took out the phone and first dialed Ye Sishen's phone, because he spent the most time with Ye Sishen, so he first thought of sharing this joy with his third brother.

    "Third Brother, I am a father. I have a son and a daughter." As soon as the phone was connected, Xi Ji shouted excitedly. The voice was not only excited, but full of ostentation.

    He Tongtong was shocked, she never thought that Xi Ji called Ye Sishen so quickly!

    Will Si Si Shen think more? Do you doubt it? Will you find out ...

    He Tongtong was worried, but Xi Ji was now too excited to be able to: "Third Brother, I really did not expect happiness to come so suddenly, I am really too happy now, so happy."

    At the other end of the phone, Ye Sanshao was stunned, and then took the phone to the front, looked at it, and determined that it was indeed Xi Ji's phone. His brow frowned slightly.

    The implication is that you are dreaming! !

    "Third Brother, I have no dreams. What I said is true. I am really a father. I have a pair of cute, beautiful, well-behaved, and very smart babies. Three Brothers, you do n’t know how annoying they are. People love, pink and tender, soft and cute, can melt people's hearts. "Xi Ji's voice at the moment is excited to fly.

    "Third Brother, I tell you, they are dragons and phoenixes. Third Brother, why do you say that my luck is so good, ha ha ha ... I think God is really too kind to me." Xi Ji said he was very forbearing Can't help laughing.

    He Tongtong listened to Xi Ji and Ye Sanshao proudly showing off, lips and lips could not help but smoked, to say that Ye Sanshao is still the nominal father of two babies, and Xi Ji is actually nothing.

    I really don't know. Where did his face show off like Ye Sanshao? !

    However, at the moment, Xi Ji was calling Ye Sanshao, and He Tongtong was naturally not able to interrupt him.

    At the other end of the phone, Ye Si's eyes flickered and his lips twitched. I don't know why. He was listening to Xi Ji showing off like this, and he was a little bored and uncomfortable.

    "You had an accident and lost part of your memory. Are you sure that no one will take advantage of it?" Ye Sishen has always done things well. After all, this is too sudden and too strange. Any situation is possible.

    "Third Brother, no, I believe her, that is a feeling, a very special feeling, I believe she will not cheat." Xi Ji's voice is full of tenderness at the moment, a kind of sweet Tired tenderness.

    He Tongtong heard Xi Ji's words, stunned for a moment, touched in his heart, last time at the airport, he did not recognize her, now, she knows he did not recognize her.

    It should be said that he did not remember her.

    However, he believed her! !

    His words paused, looked at He Tongtong, and then slowly added a sentence: "Even if this is a scam, I am happy."

    Even if she lied to him, he was willing to be deceived by her, even if it was poison, he would drink it.

    He Tongtong's heart trembles, and a pair of eyes can't help looking at Xi Ji, his expression becomes complicated.

    "Well, you only have what you have in mind." Ye Si Shen has nothing to say. Xi Ji has all said this. What else can he say?