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After finishing the information, Ye Si Shen heard the sound of opening the door, and Wen Ruoqing had already packed it up.

    Ye Si Shen put away her phone and walked over. She naturally stretched her hands to embrace Wen Ruoqing's waist. There was nothing strange on his face: "Come on, let's eat."

    His movements were natural, but Wen Ruoqing felt that his hands around her waist were a little tight, and there seemed to be a little tension and a little worry.

    tension? worry? What is he nervous about? worry about what?

    All along, Wen Ruoqing's profession is used when she needs it. For her relatives and friends, she hopes to get along with ordinary people.

    After marrying him for so long, she never prys into his mind except in special circumstances. She feels that everyone has everyone's privacy, and spying on others' privacy is disrespect to others.

    So this time, Wen Ruoqing didn't observe anything, let alone ask more, and went out of the room with him.

    City A

    "You check which DNA identification center this person went to?" Tang Ling handed Ari's photo to Xiaohu: "Somehow to change the identification report."

    Tang Ling knows that A Rui is a professional killer, and he must be very cautious in doing things. He will definitely watch on the side when doing identification, so he can only change the identification report.

    "Okay." Xiaohu didn't have any doubts. He promised to be particularly fast. He just thought of a question and couldn't help but ask, "Boss, who's changing? Is it okay to change one?"

    "There is Ye Sishen's blood in the military area hospital, you go to take some, and then do a DNA locus test." Tang Ling's eyes raised and looked at Xiao Hu, since Xi Ji asked to change the third one, then Change the third one.

    Ye Sishen ’s blood is a relatively rare panda blood. Of course, it ’s not just Ye Sishen. Yemen ’s men are of this blood type. In that year ’s blog post, there was a car accident, and there was too much blood loss. The reserve only led to the deterioration of the night blog post. In the end, although his life was saved, he left a lot of sequelae.

    Since that time, Ye Sishen will periodically store his own blood, just in case.

    Of course, if you want to change to the third one, let Mrs. Xi believe that it will take some trouble.

    What Mrs. Xi did was also to detect individual DNA sites.

    "Boss, what do you mean to be replaced by Ye Sanshao?" Xiao Hu was shocked, his eyes widened quickly, and he stared at Tang Ling incredulously.

    Boss, what's wrong with this?

    This is DNA identification. If the report is false, the consequences are very serious.

    "Boss, why should I replace it with Ye Sanshou?" Xiao Hu has always said what Tang Ling said, what he did, there would never be any doubts, but this time, he couldn't help but question, because it was so amazing Now! !

    Tang Ling didn't answer, but the corners of his lips seemed to tick slightly, looking a little like a smile, but not quite like it.

    Xiaohu looked at him like this and took a deep breath. He knew that this was what the boss had decided, and he could not allow him to question. What he had to do was to resolutely execute the boss ’s order: "I know, I Do it now. "

    "Wait a minute, the military area hospital should have a record of the DNA identification that Ye Bowen used to do. You have to find a way to find it out." But Tang Ling shouted at him again.

    A few years ago, Ye Bowen and Ye Sichun did a paternity test. Originally, when Ye Sichun was taken into Yejia's house, they did a test, but then I don't know who passed it. , Let Ye Bowen and Ye Sichun do another paternity test.

    It was done in a military hospital at the time, and the hospital should still be able to find the information.

    "Oh." Xiao Hu responded slowly, suddenly feeling that the more complicated the matter, he was already ignorant.

    "Make another copy for Ye Yefu. If the military district hospital can find the DNA information of Yebowen, then it will be replaced by Yeyefu. If he cannot find the DNA identification data of Yebowen, he will directly input this report from Yefuzi. Go in, but it must be Yebo's name. "

    Originally, it was enough to replace Xi Ji ’s DNA identification report with Ye Sishen, but Mrs. Xi did not do Xi Ji, only the little one.

    Because after Xi Ji ’s father died, Mrs. Xi secretly did a DNA test for Xi Ji, which was between Xi Ji and another man, so Mrs. Xi had the DNA test results of Xi Ji.

    This time Mrs. Xi was also afraid of Si Ji's discovery, so she did not do it.

    Therefore, this matter is very troublesome. Of course, Tang Ling can't help but can't help but have to say that Tang Ling really does everything.

    He knew very well that it was not difficult to replace the appraisal report of the child with Ye Sishen, but it was difficult to convince Mrs. Xi and others that the child was Ye Sishen.

    Because Ye Sishen has never done DNA identification, it is impossible for them to find out the DNA information of Ye Sishen. If they make a copy of Ye Sishen out of thin air, it will cause doubt.

    But Yeebo has done it, so finding the DNA identification results of Yeebo is a matter of course and will not cause doubt.

    Of course, the identification results of father and son and grandfather and grandson are definitely different, so you need to replace the night blog post with the night grandfather.

    In the end, Mrs. Xi found out that the identification results of Ye Ye and Ye Si Shen were determined to be the relationship between grandfather and grandson.

    Of course, Mrs. Xi would think it was Ye Bowen and the child, so she would think that the child and Ye Bowen had a grandson relationship, then the child was Ye Sishen.

    As for Ye Sichun, who is under 19 years old this year, there can be no such big children.

    This time, Xiaohu stayed straight and looked at Tang Ling so much that he forgot to answer for a while.

    "Go." Tang Ling waved at him.

    Xiaohu turned to his eyes and blinked quickly. Until now, he didn't understand what the boss meant.

    However, as the boss ordered, he could only do so.

    I think that the boss and Ye Sanshao are brothers, and they are closer than their brothers, so the boss will certainly not harm Ye Sanshao. It must be that Ye Sanshao has encountered any trouble. The boss wants to help Ye Sanshao solve it.

    Having figured this out, Xiaohu's mood suddenly relaxed, and his pace obviously accelerated.

    Xiaohu went to the Military Region Hospital first, Tang Ling had already greeted him in advance, so it was not difficult to get Ye Sishen's blood.

    Of course, DNA identification is also a special way to go, and the results can be obtained within 24 hours.

    In the military hospital, Tang Ling made a speech, and no one dared to have a slight delay. Now he waited for Ye Sishen's DNA identification results to come out, and then went to replace the results there.

    Mrs. Xi also found someone there, so the time will not be too long, of course, there will not be a military hospital here.