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He Tongtong wanted to rush him back, but he didn't want to leave. In the end, He Tong had no choice but to let him enter her house.

    Moreover, He Tongtong also let him sleep in her room, and he almost jumped up with excitement. Of course, he could not do anything to her if he had just reunited with her and had not yet figured out many things.

    But when he thought he could sleep with her in the evening, he couldn't be more excited.

    However, he did not expect that next, He Tongtong went to Tang Zixi's room, accompanied Tang Zixi to sleep, and left him alone.

    He was already depressed enough, and the third brother was so irritating, it was too much.

    "Third Brother, since you are with Sansao every day, it means that Sansao should accept you. Sometimes, women like to say bad things. They say no, they may not like it in their hearts. Sange and Sansao are married after all It ’s been a while since I got married. It ’s impossible for me to have no feelings for a long time. Sansao did n’t show it on the surface, or even refused on the mouth. The sub-consciousness of the three sister-in-laws should not be excluded in the matter of giving birth, so I did not think about contraception. "I have to say that Qin Wushao's analysis is very comprehensive, thorough, and in place.

    Ye Sishen looked at this sentence, his lips raised, and seeing Qin Wushao's words, his mood suddenly became beautiful.

    At this moment, Tang Ling also saw the information in the group, but he didn't intervene, but he looked a little lighter but with too many complicated smiles.

    "Don't you know that a woman has a safety period?" The most innocent classmate Xiao Qi suddenly said such a sentence.

    "What security period?"

    "What the hell?"


    Several big men who were not married were ignorant.

    "The safety period of a woman is said to be about 20 days in a month. It is impossible for a woman to become pregnant during this period. It is useless for a man to try hard." Xiao Qi saw the reaction of several people secretly. He shook his head and then gave a more detailed explanation.

    Security period? Is it safe for twenty days a month? It's no use trying hard for men during this time? Ye Sanshao looked at the phone, dumbfounded, for a while, he couldn't recover.

    "Twenty days a month is a safe period? I depend, I just want to ask how pregnant are those pregnant?" Qin Wu Shaojue's thing is incredible.

    "Third Brother, does Sansao know that she is in a safe period, so she doesn't need contraception at all? Sansao is so clever and a woman, and she certainly understands this." Xiaoqi classmates are too simple, he didn't think about him What the third brother wanted to hear, he just told the truth.

    "..." Qin Wushao looked at Xiao Qi's words and secretly exhaled. He felt that Xiao Qi's words were deliberately against San Ge, he bet that San Ge wouldn't want to see such words at all.

    Qin Wu Shao did not dare to talk nonsense for a while.

    "What time is the safety period?" After a moment, Ye Sanshao suddenly said this sentence again.

    He wanted to know whether this period of time was Wen Ruoqing's safe period. He also wanted to know whether Wen Ruoqing's contraception was not due to the safe period.

    "Third Brother, you can use Baidu. The explanation on Baidu is very detailed."

    Then Ye Sanshao no longer heard, went to Baidu to check the information.

    The next morning, Wen Ruoqing was woken up by Ye Sishen.

    "When is your next menstrual period?" Wen Ruoqing's eyes had not been fully opened, and he heard Ye Sanshao asking such a sentence.

    Although Wen Ruoqing just woke up at the moment, her mind was sober, and she turned fast enough. Upon hearing this, she thought of a lot at once. Her lips twitched fiercely, and she gave him a straight look: "Ye Si Shen, can you still think about something else in your mind. "

    However, Wen Ruoqing's thinking is obviously not the same as Ye Sanshao's thinking. Wen Ruoqing misunderstood what he meant.

    Ye Si was stunned, seeing her look, knowing that she had misunderstood, could not help but chuckled: "I will ask when is your period, what do you want?"

    "Almost every month on the 15th." Wen Ruoqing blushed, thinking about it, or told him.

    Ye Sishen's body stiffened, his eyes flashed quickly, and then the corners of his lips gently lifted.

    On the 15th of every month? And today is number 2.

    This period of time is not her safe period, on the contrary is her dangerous period. According to the information he checked, this period of time is the easiest period for women to become pregnant.

    Therefore, Xiao Qi said that she was not safe because of the safety period.

    Since this time is her dangerous period, and she does not have contraception, he must try to make her pregnant with his baby.

    Ye Sishen's lips were slightly hooked, and she bowed her head and kissed her directly.

    He intends to make up for the things he missed last night, and strive to build a baby. So naturally, it will be fierce again ...

    The room was calm again, no longer knowing how long it had passed. Wen Ruoqing stared at him fiercely, but Ye Sanshao was full of laughter.

    "What is this?" Wen Ruoqing saw the agreement at the head of the bed, took it, and was stunned when he saw the content above.

    "This is the new agreement we signed." It was natural for Yesan Shao to return. He put the agreement in such an obvious position just for her to see it.

    He wanted to see how she would react.

    "New agreement? Why sign a new agreement? The old one?" Wen Ruoqing glanced at him quickly. She couldn't remember something about last night's things, but she remembered Ye Sishen and drank, and then Kissed her.

    "The old one is torn off." Ye Sanshao looked at her, and he was very reasonable when he said this, because this is the fact.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at the agreement in his hand, and at him again. Without saying anything, he folded the agreement and put it in the bedside table.

    Watching her reaction, Ye Sanshao's eyes flickered, did she react like this?

    Will this reaction be too bland and too calm?

    Sometimes she is really scary and scary, and makes her blind.

    Wen Ruoqing's face did not look strange at the moment, nor did he say much.

    Ye San Shao Zong is so smart that she can't guess her thoughts at this moment.

    In fact, in the view of Wen Ruoqing, the two agreements are not much different, except for the one-year deadline.

    In fact, she was not completely drunk last night, so she still had some impressions of what happened last night. She wrote all these things she wrote, not forced by Ye Sishen.

    She has always felt that the enemy has the opportunity to blame the enemy.

    Therefore, she does not blame Ye Sanshao, really!