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Wen Ruoqing was a little depressed. Who did she provoke badly, why did she provoke him such a disgusting god?

    Thinking of the camouflage on his face, Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly. Fortunately, she is now in camouflage, and he didn't see what she really looked like.

    From an early age, her mother made her ugly because she was just like her mother. Since childhood, she was a little beauty. The mother said that if a girl is too beautiful, she may be injured by accident.

    This was the case with the mother of the year, and what happened to the mother was a big blow to the mother. The mother did not want her tragedy to happen to her daughter again.

    Wen Ruoqing was such a disguise from small to large, and it was the same when she returned to the Wen family, and it has not changed. Therefore, even the people of the Wen family did not know what she really looked like.

    Of course, outsiders don't even know what she really looks like.

    "You see clearly, it's really not her?" Seeing his president arrived, Secretary Wu placed several photos of Wen Ruoqing in front of the taxi driver and asked again.

    "No." The driver shook his head decisively. "The girl didn't have the money to pay the fare at the time. After getting out of the car, she came over to discuss with me. It was very close to me at the time. I saw it clearly. I would never be wrong."

    "That girl is very beautiful and beautiful, I have never seen such a beautiful girl, just like a fairy, that skin is really good, white and bright, the skin on the face is more smooth and jade, and no flaws can be seen. It's completely different from the people in the picture. The people in this picture are so ugly, the difference is too big ..., "

    The driver inadvertently emphasized the difference between the girl at the time and Wen Ruoqing, and the difference was more than one and a half.

    "What did she say?" Secretary Wu was so intoxicated by the driver that he didn't mean to stop at all, and the president's face was somber and interrupted the driver.

    "No, but when she was in the car, I borrowed my mobile phone to make a call and asked my friend to help, as if to say something about monitoring. She was not loud at the time, and I didn't listen too clearly." The driver confronted the night Si Shen's appalling gaze, the voice was obviously a little lower.

    "Surveillance thing?" Secretary Wu exclaimed, "Yue Shao, it should be the surveillance video of the hotel. It seems that she asked someone to delete the video."

    The woman was really far-sighted, and the step-by-step calculations were really seamless.

    "Check his call log to find out who was." Ye Si Shen was cold and obviously a little more shocking. When he found the person who deleted the video, he couldn't believe it and couldn't find it last night. That woman.

    "Yes ..." "Secretary Wu quickly responded and naturally understood the meaning of his president."

    As long as a flaw can be found, it is not easy to find out that woman with the ability of the president.

    Judging by the expression of his president at the moment, Secretary Wu is really worried about the girl. If the president really finds her, do not know what will happen to her?

    It was at this time that Ye Sanshao's phone rang.

    "Third Brother, I have found all the information about Wen Ruoqing, but it's a bit interesting. Would you like to listen to San Brother?" Qin Wushao's voice was slightly smiling, and he deliberately sold Guanzi.

    Listening to the tone, listening to this meaning, seems to have found something.

    "Say." Ye Sanshao's eyebrows moved slightly, her thin lips lifted lightly, and she only spit out a word.