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Tang Zhimo's lips twitched slightly, and he felt that the girl was intentional.

    However, he could only sigh softly, completely indulging what she did, who made her his sister.

    "Let's go." Tang Zhimo helped Tang Zixi wipe her tears, and then led Tang Zixi to the school.

    As soon as he entered the school, Tang Zhimo saw a strange man approaching them.

    Because of Xi Ji's instructions, Tang Zhimo was a little more vigilant, holding Tang Zixi's men tightly consciously.

    Tang Zhimo raised his eyes seemingly at random, and looked at the man. There was no expression on the man's face, and he didn't see anything strange. There was a flash of light in his hand.

    Obviously, the man had something like a blade in his hand.

    The reason why Tang Zhimo is more keen than ordinary children is also related to the environment in which he lives and has a great relationship with the people he contacts.

    Those who followed Tang Baiqian and those who were with Wen Ruoqing like a family were all extraordinary.

    In a subtle way, Tang Zhimo learned a lot of things, which are things that the school and textbooks can't learn, not to mention, Tang Baiqian and Murong Duanyang also taught Tang Zhimo a lot.

    Therefore, Tang Zhimo was young and young, but he was calm and keen beyond ordinary people.

    Tang Zhimo's footsteps did not stop, still holding Tang Zixi to continue walking forward, and did not show the slightest strangeness.

    However, when the man was about to come to them, he suddenly changed positions with Tang Zixi and protected Tang Zixi inside.

    The man has a knife in his hand, so he wants to protect his sister.

    The man who was walking towards them seemed to frown slightly. At that moment, the man's pace was obviously slower.

    "If you want to walk without looking at your feet, you almost stumbled." Tang Zhimo pulled Tang Zixi and criticized her deliberately and seriously. At this moment, Tang Zhimo didn't go to see the man again.

    "I know, my brother is not angry." Tang Zixi did not notice any strange things, but he was not unhappy to hear his brother's criticism.

    She knows that her brother cares about her before she gets angry.

    In order to make his brother not angry, Tang Zixi also made a cute grimace to his brother, Tang Zhimo smiled at her.

    The man's eyes narrowed slightly, and he didn't find anything strange, so he continued walking towards them.

    Although Tang Zhimo didn't show any abnormalities, his heart was still tense, because the man had a blade in his hand. The blade was in some people's hands and was more dangerous than a dagger.

    He knew that if the man wanted to kill him, he might just need to raise his hand. If only he was okay to say, but now he is still holding his sister.

    No matter how smart or calm he is, after all, he is just a child around five years old, far from being as mature as an adult's psychology.

    Seeing that the man was getting tighter from them, he was getting more and more nervous as well, and he was holding Tang Zixi's hand tightly and consciously.

    "Brother, what's wrong with you? You're hurting me." Tang Zixi felt that her brother's strength in holding her continued to increase, and she felt some pain in her hand.

    My usual brother will never hurt her. What's wrong with my brother?

    Tang Zhimo was originally worried. After hearing Tang Zixi's words, his heart burst, and his eyes subconsciously glanced at the man. Sure enough, he saw that the man's footsteps stopped.

    Then, he saw that the man's hand holding the blade was tightened a little, because his hand was tight, but he couldn't see the blade anymore, but Tang Zhimo knew that the more it was, the more dangerous it was.

    He knows that the man may be able to deal with him and his sister at any time. Although it is now in kindergarten, although it is now a legal society, some people never care about the legal system, such as professional killers.

    He mentioned it last time when Xi Ji called, saying that Mrs. Xi sent a killer.

    It seems to be this person.

    At this moment, the immature heart of Tang Zhimo's child suffered some unbearable suffering.

    He knew that he was a child, and it was difficult to hide his flaws in front of a professional killer.

    My mother said that if a person wants to pretend to calmly cover up his emotions, it will be very difficult. A better cover.

    "Everyone said don't let you follow me, don't let you follow me, you must follow me, you follow me like a little tail every day, I want to take care of you, take care of you, do you know how much Trouble, you still think I ’m not taking care of you well enough. I think I ’ve hurt you. Then go by yourself. Do n’t let me take care of you. ”Tang Zhimo suddenly yelled at Tang Zixi. The fear is obviously less, and he is no longer so nervous.

    At this moment, he let himself burst out completely, and all emotions need not be disguised and restrained, and he was originally a child, and it was normal to lose his temper.

    It's just that pitiful Tang Zixi's children, her dear elder brother gave her a roar, her nose twitched, and her tears fell like beans, but this time there was no crying.

    The man ’s footsteps returned to normal again, and the doctor said that the hair must be pulled down for DNA identification, because the hair follicle part of the hair root was detected, but such a thing as hair may be a handful of scratches Down, it is easy to be found.

    Therefore, he felt that taking a blade to get some blood was faster and easier.

    However, at the moment, the two children were arguing, and there were no grown-ups at this moment. Ari walked over and pretended to persuade Tang Zixi: "Little sister, don't cry."

    "How can I be a fierce sister as a brother." While talking, Ari's hand reached Tang Zhimo's head, split out a few hairs, and then pulled it out slightly.

    Although it is only a few, it still hurts. Tang Zhimo naturally felt the pain. He remembered Xi Ji, he must not resist, it would be dangerous to resist, but this person dialed his hair, he obviously felt pain, If there is no slightest reaction, it will certainly arouse his suspicion.

    Tang Zhimo's eyes rolled around and he said deliberately, "Uncle, even if I did something wrong, you don't have to hit me, it hurts."

    Tang Zhimo also touched the place where he had just pulled his hair and rubbed it. Tang Zhimo's movements were natural, but his heart was still a little nervous. After all, the person in front of him was a professional killer ...