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"What's wrong with you today? Feeling absent-minded." Li Yun asked some knowingly at the moment. If she had only doubted before, then now she is basically determined.

Because, just before the woman passed Ye Sishen, she saw Ye Sishen's subconscious reaction. Ye Sishen wanted to catch the woman, but she finally refrained.

It was the first time she could see Ye Sishen who wanted to do something but controlled it.

Therefore, Li Yun's deep consciousness at that moment is important to Ye Sishen.

However, the woman has not watched Ye Sishen and has been cooperating with her husband.

Of course, Ye Sishen ignored Li Yun this time.

Li Yun was not surprised. Instead, his lips chuckled a little, and he deliberately said, "Is that the man who was Tang Baiqian just now? His wife is really beautiful, and he can see that his wife is very gentle, very virtuous, and his wife When he looked at him, his eyes were so soft that he should love him very much."

Li Yun said this deliberately, and deliberately told Ye Si to listen.

Ye Sishen's body stiffened slightly, his hands tightened a bit, and then his eyes quickly turned to Li Yun, glancing at her, and smiled coldly: "Li, I need to find me Are you here to chat with you?"

The meaning of Ye Sishen's words was obvious, but she could get away, he didn't want to listen to her.

Li Yun thought that Ye Si Shen would be angry, but she never thought that Ye Si Shen directly sent her anger to her.

She originally thought that Ye Si Shen would be angry with the woman when she heard her words, and then she could just find her caring and companionship, maybe she could look at her more, maybe the relationship between the two could be further.

At this moment, Ye Sishen made her embarrassed and angry.

However, to the cold eyes of Shang Ye Si, her body shrank, and then she laughed again and again: "I'm sorry, disturbing the nightclub, I just saw a few friends and said hello in the past."

Li Yun made an excuse and quickly slipped away.

When Li Yun left, the slightly drooping eyes were a little bit more ruthless, and then quickly raised his eyes, glancing at Wen Ruoqing's direction, and there was a faint sneer on the lips.

It’s just a married woman. What about being pretty?

What's so special about Ye Si Shen? Could it be that Si Si still wanted to rob someone else's wife?

In the end, Ye Sishen must be hers, no, she will get him tonight, and get him completely.

Ye Si Shen is so good that she can do anything for him.

After Li Yun left, Ye Si Shen looked at Wen Ruoqing again, his eyes obviously converged a little, no longer so obvious, no longer wanton, but it seemed a little more*.

He looked at his own woman and no one could control it, but there was no need for those who were troubled to see it.

Tang Baiqian took Wen Ruoqing to say hello and found a place. Tang Baiqian was very considerate to help her open the chair and let her sit down.

Then Tang Baiqian also sat beside her.

Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed again. At the moment, he was holding a glass of wine in his hand, but he didn't rush anymore, but he shook it gently, his eyes passed through the side of the glass. , Looking at Wen Ruoqing's profile.

This made her profile look a little hazy.

Eh, it's really beautiful, it is indeed his woman.

It's a pity that the man next to her looked too unsightly.

However, it does not matter, he has a way to get rid of the man, and she can only be by his side.

At this moment, Wen Ruoqing was sitting on a chair, holding a glass of water, and occasionally taking a sip, she could feel Ye Si Shen still looking at her.

She didn't understand, what did Ye Si Shen always look at her?

What is Ye Sishen doing today? He just looked at her all the time, didn't he have to do anything right?

She has divorced him and has no relationship anymore. Why is he still looking at him like this?

Wen Ruoqing really can't understand it at the moment, but she knows that she has something serious tonight, so she can't be as brazen as Ye Sishen.

Therefore, she could only ignore Ye Sishen's eyes.

At this moment, Tang Baiqian suddenly received a message, his face slightly changed, looked at Wen Ruoqing, and said with a voice: "I'm going out, that person you have seen the photo, if he comes, you should be able to recognize Go out and watch."

"Okay, I know." Wen Ruoqing knew that Tang Baiqian's departure must be a very important thing at this time, and her eyes were a little more solemn.

Tang Baiqian got up, and then walked away, his steps were natural, but Wen Ruoqing still found him walking a little anxious, it seems that something happened.

However, Wen Ruoqing's face did not show any abnormalities, just put the cup in his hand close to the lips and took a small sip.

When Ye Sishen saw Tang Baiqian leaving, his eyes narrowed slightly, and when he looked at Wen Ruoqing again, his eyes slightly changed.

Ye Sishen has been waiting, and finally she can't help but come to greet him, even if she has a task here today, but hello to him has no effect.

However, Ye Sishen finally found out, tmd, that he was looking for abuse.

She can go straight, which is really ruthless.

Ye Si exhaled secretly, and finally took her steps and walked towards her.

It's simply impossible to wait for her to come over and say hello, so let him go.

However, Ye Sishen hadn't walked in front of her, but the official who had greeted Tang Baiqian had stepped in front of Wen Ruoqing.

The official approached Wen Ruoqing while Tang Baiqian left, with an obvious impure purpose.

Ye Sishen suddenly stepped up, walked over, and then greeted the official: "Minister Gru."

"Mr. Ye, what a coincidence, I didn't expect you to come." Obviously, the man knew Ye Sishen and his attitude was very enthusiastic.

Ye Sichen just smiled faintly, then looked at Wen Ruoqing, his eyes unabashed.

Minister Gru was stunned, and then smiled meaningfully. He apparently thought Ye Sishen had the same purpose as him, and repeatedly introduced: "This is Mrs. Tang."

"Mrs. Tang?" Ye Si's lips twitched slightly, and she read a little softly. The sound sounded strange, questioning, and questioned a bit, but it was not very clear, and outsiders generally could not hear it. of.

However, Wen Ruoqing heard it, and she looked at Ye Sichen strangely.

Ye Sishen came at this time, she was not surprised, after all, Ye Sishen had been looking at her.

Ye Sishen suddenly reached out and reached her.