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Chapter 3 smile naive

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On the first night of Gu Qingzhou's return to Gu mansion, Gu mansion was full of chickens and dogs.

The first to hear Gu sanmiserable is Gu Shao, Gu Qingzhou's half brother.

He came in in a hurry to turn on the light, and saw the third man and the fourth man fall to the ground. The fourth man still had scissors in his hand, stabbed the third man in his arm, and his blood flowed all over the ground.

The color of blood is dark and red. It looks like a strange and gorgeous brocade picture, slowly spreading on the ground.

The old three's voice is terrible.

Gu Qingzhou hugged and sat on the bed, his face white with fright, and his eyes widened innocently.

Her pure eyes, broken and full-scale, have a kind of soft euphemism to cry at any time.

Then, Gu Guizhang, Qin Zheng, long sister Gu Xiang and two aunts all crowded into Gu's room.

"It's her!" The fourth cried, pointing to Gu Qingzhou, "she grabbed my hand and put the scissors into the third sister's arm!"

This is the truth.

The third in the dark may not understand what happened, but the fourth with the scissors is clear.

It's just that it's too fast. Before the fourth brother can react, the scissors are inserted into the third brother's meat. But the fourth brother's hands with scissors are all soft and dare not take them out.

What they saw was that the fourth one was still stabbing the third one.

The fourth man's accusation of patronizing the light boat has no credibility.

Gu Qingzhou is wearing a thick long hair, Liu Hai light cover, shudder sitting on the bed, biting lips not to speak.

How pitiful she is!

Everyone felt that Gu Qingzhou was pitiful and scared. The latest

"come on, take it to the hospital!" Gu Guizhang did not believe the words of the fourth, and shouted angrily.

It's important to go to the hospital first.

On the way to the hospital, the fourth brother was still crying and swearing, saying, "it's the fox spirit who stabbed the third sister with scissors."

No one answered.

Gu Guizhang pressed his lips tightly.

"Abba, believe me!" The fourth one is coquetting and crying, "I didn't stab the third sister!"

"The boat pulled you two into her room in the middle of the night, with scissors, and stabbed the third man with your hands?" Gu Guizhang is angry.

He thinks the fourth brother treats him as an idiot.

"It's not like that, Dad. It's me and my third sister who want to play a trick on Gu Qingzhou and cut her hair. Unexpectedly..."

"Shut up. Your father has eyes. He can see them by himself!" Gu Guizhang couldn't bear it. He slapped the fourth.

The fourth was beaten to the stars. He didn't dare cry if he wanted to. He shrunk his shoulders.

Her father never hit her. It's the first time at this age.

Gu Guizhang was really angry. Qin Zheng didn't dare to speak. He held three girls in his arms and was full of blood.

The third brother has passed out in pain.

Qin Zheng is also a strange fourth.

The fourth one is always naughty. Both Qin Zheng and Gu Guizhang think it must be the fourth one who wants to stab the new Gu Qingzhou. As a result, he waves excessively in the dark and stabs the third one.

Two fools!

I went to the German Church hospital all night, but I didn't turn off the light in my room.

She took off her pajamas again, changed into a normal dress, and sat at the table waiting.

Gu Qingzhou has a smile on his lips.

The first battle was won!

The family members are not so difficult to deal with. They are multi-minded and can be used one by one.

Someone knocked on the door.

Gu light boat astringed cunning smile, changed a pair of pure good appearance, opened the door.

It's Gu Shao, her half brother.

Gu Shao, 17, is one year older than Gu Qingzhou. He is wearing Satin Pajamas. He is slim and tall. He holds a cup of hot milk and hands it to Gu Qingzhou.

"Are you scared?" He said softly, "drink some milk to calm your nerves."

Gu Qingzhou picks it up and holds it in his palm.

"The third and the fourth have been fond of pranks since they were young. Everyone has seen what happened. No one will blame you." Gu Shao comforts Gu Qingzhou.

Gu Qingzhou droops her eyes and doesn't speak. Her slender eyelashes cover her eyes and can't see her emotions.

"Go to bed early." Gu Shao patted her on the shoulder and quickly retracted her hand.

It's hard for Gu Shao to have affection with his younger sister, whom he didn't meet since childhood. However, Gu Shao thinks that Gu Qingzhou is very pure and beautiful, like a well preserved antique, which doesn't go out of the world.

His heart moved and he turned to look.

"Elder brother, speak with me." Gu Qingzhou suddenly gently pulled Gu Shao's sleeve.

Gu Shao's face turned red.

Gu Qingzhou just saw that Gu Shao's eyes flashed slightly, as if he was a little moved towards her, so she tested it, and it was so.

This family, no family!

Gu Shao didn't know what Gu Qingzhou meant. He sat down and chatted with her.

Gu Shao asked Gu Qingzhou, "are you studying in the countryside?"

"No, just a few words." Gu Qingzhou whispered.

"What do you do all day?" Gu Shao is curious.

It is not like working in the fields, but it should be treated with respect.

"I studied medicine with a master." Gu Qingzhou road.

Gu Shao is stunned: "medical skill?"

"Well, traditional Chinese medicine." Gu Qingzhou road.

"But traditional Chinese medicine is deceitful. Now scholars are fighting against it." Gu Shao frowned deeper. "What's the use of learning traditional Chinese medicine?"

"Traditional Chinese medicine is not a lie. It's the wisdom of our ancestors." Gu Qingzhou said, "for example, elder brother, when you are angry, you will have a splitting headache, even fall into a coma and spit out water. Take a lot of Western medicine are not effective, if I give you prescription, three doses of medicine can be taken well. "

"You How do you know my disease? " Gu Shao was greatly surprised.

"Traditional Chinese medicine can diagnose each other." Gu Qingzhou said, "isn't elder brother saying that traditional Chinese medicine is useless?"

Gu Shao was speechless.

Naturally, he did not dare to let Gu Qingzhou treat him. He only heard Gu Qingzhou from the side and smiled.

After talking for a while, their brother and sister heard the car.

Gu Guizhang came back from the hospital with his daughter.

Gu Qingzhou and Gu Shao go downstairs.

Gu Guizhang and his wife and daughter just came in, and Gu Ying, the fourth in the family, saw Gu Qingzhou at the winding staircase.

The fourth one was so hateful that he rushed up to fight and take care of the light boat.

"It's all you. You stabbed my third sister!" The fourth hated.

Gu Shao stops in front of Gu Qingzhou, grabs the old four's arm and whispers, "you are still crazy, haven't you made enough?"

The old four kicked and punched.

Gu Guizhang shouted, "get back to sleep! If anyone else causes trouble, my whip is not welcome! "

Gu Qingzhou had to go back to his room first.

This night, Gu Qingzhou slept soundly.

Here she is. Her mother and grandfather left her legacy. It's time to take it back!

Sixteen is an opportunity.

Even if there is no seclusion, Gu Qingzhou is ready to return to the city at the age of 16.

In more than ten years, she met some talented people in the countryside.

She met an old Chinese doctor, a private doctor of a senior official of the Beiping government. After the senior official collapsed, some enemies of the old Chinese medicine had no choice but to hide in the south of the Yangtze River. Gu Qingzhou followed him to learn medicine when he was four years old.

She also met a killer, who also lived in seclusion in their village. He taught Gu to shoot in a light boat, simple boxing, etc.

In addition, Gu Qingzhou knew a famous lady in Shanghai the year before last. Her husband was a gang member and had many feuds. After her husband died, she was afraid of revenge and took her private property to the remote countryside.

The lady taught her to take care of boat dancing, oil painting, piano playing, wine tasting and dress etiquette.

At the age of 16, Gu learned advanced medical skills, shooting, simple self-defense martial arts, and the tricks of eating, drinking and playing of the city's aristocratic ladies.

She's back.

Gu mansion only thinks that she is a small white rabbit in the countryside. Gu Xiaozhou smiles: she likes their innocence!