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Chapter 5 extortion

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Gu Qingzhou said that she did not agree with the withdrawal, which changed the face of the friendly governor's wife for a moment.

The governor's wife thinks it's funny. A little country girl, who does she think she is?

The governor's wife is asking her now. It's just that the governor needs a reasonable explanation. Why don't the little girl really think that the governor's wife respects her?


"Who do you think you're talking to?" The governor's wife's gorgeous face was cold as ice for a moment, and her eyes were like sharp blades projected on Gu Qingzhou.

Do you think she can talk to you?

In the whole Yuecheng, or even in the south of the Yangtze River, who doesn't have a broken head to marry his family?

At that time, the chief inspector was just a small inspector in the police station. His grandfather, Mr. Sun Lao, who took care of the light boat, helped him. The sun family was kind to the chief inspector.

Moreover, the governor's wife can serve as a stephouse for the governor, and is also a media escort for the grandfather who cares for the light boat.

At that time, everyone had the same status. The governor's wife and Gu Qingzhou's biological mother were girlfriends, so they married each other.

Where to know, more than ten years have passed, and the situation has changed a lot. As a small police officer, the governor has become a powerful person with the right to fight.

The power of the Secretary's family is so powerful that he can't keep up with his family. He's no longer the right person.

The governor's wife regretted the marriage all the time.

Gu Qingzhou doesn't deserve it. I'm so aggrieved, young commander!

If the governor's wife does not want to admit her account, she should be responsible for the death and justice of the governor. She must fulfill her old promise.

The governor's wife couldn't, so she had to give Gu family a plan to let Qin Zheng take Gu Xiang, her eldest daughter, to visit the governor's house, and then she praised Gu Xiang with all her strength to give her mother and daughter hope. They misunderstood that the governor's wife liked Gu Xiang and wanted Gu Xiang to be the young commander's wife.

In this way, Gu's family will try to force Gu to withdraw from his family without the help of the governor's wife.

Gu Qingzhou, a helpless country girl, is not at the mercy of her stepmother?

The governor's wife maintained her magnanimity. She was also prevaricated in front of the governor. At the same time, she successfully solved her stab in the flesh. She was proud of her arrows.

Everything went according to the plan of the governor's wife, except for taking care of the light boat!

Gu Qingzhou actually said no!

Why does she disagree?

What qualifications does she have to disagree with?

A daughter of a second commander, dare to dream of such a powerful family as the governor's office?

It's a shame.

The governor's wife sneered, and laughed inconceivably: what a simple and ridiculous child!

"Of course I know who I'm talking to." In the face of the governor's wife who suddenly changed her face, Gu Qingzhou still looked peaceful and chaste, as if she had not seen her change.

Gu Qingzhou said: "my mother Li, who raised me, is not in good health. I plan to take her to the city and enjoy the happiness some days. It's too hard in the countryside. So I won't go back to my hometown.

What's the situation of our family? My wife must know that without the name of the future little lady of the governor's office, they would eat me and not spit my bones. I can't live. You and young commander are my only backers! "

"Ha?" The governor's wife was speechless to the extreme, and angry to the extreme. She laughed, "you really don't have the cheek to be so outspoken and want to climb a high branch!"

"I'm flattered." Gu Qingzhou chuckles. His smile is pure as a lotus, pure and sweet.

The governor's wife wanted to tear her face.

I've been fighting wisdom and courage with the sly fox all my life. How can I seem to lose to a little white rabbit today?

It's really a shipwreck in the gutter.

"... what are your qualifications to prevent withdrawal?" The governor's wife's face twitched, and all her grace was ruined. "Why should we do your back? Do you know how easy it is to run over ants? "

In the eyes of the governor's wife, Gu Qingzhou is not as good as an ant!

"It's easy to run over ants, but it's not easy to kill evidence." Gu chuckled.

She got up and took out a sachet from her handbag.

The sachet is dark green and thick. It is embroidered with very delicate folding Begonia. The petals are carefully matched with color. They are blooming in layers, gorgeous and gorgeous.

After opening the sachet, Gu took out a piece of yellow paper and handed it to the governor's wife.

"Take a look." Gu chuckled.

The governor's wife was puzzled and frowned impatiently.

After opening it, the governor's wife almost lost her legs. She was shocked and looked at Gu Qingzhou: "you... You..."

her lips trembled and couldn't say a word.

"I have kept all these letters, which my mother left me at that time, saying that I would like to make a meeting gift for my mother-in-law in the future." Gu Qingzhou road.

The governor's wife turned pale.

These letters...

these letters are terrible!

Never let the governor know, let alone the world!

The governor's wife thought that these letters had been destroyed, but she could not believe that they were in the hands of the light boat.

"I'm not afraid to kill you?" The governor's wife squeezed words from her teeth and stared at the light boat.

At such a young age, she is so smart and vicious. In the future, she will definitely be a vicious character. She should be killed and never suffer.

"... we met some people in the countryside." Gu Qingzhou said with a smile, "you can kill me. After you kill me, those letters may be sent to the newspaper or to the teahouse book office. Then all Yuecheng will know the contents of the letters. Do you think it's worthwhile?"

The governor's wife shivered, and she finally understood that she had been blackmailed.

Gu Qingzhou understood a truth: Jade dare not touch tile, jade is afraid of breaking, low tile is not concerned.

The governor's wife is jade, and the caretaker's boat is tile.

Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. She is barefoot now. She has no scruples. The governor's wife can't make mistakes!

The governor's wife, a powerful and dignitary lady, was blackmailed by a 16-year-old girl in the countryside. She was disgraced and incompetent!

She was livid with hate.

"Madam, I don't know how to look after the light boat. I took out these letters today, and I knew that you would never be able to accommodate me. Then, if I marry again in the governor's office, I'm not going to enter the tiger's mouth." Gu Qingzhou road.

The governor's wife looked a little relieved and looked at the light boat with astonishment.

"So you have to believe me. This is not a plan to slow down. I have no intention of marrying into the governor's office! What I want is the status of Young Marshal's fiancee, so that I can stand in the family of my father who is merciless and ungrateful. " Gu Qingzhou continued to laugh, "as long as two years, I promise that today, two years later, I will come to withdraw!"

The governor's wife's mind turned.

She really can't take care of the boat.

Gu Qingzhou has the handle of the governor's wife in his hand. If he wants to kill her, he must wait for her to take all those handles out!

"Yes, but please give it all to me!" "Or how can I trust you?" said the inspector's wife

"After I give it to you, what qualifications do I have?" Gu Qingzhou said with a smile, "madam, you have always been in a high position, and I am at a disadvantage, making a living cautiously.

Unless you get me in a hurry, take out those letters and die with you. I don't want to die yet. You can rest assured that it's my self-defense. I dare not disclose it easily. "

The governor's wife was silent again.

It has to be said that Gu Qingzhou is a woman who is good at scheming. Her words and sentences are based on the concerns of the governor's wife.

"... I promise you that I will not smear young commander in the past two years." Gu Qingzhou said, "behave yourself and do things according to the rules!"

"How can I believe you?" The governor's wife said coldly.

"Do you have any other way than to believe me?"

The governor's wife stopped.

Gu Qingzhou's blackmail succeeded.