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Chapter 1 first meeting

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On the eighth day of the winter month in the 12th year of the Republic of China, it was Gu Qingzhou's birthday. She is 16 years old today.

She took the train to Yuecheng from the county seat.

Yuecheng is the capital of the province. Her father is an official in Yuecheng. He is the second Chief of the Yamen of the General Administration of customs.

When she was two years old, her mother died, her father married another man, and she became redundant at home.

His mother's loyal servant took Gu Qingzhou back to his hometown in the countryside, where he lived for 14 years.

In the past 14 years, her father never asked, but now he wants to pick her up to Yuecheng in the cold winter months. There is only one reason.

The Secretary asked her to withdraw!

The governor of Yuecheng has the surname of secretary and is powerful.

"Yes, Miss Qingzhou. At the beginning, your wife and the governor's wife were close friends. You and the second young commander of the governor's office decided to marry each other." Wang Zhenhua, the steward of Gu Qingzhou, told her the reason.

Wang Guanshi is not afraid of taking care of the boat at all. He can't accept it.

“…… Young commander, it's twenty this year. He wants to start a family. You have been in the countryside for many years, let alone the master. You are too embarrassed to marry to the superior governor's office, right And the governor said.

Think about her everywhere.

"But the governor's wife abides by her promise. She exchanged keepsakes with her at that time, which is the jade pendant you have on your body. The governor's wife hopes that you will personally return the jade plate and return the marriage. " Let's talk about it.

The so-called money right transaction, said extremely beautifully, should also be done openly and stealthily.

Take care of the boat's lip.

She's not stupid. If the governor's wife really keeps her promise, she should be taken back to get married, rather than to return home.

Of course, Gu doesn't mind retiring.

She has never seen commander in chief.

Compared with the scorn of the governor's wife, Gu Qingzhou was more reluctant to fill his love into the hole of the elders.

"Since this marriage is difficult for Gu Jia and my father, I'll leave." Take care of the boat and follow the road.

In this way, Gu Qingzhou follows Wang Guanshi and takes the train to Yuecheng.

Looking at Wang Guanshi's satisfied appearance, Gu Qingzhou's lip corners casually flashed a sneer.

"It's a real crook! I had planned to go to the city after the Spring Festival, but I still wanted to use any excuse. I didn't expect that the governor's wife gave me a ready-made one. It's a real help in the snow. " Take care of the boat.

To leave, gave her a chance to go to the city, she really should thank the secretary.

Gu Qingzhou can't hide in the country all the time when she grows up. All the things her mother left are in the city. She will go to the city and get them back!

It's time for her to have an end to her family's enmity!

It's a small matter to leave. The purpose of taking care of the boat is to go back to the family in the city.

Gu Qingzhou has a dark red rope around his neck, and a half green jade pendant is hung on it. It was cut by the craftsman when she decided to marry the baby.

The crack, which has been finely polished, is round and clear and can be worn close to the body.

"Jade has the most aura. Splitting it into two parts is doomed to make this marriage difficult to complete. My first mother is also ignorant." Gu Qingzhou chuckles.

She again put half of the jade plate in her arms.

She is the only one in her train box. Wang Zhenhua, the steward, sleeps outside.

After closing the door, Gu added sleepiness slowly in the shaking of the carriage.

She fell asleep in a daze.

Suddenly, a slight cold wind came in and Gu opened his eyes.

She smelt blood.

The next moment, with cold and bloody breath, people quickly entered her carriage and closed the door.

"Hide!" His voice was clear and dignified, and he could not stand the beak of the boat.

Before Gu agreed, he quickly took off his coat, dressed in cold wet pants, and went into her bed.

The bed on the train was so narrow that he could not squeeze two people, so he fell on her.

"You..." Gu Qingzhou hasn't reflected what happened. The man presses her down.

Very fast.

The man's body is full of evil spirit. The smell of blood lingers for a long time and reverberates in the carriage.

His hand, quickly tore open her blouse, revealing her white skin.

"Shout!" He ordered, hoarse.

Gu Qingzhou will understand.

Whether it's a passionate scream or a shrill scream, the naked bed of men and women will be regarded as gorgeous by default.

Fragrant and gorgeous, it can cover up men's footprints.

At the same time, the man used a cold knife and pasted it on her neck: "shout loudly, or I will cut your throat!"

Gu Qingzhou's blood coagulated and his face turned white.

The man's cold upper body is all over her warm body.

At this time, the train stopped.

The sound of orderly footsteps woke the sleeping passengers and made the carriage noisy.

The army came to check the car.

"Shout!" The man's voice was so rapid that he imitated the performance on the bed. "No more, I'll really..."

He had strong arms and a strong voice. What's more, his knife rest is on Gu's neck.

Meet the desperado, Gu Qingzhou lost the opportunity.

She was not sure she could subdue the man, so she made a quick decision and hummed softly.

Like a woman loved

When the door of Gu's cabin was opened rudely, she stopped as if frightened by the door.

The light of the flashlight shone on them, looking at the snow-white chest and half dew of the light boat, the skin was white and coagulated with snow, the hair was green and thick, and it was laid out in the pillow mat.

She screamed and hugged the man on her.

The officer took the flashlight and saw the fragrance in the room. The too young officer was very embarrassed, but Gu Qingzhou stared at him nervously, leaving him helpless. He stepped back out in embarrassment and was so upset that he forgot to see her husband's face clearly.

Then the inspector said at the door, "nothing."

The footsteps are far away.

The whole train was checked, and only after half an hour did it start again.

The man on Gu Qingzhou also removed the knife from her neck.

"Thank you." In the dark, he got up and dressed.

Gu Qingzhou closes the buttons of his slanted shirt without saying a word.

The train rocked gently, moving at a constant speed.

There was silence in the car.

Men think it's strange that a 16-year-old girl, who has experienced such a breathtaking scene, is calm enough to button up her clothes without crying or asking, which is quite unusual.

He lit a match.

In the faint yellow light, he saw the girl's face, and the girl saw him.

"What's the name?" He reached out and squeezed her delicate jaw, slapped a big face, and fell on his broad and thick palm.

Her eyes, like the pleats of inky gems, are bright with vigilance, and may be a little aggrieved, but she is not afraid alone.

"Li Juan." Gu Qingzhou made up a lie.

Li Juan is Li Ma who raised her.

No one is so foolish as to tell a name to a outlaw.

She didn't struggle, but her eyes were fixed on the dagger that the man put at his feet.

Her eyes moved, wondering if the dagger would fall on her neck.

In the slight light, her eyes are clear and bright, and her eyes are full of beautiful light.

The man said coldly, "OK, Li Juan, you saved my life today, and I will give you a reward."

There was a whistle outside the carriage.

It's a code.

The man threw the coat with blood out of the window, and Gu Qingzhou found that his blood was not his own.

He was tired but not hurt.

His receiver has arrived.

The match in his hand was also out.

"Where are you from and where am I going to find you?" A man can't stay long.

Gu Qingzhou doesn't answer.

The man thought she was shy and had no time to ask again. When he wanted to take some keepsakes, he saw half of the jade pendant around his neck.

He pulled it off, put it in his arms, and said to her, "this train will arrive in Yuecheng in three days, and I will send someone to pick you up at the railway station! I still have something to do now. It's inconvenient to take you with me. Be careful yourself! "

After that, he took good care of the boat's jade plate and quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor.

After the man left, Gu Qingzhou reached out his hand from the quilt.

She has more guns in her hand, the latest browning.

Looking at the gun, her eyes were bloodthirsty, her lips were slightly cocked, and she smiled proudly.

She didn't care about the jade pendant stolen by the man. She didn't think about the marriage brought by the jade pendant, let alone the use of the jade pendant to keep the marriage.

Jade plate is not her chip.

And the gun she stole is valuable!

Cost effective!

"This new type of browning is not available on the black market with or without price. He belongs to the military government." Gu Qingzhou judges.

When the man crawled to her bed, he was quick to respond. With a sharp dagger, Gu lost his chance to subdue him, but at the same time, he touched the pistol in his pants pocket.

Gu Qingzhou always wanted a gun of his own.

She was afraid that the man would think of losing the gun, and she could not care about the boat. She succeeded in diverting the man's attention. Until she left, the man didn't pay attention to this fault.

She didn't know who the man was. He was only twenty-four or five years old and was full of pride.

He said that he would pick her up at the railway station, probably in Yuecheng.

Gu Qingzhou will not catch himself.