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Chapter 2 sister evil

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Gu Qingzhou persuades her to pick up her little steward, abandons the train and takes a boat to Yuecheng instead. The latest

she didn't want to be found by that man. She wanted this browning pistol back.

Yuecheng is so big that he doesn't go to the railway station to enter the city. He doesn't believe that he can easily find her. Even if he finds her, Gu Qingzhou hides his gun or sells it to the black market for a high price. He refuses to admit it.

"When the train is under control and stopped for inspection, I'm afraid. I'd better take a boat instead and enter the city from the wharf." Gu Qingzhou bit his lips.

Her lips are full of cherry red, white teeth fall into it, a pair of big eyes are looking at, which makes people feel soft.

Although Wang Guanshi is a rude man, he also knows how to pity and cherish jade: "don't be afraid, Miss Qingzhou. Let's get off at the next stop and take a boat instead."

At the next stop, they took the boat.

After taking the boat, Gu Qingzhou was more pleasant to the governor.

"I've been in the country with Mama Li since I remember. I don't know who's at home..." Gu Qingzhou inquires about the news with the governor Wang.

When the governor was good at talking, he told him all about his family.

Gu Qingzhou nodded, almost as she knew.

The ship was slower than the train. They arrived in Yuecheng five days late.

Gu Qingzhou, with a brown rattan suitcase in his hand, stood at the gate of Gu's residence and looked at the French building.

"This is my grandfather's estate." Gu Qingzhou thought.

Gu Qingzhou's grandfather was a rich merchant in Yuecheng, and he used to drive cloth.

After her mother's dystocia, her only uncle took opium cream and was stabbed to death in the smoking hall.

My grandfather, a white haired man, even sent a pair of children to him. He died when he couldn't bear it. All his possessions fell into the hands of his father.

"Miss canoe, home." Wang Guanshi laughs and knocks at the big iron gate.

"Yes, it's home." Gu Qingzhou sighs.

This is her grandfather's estate. It should be her own, of course, her family.

She needs to find her own things slowly.

She narrowed her eyes, showing a faint arc, and smiled very shy and pure.

"When I grow up, it's time for my family to come back to me." Gu Qingzhou thought that there was a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

The steward Wang sighed in his heart: "Miss Qingzhou is so obedient, like a rabbit. The rest of the family are more treacherous than the fox. They will surely kill her. "

It's a pity to think of it here.

Along the way, he still likes to take care of the boat. He doesn't want her to die so pitifully.

Entering the gate, a tall woman in a fine brocade cheongsam stood on the top of Dancong and looked at the light boat with a smile around her eyes.

She is well maintained, about thirty-five or six, with a graceful waist and graceful appearance.

"Canoe?" She cried softly, softly and kindly.

This is guqingzhou's stepmother, Qin Zheng.

Qin Zheng is Gu Guizhang's cousin, but he and Gu's father Gu Guizhang secretly composed a song and made Gu's outer room.

At that time, Gu Guizhang and Gu Qingzhou's mother just married.

Gu Qingzhou has a sister and a brother, all of whom are the blood of her father.


After supporting Zheng, Qin Zheng gave birth to a pair of twin daughters.

Gu Guizhang and Qin Zheng, with their four children, lived in the villa of Gu Qingzhou's grandfather. The building was renamed "Gu mansion" by Guangming Zhengda general.

Gu Qingzhou's lips are slightly raised, his smile is shy and shy, and his long eyelashes are lightly covered, covering the chill in his eyes, so he doesn't speak.

Qin Zheng, Zheng and Wang Guan are ashamed of her.

"This is ma'am, Miss canoe." Governor Wang reminds Gu of the light boat.

Gu Qingzhou lowered his eyebrows and smiled more shyly. "Muma" would never be called.

Does the zither match the zither?

"Don't embarrass the child." Qin Zheng is kind and gentle. He takes over the rattan case in the hand of Gu Qingzhou and says, "come in."

"Yes." The sound of Gu Qingzhou is like a gnat, stepping into the high threshold.

The family hall is decorated with luxury, complete sets of Italian furniture, a Italian chandelier, and colorful branches.

Gu Qingzhou sat in the living room to drink tea. Qin Zheng asked her a lot.

It's very hot.

Gu Qingzhou shows the shyness, clumsiness, reticence and prudence of a rural girl without trace.

She pretended to be a harmless little white rabbit.

Qin Zheng Zheng "investigation" for a long time, but also came to a "little white rabbit" conclusion.

The child is easy to handle, not as good as her mother's in case, it relaxed her vigilance.

Clever and timid, Qin Zheng can hold her for a few days.

Late in the evening, Gu Guizhang came back from work.

Gu Guizhang took a black leather Dodger with a special driver. When he got off, Qin Zheng and Gu Qingzhou met him at the gate.

He was wearing a black gale cloak, which was a suit with brown vertical stripes, a vest of the same color, a black tie, a gold watch on the vest pocket, and the gold watch chain glowed with gold.

"Your Abba is back." Qin Zheng and Zheng smiled at Gu Qingzhou.

Gu Guizhang was surprised to see Gu Qingzhou's steps and his face floating.

"Oh, it's a light boat." Gu Guizhang looked at Gu Qingzhou and said, "you are so big..."

Gu Qingzhou is dressed in a moon white broken cherry shirt with a long dark green skirt. Her clothes are very rustic. But she is very beautiful. Two braids hang on her face. She is very elegant. She is more decent and beautiful than those girls who cut short hair in the city.

Gu Guizhang was very satisfied.

At dinner, Gu met everyone in his family.

Gu's four children, two aunts, and Gu's boat all met.

She lowered her eyebrows and eyes and looked at them quietly.

"Your braid is ridiculous. Who still has it now?" After dinner, Gu Ying, the fourth young lady of Gu's family, cut short hair of Qi Er and pulled the long braid of Gu's light boat.

Gu Ying is jealous when she sees her father's affection for Gu Qingzhou.

Gu Qingzhou's eyes flied by, smiling and speechless.

"Girls should have long pigtails!" Gu Guizhang was unhappy.

Gu Si is scolded by his father and complains. She and Miss Gu Wei are twins. They are 13 years old this year. They are very fond of pranks.

"When she's asleep, go and cut her braids!" Gu Siqi can't help thinking.

Isn't father fond of the pigtails of light boats? Then cut it and see how she gets the favor of her father!

"Yes, yes." Gu San is excited.

The twin sisters discussed taking advantage of the night to go into the bedroom of the light boat.

The bedroom of Gu Qingzhou is arranged on the third floor.

The children are all on the third floor.

Gu Qingzhou's room is next door to her half brother's house. They share a balcony.

"I can't help it. This is the only room left on the third floor." The servant explained, "first, Miss canoe."

Gu Qingzhou tries to lock the balcony door, so he can rest assured.

Her room, full of old furniture, rosewood cabinets, tables, and a carved wooden bed.

Lavender brocade quilt, but also comfortable.

There is only one bathroom on the third floor.

When Gu Qingzhou went to take a bath, she was first occupied by her stepsister, and then by her stepbrother. She was delayed until 9:30 p.m. before her turn.

After taking a bath, she sat on the bed and wiped her hair until eleven o'clock.

Just lying down, Gu heard someone opening the door.

She lay dormant in the dark, her back taut, like a leopard on guard.

"Hurry up."

Gu Qingzhou hears Gu Wei's voice.

The third and the fourth should cut off their hair.

"I don't want to cut her hair. I want to cut her face. She has a face like a goblin. I don't know who will be harmed in the future!" The fourth one said in a flash.

The third one is also a little excited: "can dad scold?"

"Does Dad hurt us or her?" The fourth asked.

Naturally, it hurts them.

Two little girls are actually more jealous of Gu Qingzhou's innocent and pure face.

Envy makes them vicious.

Their voice is very light, Gu Qingzhou hears clearly, her lips are moving, there is a sneer.

Trying to cut her face?

Those two goods need to be practiced for another ten or eight years.

When the scissors were close to each other and the cold iron was close to Gu Qingzhou's cheek, Gu Qingzhou sat up and grabbed the hand of the fourth man holding the scissors.

Gu Qingzhou moves very fast. He puts the scissors in the fourth hand and the fourth hand into the next third's arm.


Old three Gu Wei's scream resounded throughout the house.

Everyone in the sleep woke up.