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Chapter 4 disagreement

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Gu Qingzhou had a good sleep.

In the early morning of the next day, when the dawn was light, Gu Qingzhou woke up. She sat in front of the old rosewood dresser, pushed open the glass window, and could see the tall sycamore tree in the courtyard.

The Chinese parasol tree in the last month has fallen its green leaves, its twigs are bare, and it is haunted by the mist of the morning. It seems to have approved a light silk dress, just like a graceful fairy.

Gu Qingzhou cuts her hair on the mirror. In the Western mirror, her cheeks are red and delicate, her eyes are pure and clear, and she is innocent at the age of 16 years. This is the best camouflage.

She went downstairs with her hair braided.

The servant has prepared rice porridge, fried bread, flower rolls and chicken soup noodles.

No one has got up yet. She is the first.

Gu Qingzhou is sitting at the dining table, eating noodles slowly. She is about to finish eating. Her stepmother, Qin Zheng, goes downstairs.

Qin Zheng is tired and sleepless all night.

"Were you scared last night?" Qin Zheng appeases Gu Qingzhou, which is what Gu Guizhang means.

Gu Guizhang lost his temper last night. He scolded the third and the fourth for not being sensible. He said that it was Qin Zheng that did not teach them well and scared Gu Qingzhou.

Qin Zheng is very angry. Her daughter was hurt. How did she scare Gu Qingzhou? But she did not dare to disobey her husband and listened to him patiently.

Then, Gu Guizhang asked the Qin Zheng to appease Gu Qingzhou, so that she could not be upset. The Qin Zheng said so.

"Yes. Gu Qingzhou put down his chopsticks and said in a timid voice, "there is a lot of blood, and the third Miss must be in pain..."

she is quite sensible!

Qin Zheng likes to take care of the boat, saying, "that's your three sisters. Don't call them so polite."

That said, Qin Zheng is still very popular. She just likes her daughter to be so humble.

Breakfast simple chat, Qin Zheng after eating, sent two sets of dress upstairs.

Today, Qin Zheng is going to take Gu Qingzhou to the governor's office and quit the marriage.

"I can't wait. Is it the young commander of the governor's mansion who is interested in Gu Xiang?" Gu Qingzhou tries on his clothes while thinking.

Otherwise, why does stepmother have to be so enthusiastic to help her back?

If you do not return, you will be a relative of the governor's office. You will benefit more.

His father and stepmother, who had no money and could not get up early, rushed to take over Gu Qingzhou. Naturally, they did not want to take care of it.

In this family, the old three, the old four are too arrogant and under age. Only Gu Xiang, the eldest, is beautiful and elegant. He may be able to climb up to the rank of boss and commander-in-chief.

Gu Qingzhou thought in his heart, not showing half of his face.

"Pink looks good!" Qin Zheng, Zheng Dao.

Qin Zheng took two sets of dress, one is light pink straight tube, the other is sky blue waist.

The quality of both sets of cloth is medium to low.

This light pink suit is undoubtedly bloated and stiff when it is worn on the body and the Nightgown, while the sky blue suit is very light and beautiful.

Qin Zheng doesn't want to look good in the light boat. She chooses the light pink one.

Gu Qingzhou smiles, obeys the meaning of Qin Zheng and wears the embarrassed light pink.

After she put them on, two braids were slanted down on the side of her face. The black color set off her skin. It was as bright as ink. She looked old but smart, not particularly ugly.

"All the girls in the countryside are tanned. How can they keep them white, white, tender and tender, like tofu?" Qin Zheng Zheng stomach Fei, a little jealous.

Gu Qingzhou is young and tender enough to squeeze water out of his skin. He has big and innocent eyes, which is particularly painful. He is angry with Qin Zheng!

Qin Zheng and Zheng hope that Gu Qingzhou is an ugly girl, or a naughty character, so much easier to deal with.

At nine o'clock, Qin Zheng and Gu Qingzhou went out to the governor's office.

When getting off, Gu Qingzhou suddenly took out a light pink ribbon from his pocket and tied a delicate bow on his waist.

Ordinary dress can't see the figure, so the upper half of an inch, adding a little graceful, adding a little graceful to her young and slim figure.

Qin Zheng Zheng a Leng, immediately want to pull down, cold face way: "nonsense what, such incoherent, lose the face of home!"

Naturally, she is not afraid of losing face, but Gu Qingzhou's waist. Her dress shows her exquisite figure. It's as delicate as a snow doll. It's very lovely. Qin Zheng is afraid that Si Jia really likes her.

I didn't expect that this country girl actually knows how to dress in fashion. Qin Zheng is very surprised.

Gu Qingzhou squints at her. Can't the mother's face hold it?

"I like it." Gu Qingzhou is soft and waxy, just like Qin Zheng, she will cry.

Qin Zheng doesn't want to look after the boat and cry. When she cries, the governor's wife may feel pity for her and turn away.

"... whatever!" Qin Zheng blocks the heart and knocks at the door. I have arrived at the governor's mansion, but I can't teach my children at the gate of the governor's mansion, so I have to bear the zither.

She felt like she had been put in a boat.

The governor's office is located in the west of the city. There is a sentry tower at the gate. There are three steps, one post, five steps and one sentry post. They are heavily guarded.

The big iron door with twigs is very high. It took a long time for an adjutant to come and open the door.

Gu Qingzhou successfully entered the governor's office.

She met the governor's wife in the hall.

The commander 's wife is wearing brown short fur, which is a white embroidered cheongsam with moon inside. The glass socks are wrapped with thin and round calves, and her face is small. Her skin is like snow. There is no trace of the years on her face.

"... you look like your mother." The governor's wife was slightly shocked, and then her eyes were hot and humid.

This is the daughter of the old man. The governor's wife looks merciful.

"Madame." Gu Qingzhou's voice is pure and crisp.

The governor's wife nodded.

Qin Zheng and Zheng stood by and said, "the boat arrived yesterday. Today I come to see my wife. This child is filial and courteous!"

"Yes." The governor's wife was satisfied.

After a few words, Qin Zheng turned to the topic of retiring.

Gu Qingzhou looked at the elegant and dignified governor's wife and said softly, "madam, can I have a private chat with you?"

The governor's wife and the zither were stunned.

"Well, come upstairs with me." The governor's wife smiled and agreed.

Qin Zheng is surprised and wants to stop it.

But the eyes of the governor's wife are gentle, but they show their majesty. The Qin Zheng dare not lose its discretion.

Gu Qingzhou followed the governor's wife and went up to the second floor.

The small living room on the second floor has a set of leather sofas, two hollow carved chairs and a pair of Indian tapestries. It has rich tassels. The whole room is Baroque luxury style.

The governor's wife, please take care of the boat.

Gu Qingzhou sat on the sofa beside the governor's wife.

Her small hands are thin and white, as tender as bamboo shoots. Her hands are folded and placed on her knees at will. She has a dignified and charming manner.

The governor's wife looked a little surprised: the child was not quite like the one from the countryside. He was so elegant that he looked like a lady from a family.

"I don't agree to withdraw." Gu Qingzhou's voice is soft, like the mist in the forest, which is beautiful.

The governor's wife didn't guard against her speaking like this. She was stunned for a while.

"Do you... Disagree?" The governor's wife was shocked. "Do you know who you are talking to?"

This little girl is not shy at first sight, her clear eyes are also with some temperature, like a sly light flashed.

The governor's wife was cold.

It's a little shameless!

A little girl raised in the countryside, how can she deserve her precious son?